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Pension Application of Milly Norton Black, widow of John Black R891

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


[Milly Black, 69, first applied for a pension as the widow of John Black on 24 July 1843. The following application includes more detail, except that it does not repeat the assertion that John Black served “in the Virginia Continental line from the County of Augusta and State of Virginia in Captain Cofers[?] Company and Colonel Pogue’s ridgement.” George Poage was Colonel in the Botetourt County Militia.]


State of Kentucky  }  Sct

County of Clarke   }

            Milly Black of said county aged 78 years being sworn does on her oath say that she is the widow of John Black deceased who was a private soldier in the service of the United States in the War of the Revolution.

            She has heretofore applied for a pension as the widow of the above named John Black and to the papers in that application she refers  also the family record cut out of the Family Bible of the above named John Black accompanying this application containing record of Birth, Marriages and Deaths.

            She was married to the said John Black in Bourbon County Kentucky on the 17th day of July 1792 (seventeen hundred and ninety two) (See Family Record) by one James Sutton a minister of the Gospel and my name before my marriage was Milly Norton.

            The said John Black was a farmer by occupation. his height in manhood was about six feet perhaps a little higher: erect carriage  blue eyes  hair a little sandy  weight about two hundred pounds

I have heard him say that he lived in both Albemarle and Augusta Counties Virginia During the Revolutionary War, and that he was at the Seige of Cornwallis at Yorktown; and that his tour which included said Seige he served six months and about the time of the surrender of Cornwallis [19 Oct 1781] he went home on furlough to take home a sick brother. I have heard him say that he helped build a stockade at that seige; and of helping to guard some prisoners and of receiving a slight wound on the knee (the scar of which I frequently saw) at some period of his service.

            I have heard him speak of other tours which he served during the war Viz One regular tour of three months, besides several scouting tours after the Tories

            I do not remember that he told me when or where he entered the service or was discharged; and my reccollection is that he was drafted in each instance in the Virginia Militia.

My reccollection is that his captain at the above named seige was either Pouge or McClure. I have heard him speak of these two names as being officers I think of the Rank of Captain

            I have now no reccollection of the names of higher officers

The said John Black died in Bourbon County of this state on the 20th day of November 1830 (Eighteen hundred and thirty) and I am still his widow

            I make this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Pension to which I am entitled as the widow of the above named John Black under the Act of Congress passed July the 7th 1838.

            Witness my hand and seal in Clarke County Kentucky on this 24th day of September 1852

                                                                                    Milly herXmark Black


I James Norton [pension application S38266] a resident of the County of Greenup and State of Kentucky aged eighty years state that I am a pensioner for services in the revolutionary war from the County of Rockenham [sic: Rockingham] and State of Virginia in Nathan Lamb Company and I think it was Colonel Pogue’s ridgment. it was in the militia that I was in  I do not recollect of seeing John Black when I was in the army but I have heard him relate circumstances that occured in the army that I believe he was on the same towers that I was and I have frequently heard my Brother John Norton say that he was in the the army with John Black  I know that my Brother John was in the war of the revolution  my Brother John Norton and John Black was in the same Company together and marched through the same Cuntry that I did which I refer to the papers and evidence on file in the war office that give me a pension for the Colonel that we was under and the Cuntry that we marched through and the numbers of towers that we served  I have frequently heard my Brother John and John Black relate the prevations that they went through and of their being acquainted with each other in the army and of their being at the seag of Little York  I was not in the regular [i.e. Continental] servis myself & I do not know any thing about his being a regular, but his wife Milly Black is a woman of respectability and truth and would not state anything that she did not hear her husband say. I was at their marriage in the County of Bourboun and State of Kentucky  it was in the year seventeen hundred and ninty two, his death took place in the year of eighteen teen hundred and thirty in the County of Bourboun Kentucky. Milly Black who resides in the County of Clarke is the widow of John Black that died in the County of Bourboun Kentucky in the year eighteen hundred and thirty she has remained a widow ever since his death. I further state that John Black was a man of respectability and truth and he would not state any thing but the truth and that he was a man who was not in the habit of using ardant spirits  given from under my hand this 19 th day of August 1843                                                                          John [sic] hisXmark Norton


State of Kentucky  }

County of Clarke   }  Sct

            James Norton of the said aged nearly ninety years being sworn does on his oath say that he was well acquainted with John Black deceased a Soldier in the service of the United States in the War of The Revolution in the Virginia Militia (Viz)

            I was acquainted with him in Augusta or Boutetort County Virginia in the early period of the Revolutionary War. I met with him frequently and became intimate with him  I did not see him in actual service in the Revolutionary War, but soon after the Seige of Cornwallis at Yorktown I met with him and he told me he had been there as a private soldier: My best recollection is that he was under an officer by the name of Pogue a Colonel of the Virginia Militia. I have no reccollection of the name of his Captain but I have no doubt that he has often told me  I have heard him speak of another tour which he served but I do not know where it was: I knew him after the war until his death which as well as I remember took place more than twenty years since in Bourbon County of this State. He married my sister Milly Norton in Bourbon County Kentucky in 1792. I was intimate with him all his life and have often heard him speak of his Revolutionary Service and always beleived his statements to be true

            His widow Milly Black my sister now lives in this county and claims a pension on account of his service

I further swear that I am a disinterested witness.

            Given under my hand and seal this 24th day of September AD 1852 in Clarke County Kentucky                                                                           James hisXmark Norton


NOTE: In the file is a copy of the record of the marriage of John Black to Milly Norton on 15 July 1792. Also in the file is the original family register, transcribed as follows:


John Black and Milley Norton July 17th 1792

William Black and Elizabeth Cowen [date missing]

John Black [died] November 20th 1830

James Walker Black  Ma ry al ridge [Mary Alridge] September 6 1832


John Black October 4th 1750

Milley Black March 7th 1774

Mary Black December 14th 1808

Christopher Black December 3rd 1810

Mary Jean Thomas [died] Febuary 18th [page torn]