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Pension Application of Thomas Kennerly S1843

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Tennessee, Franklin County

            On this 31st day of August 1832, personally appeared before the Worshipful the County Court of the County & State afores’d Thomas Kennerly aged Eighty two years, and a resident of the County and State aforesaid who being first duly sworn, according to Law doth on his Oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress, passed June the 7th 1832.

I was born on the 24th day of October 1750, in the County of Culpepper [sic: Culpeper] & State of Virginia, I have at home a copy of my fathers family record, shewing my age.

He states, that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers  I was drafted for a tour of duty of three months in the winter of 1780. I then resided in Augusta County, Virginia. After marching across the Blue ridge we were attached to the Amherst troops, and in the Command of Colo. Hugh Rose’s & Gabriel Penn – the name of the Captain not recollected – from thence we marched to Guilford in North Carolina. He was not in the battle fought at that place [Battle of Guilford Courthouse, 15 Mar 1781], not having arrived in time, but heard the firing of the Cannon and small arms. After the battle, he does not recollect particularly the movements of the Army to which he belonged, his memory being greatly impaired by age. He is certain he served the full tour of duty, & he got a regular discharge, he does not recollect what has become of it. After his return home, he was drafted for another tour of three months – this was in the summer – fall of 1781. He was marched to little York – the Militia being in small detached parties. He does not recollect that they were Organized with Regiments  battalions or Companies until their arrival at York. General Washington with the troops from the North arrived some time after – He (the applicant) was with the Army as a private soldier during the whole of the siege [28 Sep - 19 Oct]. He belonged to a detachment during the Siege Commanded by Maj’r. Francis Long of Augusta County Virginia that attacked & carried a battery of 10 Guns belonging to the enemy – A few prisoners were taken  no lives lost on our side. After the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, the Prisoners or part of them were marched to the Albemarle barracks. He (the applicant) was one of the Guard & from there was marched home & discharged. He does not recollect getting a formal discharge in writing, but is certain he served this tour the full term of three months. He has no documentary evidence in his possession or power to produce, nor does he know of any person by whom he can prove his services. He is known to the Rev’d Rob’t. Dougan, Colo. James Lewis, who was himself a soldier of the Revolution, Waller Estill, Chairman of the Worshipful Court & others, who can testify to his character for veracity & their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution.

            Shortly after the war was over he removed from Augusta County, Virginia, to Wilkes County George; this County was divided, & he fell into Oglethorpe County, where he resided 19 years. He removed from Oglethorpe County Georgia to Overton Tennessee, from thence to Cumberland County, Kentucky where he resided several years & from thence he removed to this County, about twenty two, or three years ago, & now resides here

                                                                                                            [signed] Thos. Kennerly