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 Morris Cemetery AKA Lay Cemetery


North of Elkton, Rockingham County, Virginia. Located on Route 603 (Blose Road or Fleeburg Road). Present owner Robert J. Williams; former owner Joseph Morris.


No attempt was made to find this cemetery in 2008. In 1960s D.A.R. wrote: There are no grave markers. The names listed are of those known to have been buried here.
Survey Date and Recorder

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Surname Given Name & MI Birth Date Death Date Headstone Notes Remarks
Lay Charlie     
Morris Infant    Inf/John Morris
Williams Infant    ch/Oscar Williams
Williams Infant    ch/Oscar Williams
Williams Infant    ch/Oscar Williams
Lay Merida     
Lay Lynwood     
Shifflett Clara     
Shifflett Lyris     
Breeden William     

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