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 Polser (Palser) Family Cemetery


Keezletown, Rockingham County, Virginia. East of Harrisonburg near Route 33. Located on the farm of James Ewell Shomo in Keezletown, Virginia.


This cemetery was not included in those recorded by the DAR in 1960s. Headstones were recorded by Sarah & Alan Shomo, children of James E. Shomo. Following was extracted from a query in the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society Newsletter: "PALSER, HENRY, will dated 12 July 1845. My wife (no name), son   Francis, Farm where I live, daughters Elizabeth Rogers, Lydia, & Adaline, son Joel-blacksmith tools.Timber Land sold to David Weaver, which I purchased of John S. Calvert of New Market, lying on West side Peaked Mt. Exor: Friend Isaac Hardesty. Wit: Adam Fought, Adam Wise, John Faught. Codicil: Gr.daug. Mary Jane child of Lydia which she had previous to her intermarring with Wm. Rogers. Wit: Jacob Rhodes, Adam Wise. Rec. Mar. 1848. Exor: Isaac Hardesty"
Survey Date and Recorder Not known
Sarah & Alan Shomo

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Surname Given name & MI Birth Date Death Date Headstone Notes Remarks
Polser Henry 22 Oct 1__2 16 Jan 1848
Illegible date-headstone has crack in it
Polser Elizabeth 31 May 1788 29 Apr 1856

12 Apr 18__ 27 Jan 1836
Illegible headstone-upper left section missing & small chips missing in date area

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