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Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Additions, Corrections, Remarks

Michael Baker Cemetery

Note by Patricia Turner Ritchie, November 2002
At one time there was a carved tombstone for him, but it was taken up and the cemetery plowed over.  In 2000, descendants placed a military tombstone along the fence near the river as a memorial to Michael.

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery, Singers Glen

George W. Payne:  Son, not of Harrison Payne, but of Thomas and Sidney Jones Payne of Dry River.  He appears in their family in the Censuses of 1850 and 1860. 

Malinda C. Payne:  Daughter of George and Ann Armentrout of Rockingham Co; 1st wife of George W. Payne.  His second wife was Nellie Pyner Funk. 

Harrison Payne:  Actually, this is Horace Harrison Payne, a brother - not the father - of George W. Payne.  Horace was, we would say today, a "person with developmental disabilities."  He is found residing with his parent(s) in the Censuses of 1850 through 1880 and with his brother George in the Census of 1920.  His obituary reveals the mistake that his niece, Mary Ann Payne Kenney, wife of Lycurgus Kenney, made about his age (she was the informant).  Horace was actually born sometime between 1826 and 1829, probably in 1828.  See also Floyd Wines, Tales From Shenandoah, "Uncle Harry Payne."   

Submitted by Thompson, Kevin <>

Hess Family Cemetery

Following notes furnished by Patricia Turner Ritchie, November 2002.

From census records and marriage records and interviews with Hess relatives I have found this information:
The son of Abraham and Mary Hess of Shenandoah County, VA, Peter Hess (born about 1786, died before 1882); on March 31, 1826 he married Elizabeth Romick [also spelled Romack in some records] in Shenandoah County, VA.  Peter and
Elizabeth Hess had these children: 
    Elizabeth Hess (1826-1861) married Josiah Fulk,
    Mary Hess (born about 1828 but died before the estate settlement in 1882),
    Abraham Hess (1829-1912) who married Amanda Custer (1829-1921),
    John Hess (1832 -     ) who married Mary Catherine Shoemaker,
    Catharine Hess (1834-1908) who was the second wife of Josiah Fulk,
    Raphael Hess (1836- ?) who was single,
    Amanda Hess (1840-     ) who was single in 1882,
    Angeline Hess (1843-     ) who was single in 1882.

These are the relationships of the persons buried in the Hess cemetery. 
Peter & Elizabeth Hess, their sons Reaphil [Raphael], son John & his wife Mary Shoemaker Hess, daughter Angeline Hess.  John & Mary Shoemaker Hess's children John R. [although his daughterMillie Hess Estep told me his middle name was "Harrison," not "R."], James Hess who was single.  Etta Hottinger is the maiden name of the first wife of William J. "Jack" Hess (son of John &
Mary Shoemaker Hess); among their children were Sally Hess Miller Emma Hess Stayner, John Peter Hess, Wade Hess, Iva Hess who is buried in the cemetery & others.  John and Mary Shoemaker Hess had a sonAbraham F. Hess whose three wives are buried in this cemetery.  Abraham F. Hess and his second wife Orinda Elbon Hess are the parents of Eston Hess who erected the stone. 
[Orinda Hess also has a stone in Mt. Grove Church of the Brethren cemetery; Abraham F. Hess & his wife Dora Hoover Hess are also buried at Mt. Grove Church of the Brethren].

Linville Cemetery

I was viewing your recent cemetery pages that you uploaded 03/25/02 and found some incorrect information.  This probably was on the tombstones but the information was incorrect.  Correct information below
Page 10--section 3:  Row 010    Hottinger, Russell I  born: Dec. 25, 1917
Page 12--section 3:  Row 038    Shifflett, Peggy L.  born: July 20, 1950

Submitted by Connie Correa <>

Lacey Spring Cemetery

Frank Fitzsimons is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Linville next to his first wife, Mary Elsie Summers, and he didn't die until Thanksgiving day in 1957.  This Lacey Springs record has probably been added because he was married to Idabelle Smith Fitzsimons when she died, but he buried her in Lacey Springs next to her first husband, Samuel Edward Smith. Frank went on and married a third time, too, but when he died, they buried him next to his beloved first wife and some of their children in Pine Grove. He died on November 28, 1957.  The name is often misspelled as "Fitzsimmons", but it is, in fact, "Fitzsimons."

Submitted by Diana Fitzsimons <>


"There is a story that Peter Perry Koontz had been buried in an air tight sealed casket.  When they removed his body for transfer to Lacey Spring some of the men decided to open the casket.  They did and the first view of the body was one in perfect shape but as soon as the air hit the body it disintegrated into a fine dust.  I am told this created much discussion in the community around Genesis 3:19--you are dust and to dust you shall return."  Taken from book Mt. Valley People (page 365) by Marie Koontz Arrington.

Miller Family Cemetery

The following note was provided by Patricia Turner Ritchie.   "According to the Miller history by Milo Custer, Samuel Miller was the son of the second Alexander Miller, and was born in Rockingham County.  He was at one time Chief Justice (?) of his native county.  His wife was Margaret Loky.  They had no children of their own, but adopted two, viz: Wilson Loky and Susan Catteral.  Mr. Miller owned a large farm situated about 5 miles northwest of Cootes Store, and a number of negro slaves.  Page 15 of the Miller history."

Trumbo Family Cemetery

Note furnished by Patricia Turner Ritchie, November, 2002.
According to Lewis Yankey and a Stultz descendant, Philip Stultz Jr. is also buried here.   Lewis said that the old Stultz was away on a trip near Harrisonburg.  On his way home to the Bergton area, he died near Fulks Run.  Since this was in the horse and buggy days before embalming, he was buried in the nearest cemetery which happened to be the small Trumbo family cemetery.  Philip Stultz Jr. had married Catherine Riggleman Moyer, and they were the parents of most of the Stultz's who still live in our area.

Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery

Per Kevin Thompson's email 7/29/2003 - John W. Corbin is son of John S. Corbin and Elizabeth S. Payne Corbin.  He is found in their household in the census of 1870 and 1880.

Woodbine Cemetery

Section 10 Page 1 - Althea Loose Johnston: "Information provided by Kathleen A. Johnston 10/20/2003 email ( Althea was the daughter of Elmer Palm Loose and Althea Bennett Loose. Althea Loose Johnston was on the first faculty of what is now JMU. Her husband, James Chapman Johnston (son of Robert & Laura Criss Johnston) was the principal of the high school and joined the faculty of "JMU" shortly after it was founded. Johnston Hall, now the psychology building, is named for them."


Section 3 Row 8 Grave 3 - Shacklett, Maria G.  - w/Samuel
Maria Graham (her middle name) Henry Shacklett, dau. of Samuel Henry and Sarah Stuart Henry; brother Stewart Henry-all buried in Woodbine. 7/6/2004 email from Doris Noland Parton,


Section 3 Row 8 Grave 1 - Henry, Sarah, Mrs. -
Possibly an unidentified grave beside Mrs. Sarah Henry, and that would be Samuel Henry.    Samuel Henry was still alive on the 1850 census, living alone. He may very well have been one of the earliest graves, possibly on land donated by him. He was very close to the Graham family, not related by kinship so far as I know at this time.unidentified grave beside Mrs. Sarah Henry, and that would be Samuel Henry; although I do not know his mother's maiden name yet. 

       Samuel Henry (name mistakenly given as Henry Henry on one of his two marriage documents) married Sally (Sarah) Stuart (Stewart) 23 Aug 1810, bondsman John Graham.  Sally given as the daughter of Francis. The minister was Andrew B. Davidson.
       Samuel Henry was the son of Henry Henry  (and wife Mary) who attained land from William Chestnutt/ Chestnut / Chesnut on Muddy Creek / War Branch in the early 1760s while it was still Augusta Co. Samuel Henry lived on the Courthouse Square and was a wealthy merchant. His son-in-law Samuel Shacklett was also a wealthy merchant after him, inheriting much of Samuel Henry's worth.
       7/6/2004 email from Doris Noland Parton,

Elk Run Cemetery

Edith L. Tanner ( 10/26/2004 has proof that William E. is NOT the son of Thomas Benjamin & Sarah Elizabeth Hensley. Edith shows William E. as the son of Vernon C. Hensley & Kate Florence Baugher

Corbin Snyder Cemetery

11/17/2004 email from Chester Chester Benson ( notes Geneva Virginia Bare's parents were Bernie Elmer Bare & Bessie Florence Nazelrod. Some families used the spelling Nazelrod & others Nesselrodt.

East Point Cemetery

Note from Michael Sellers ( 6/23/2005--The "Unknown, Girtude" was Gertrude Virginia Sellers, daughter of Charles W. Sellers and Mary Etta Johnson.  She was known as Gertrude but was listed as Virginia on the 1900 Census for Elkton, Rockingham County.  As I understand it Gertrude was born in March 1899 but died as a child prior to 1910 due to burns she suffered in some type of accident.  She was then buried in East Point Cemetery and, with her burial location being near her parents and two of her brothers, James E. and Jacob F. Sellers, Sr., there's no doubt in my mind that the "Unknown, Girtrude" is her gravestone.

East Lawn Cemetery

Section 4 Row 21 - Simms, Julia Frances
She was originally Julia Frances Koontz daughter of Stewart Welden Koontz (buried in Woodbine). First married to William F. Grandle who is buried in Beaver Creek Cemetary. Her last husband is buried in Ohio. She is buried with my dad and his brother who were both Grandle's.
3/21/06 email from Art Grandle,

Briery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Page 4 Row 031 - John H. Curry
"Father John Alpheus Curry and mother Lucinda "Lucy" V. Good Curry per Rockingham County birth records. Submitted by Corrin Downs email 2/23/2007

Page 5 Row 44 - Curry, William Henry
"Father John Alpheus Curry and mother Lucinda "Lucy" V. Good Curry per Rockingham County birth records. Submitted by Corrin Downs email 2/23/2007

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