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Rockingham County, Virginia
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Selected Death Records
VA State Library: Bureau of Vital Statistics

Virginia State Library (VSL): Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Records, Reel 26 Rockingham Co

These records were transcribed and contributed by Deb Wake and cover a large number of surnames. Please be aware that this is NOT an every name listing from the microfilm. Use the find feature on your web browser to search for surnames as the records are not recorded on the microfilm in alphabetical order.

Order of Data per record:   Name; Race; Sex; Death date; Death place; Cause of death; Age at death; Parents; Birth place; Occupation; Marital status; Person giving information; Relationship to deceased (NR denotes "not recorded")  

Meaning of numbers:  Reel 26 Rockingham Co; year; page; number (N denotes no given number but assigned number according to sequential order)

1853 - 1859   1860 - 1862   1863 - 1864   1865 - 1868 
1869 - 1875  1876 - 1879   1880 - 1893

R26-1863/1864-1-19 Hannah Breneman; white; female; January 3, 1864; Brocks Gap; affection of heart; NR; unknown; Rockingham Co; NR; Abraham Breneman, Jr; A. Breneman; husband

R26-1863/1864-1-32 Hannah Jane Depoy; white; female; September 20, 1864; Dry Fork; cancer in womb; 37-x-x; Henry & Hannah Flick; N. Mtn.; NR; Chas. Depoy; C. Depoy; husband

R26-1863/1864-2-46 David Ford; white; male; September 13, 1863; Brocks Gap; diptheria; 5-2-7; John & Jane Ford; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Jane Ford; mother

R26-1863/1864-2-47 Mary Ann Ford; white; female; October 3, 1863; Brocks Gap; diptheria; 9-10-4; John & Jane Ford; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Jane Ford; mother  

R26-1863/1864-2-48 Henry Ford; white; male; October 24, 1863; Brocks Gap; diptheria; 7-2-14; John & Jane Ford; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Jane Ford; mother

R26-1863/1863-2-54 Mary Frank; white; female; November 29, 1863; near Holsingers Spring; catarrh on lungs; 42-x-x, Catherine May; Timberville; NR; Harvey Frank; Ellen Frank; daughter

R26-1863/1864-2-61 Mary Geil; white; female; August 18, 1864; near Dayton; typhoid fever; 26-6-16; Saml. & Eve Wenger; near Dayton; NR; Henry Geil; Hy Geil; husband

R26-1863/1864-2-70 David Hoover; white; male; February 3, 1864; Brocks Gap; cancer; 49-6-9; Jacob & Eliz. Hoover; Muddy Creek; farmer; Mary Hoover; M. Hoover; wife

R26-1863/1864-3-75 Eliza Ann Keller; white; female; April 1864; Round Hill; typhoid fever; 34-2-11; Saml. & Fannie Keller; Lexington, VA; NR; unmarried, Fannie Keller; mother

R26-1863/1864-3-79 Jno. Adam Long; white; male; May 9, 1864; Spottsylvania CH; killed in battle; 22-3-2; Wm. R. & Emily A. Long; Dry Fork; laborer; unmarried; Sue Long; sister

R26-1863/1864-3-80 Marcus Layette Long; white; male; June 18, 1864; Dry Fork; typhoid fever; 18-3-25; Wm. R. & Emily A. Long; Dry Fork; laborer; unmarried; Sue Long; sister

R26-1863/1864-3-81 Robert Lee Long; white; male; July 14, 1864; Dry Fork; heart plurisy; x-3-5; Wm. R. & Emily A. Long; Dry Fork; NR; NR; Sue Long; sister

R26-1863/1864-3-82 Emily A. Long; white; female; July 19, 1864; Dry Fork; consumption; 44-11-3; Jno. & Maria Lawson; Front Royal, VA; NR; Wm. R. Long; Sue Long; daughter

R26-1863/1864-3-83 Benj. H. Lincoln; white; male; September 10, 1864; Lacey Spring; flux; 51-9-x; David & Cath. Lincoln; near Dayton; farmer; unmarried; Abram Lincoln; brother

R26-1863/1864-3-100 John Miller; white; male; May 6, 1864; wilderness; killed in battle; 28-2-12; Michl. & Phebe Miller; Shenandh. River; laborer; unmarried; P Miller; mother

R26-1863/1864-3-105 James May; white; male; October 20, 1863; Brocks Gap; genl. debility; 77-11-15; Geo. & _____ May; Brocks Gap; farmer; Sarah May; Abr. Caplinger; friend

R26-1863/1864-3-110 Washington L. Nave; white; male; September 1, 1864; Harrisonburg; fever; 35-10-29; Levi & Magdaline Nave; Shen. River; shoemaker; Harriet Nave; Harriet Nave; wife

R26-1863/1864-3-111 Saml. K. Neff; white; male; June 16, 1864; Fort Run; typhoid fever; 22-10-19; Henry & Elenora Neff; Fort Run; farm hand; unmarried; Hy. Neff; father

R26-1863/1864-3-112 Elenora Neff; white; female; June 18, 1864; Fort Run; typhoid fever; 55-x-1; Jacob & Mary Bare; Fort Run; NR; Henry Neff; Henry Neff; husband

R26-1863/1864-3-113 Ma__e [Madge?] Bell Neff; NR; NR; December 22? 1863; Bridgewater; spasms; x-x-13; Ehr. H. & Isabella Neff; Bridgewater; NR; NR; E. H. Neff; father

R26-1863/1864-4-120 James Pickering; white; male; October 29, 1863; near Smith's Creek; consumption; 64-4-24; Barbara Woodley; Smith's Creek; farmer; Mary Pickering; Cath. Pickering; daughter

R26-1863/1864-4-136 Wilson Asbury Rhodes; white; male; August 1, 1864; Petersburg, VA; drowned; 32-5-22; Cyrus & Eliz. Rhodes; Smith's Creek; farm hand; unmarried; C Rhodes; father

R26-1863/1864-4-140 Jacob Roadcap; white; male; December 29, 1863; Brocks Gap; brain fever; 11-5-24; Absolam & Eliz. Roadcap; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Abs. Roadcap; father

R26-1863/1864-4-143 Hester Jane Roadcap; white; female; January 1863; Brocks Gap; scarlet fever; 6-9-13; Stephen & Martha J. Roadcap; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Hester A. Beard; aunt

R26-1863/1864-4-144 Martha J. Roadcap; white; female; February 28, 1864; Brocks Gap; consumption; 37-x-x; Wm. & Margt. Beard; Cooks Creek; NR; Steph. Roadcap; Hester A. Beard; sister

R26-1863/1864-4-146 Susan Reed; white; female; April 4, 1863; Smith's Creek; erysipelas; 33-3-x; Peter & Susan Zettie; Smith's Creek; NR; Danl. B. Reed; D. B. Reed; husband

R26-1863/1864-5-153 Caroline Summers; white; female; March 16, 1864; Linnv. Creek; diptheria; 7-10-13; Wm. & Maria Summers; Linnv. Creek; NR; NR; Wm Summers; father

R26-1863/1864-5-154 Sarah Ann Summers; white; female; March 22, 1864; Linnv. Creek; diptheria; 14-8-3; Wm. & Maria Summers; Linnv. Creek; NR; NR; Wm Summers; father

R26-1863/1864-5-155 Wm. Craig Summers; white; male; April 22, 1864; Linnv. Creek; diptheria; 4-8-16; Wm. & Maria Summers; Linnv. Creek; NR; NR; Wm Summers; father

R26-1863/1864-5-157 Saml. Summers; white; male; March 26, 1864; near Lacey Spring; unknown; x-9-17; Simon P. & Cath. Summers; near Lacey Spring; NR; NR; Cath. Summers; mother

R26-1863/1864-5-177 Nancy Trissel; white; female; August 9, 1864; Cedar Run; diptheria; 15-6-9; Jacob & Anna Trissel; Cedar Run; NR; NR; J Trissel; father

R26-1863/1864-8-10 Susanna Anderson; white; female; June 8, 1863; Maggys Creek; diptheria; 33-x-x; Elias & Susanna Hoover; Pendleton Co.; NR; James A. Anderson; James A. Anderson, husband

R26-1863/1864-8-11 Jacob Brunk; white; male; May 21, 1863; Cooks Creek County; not known; 7-5-1; John & Anna Brunk; Rockingham Co.; NR; NR; John Brunk; father

R26-1863/1864-8-12 Anna Blosser; white; female; February 1864; Cooks Creek County; not known; 78-x-x; Peter & Magdelena Blosser; Page CO.; NR; unmarried; Abraham Blosser; brother

R26-1863/1864-8-13 John Brenneman; white; male; January 27, 1864; Linville Creek; pneumonia; 33-2-28; Peter & Frances Brenneman; Rockingham Co; school teacher; Barbara Brenneman; Barbara Brenneman; wife

R26-1863/1863-8-14 Peter Brenneman; white; male; April 7, 1864; Linville Creek; scrofula; 62-x-x; Melchoir & ____ Brenneman; Rockingham Co; farmer; Mary Brenneman (2nd wife); Peter Brenneman; son

R26-1863/1864-8-15 Barbara Berry; white; female; October 15, 1864; Dry River; not known; 21-x-x; Alexander & Susan Berry; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Susan Berry; mother

R26-1863/1863-8-20 Magdaline Billhimer; white; female; July 22, 1863; Keezletown; gen. deb.; approx 75-x-x; ____ & ____ Sherfy; prob. Shend. Co, VA; Joseph Billhimer Sr, decd; Mrs Benjamin Miller; friend

R26-1863/1863-8-21 Elizabeth Burkholder; white; female; September 18, 1863; Mt. Clinton; typhoid fever; 37-9-15; Joseph & Sophia Burkholder; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Joseph Burkholder; father

R26-1863/1863-8-33 John Billhimer; white; male; December 9, 1863; Taylor Spring; consumption; 52-x-x; Joseph & ____ Billhimer; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; William Billhimer; 1/2 brother

R26-1863/1863-8-34 Anna Rebecca Beery; white; female; December 12, 1864; Linville Creek; diptheria; 7-2-13; Martin & Elizabeth Beery; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Martin Beery; father

R26-1863/1863-8-35 Ida Elizabeth Beery; white; female; December 12, 1864; Linville Creek; diptheria; 5-x-6; Martin & Elizabeth Beery; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Martin Beery; father

R26-1863/1863-8-36 James R. Crawford; white; male; January 3, 1864; War Branch; exposure; 52-x-x; William & Nancy Crawford; Rockingham Co; farmer; Hetta Crawford; Hetta Crawford; wife

R26-1863/1863-9-21 Catherine Earmon; white; female; March 1, 1863; near Taylor Springs; gen. deb; 69-5-25; ____ & ____ Messerly; Rockingham Co; NR; Michael Earmon; Robert Chandler; son-in-law

R26-1863/1863-9-27 Minnie K Funk; white; female; February 15, 1863; Singers Glenn; diptheria; 6-10-2; Solomon & Elizabeth Funk; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Solomon Funk; father

R26-1863/1863-9-30 James H Flick; white; male; August 1863; Hopkin's Gap; killed himself; 46-x-x; David & ____ Flick; Rockingham Co; shoemaker & farmer; consort of ____; John H Rolston, Jr; friend

R26-1863/1863-9-36 Virginia Flick; white; female; July 28, 1863; Muddy Creek; flux; x-2-23; John & Frances Flick; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; John Flick; father

R26-1863/1863-9-37 Samuel Henry Grove; white; male; October 21, 1864; Bridgewater; disease of heart; 3-3-3; Wm. H. & ____ Grove; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Wm. H. Grove; father

R26-1863/1863-10-19 Virginia Gore Hopkins; white; female; September 28, 1864; Muddy Creek; NR; 1-1-x; John H Hopkins; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Jno. H. Hopkins; father

R26-1863/1863-10-20 Ann Hopkins; white; female; September 28, 1864; Muddy Creek; NR; 21-x-x; John H. Hopkins; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Jno. H. Hopkins; father

R26-1863/1863-10-21 Dice Hopkins; free colored; male; 1864; Muddy Creek; NR; 45-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; John H. Hopkins; head of family

R26-1863/1863-10-22 James Hopkins; free colored; male; 1864; Muddy Creek; NR; x-4-x; Rose; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; John H. Hopkins; head of family

R26-1863/1863-10-23 Milly Hopkins; free colored; female; 1864; Muddy Creek; NR; x-x-9; Emma; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; John H. Hopkins; head of family

R26-1863/1863-10-44 Margaret Keplinger; white; female; July 1863; near Keezletown; not known; 6-8-x; Geo. W. & Amanda E. Keplinger; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Andrew Bertram; grandfather

R26-1863/1863-10-45 Geo. W. Keplinger; white; male; May 11, 1864; Spotsylvania CH; killed in battle; 28-x-x; Jesse & ____ Keplinger; Rockingham Co; tanner; Amanda E. Keplinger; Andrew Bertram; father-in-law

 R26-1863/1863-12-12 Abraham Ralston; white; male; August 9, 1864; Brush Country; not known; 37-9-x; Benj. F. & Cath. Ralston; Rockingham Co; farmer; Hannah Jane Rolston; Hannah Jane Rolston; wife

R26-1863/1863-12-14 Cambisus Rolston; white; male; July 12, 1864; Lynchburg, VA; wound; 17-x-x; Benj. F. & Barb. A. Ralston; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Benj. F. Rolston; father

 R26-1863/1863-12-17 Henry H. Rodes; white; male; July 9, 1864; Cooks Creek; consumption; 39-1-9; Henry & Magaline Rodes; Rockingham Co; farmer; Margaret Rodes; Margaret Rodes; wife

R26-1863/1863-12-18 Priscilla Frances Rodes; white; female; June 25, 1864; Cooks Creek; brain fever; 4-x-25; Henry H. & Margaret Rodes; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Margaret Rodes; mother

R26-1863/1863-12-20 Sarah Ritchie; white; female; July 1863; Muddy Creek; flux; 3-x-x; Peter & Sarah Ritchie; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Peter Ritchie; father

R26-1863/1863-12-22 Mary Ready; white; female; March 25, 1863; NR; not known; prob. 45-x-x; John & Honora Ouleff; Kary Island IRELAND; NR; Thomas Ready; Thomas Ready; husband

R26-1863/1863-12-23 Peter Rodes; white; male; April 7, 1863; Cook's Creek; hemorage; 38-5-2; Anthony & Anna Rodes; Rockingham Co; farmer; Anna Rodes; Anna Rodes; wife

R26-1863/1863-12-26 Jasper W. Showalter; white; male; March 13, 1864; Linvell's Creek; not known; x-10-5; George W. & Sarah M. Showalter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; George W. Showalter; father

R26-1863/1863-12-29 David P. Showalter; white; male; 1864; Mt. Clinton; diptheria; 10-x-x; David & Maria Showalter; Rockingham Co. NR; NR; David Showalter; father

R26-1863/1863-12-31 Samuel Shank Sr; white; male; February 26, 1863; Linvell's Creek; hemorage; 73-x-x; Henry & ____ Shank; Rockingham Co; farmer; Magdaline Shank; Magdaline Shank; wife

R26-1863/1864-12-34 Ellen Swats; white; female; December 24, 1863; Bridgewater; consumption; 61-x-x; Benjamin & ____ Berry; David Swats; Samuel Swats; son

R26-1863/1864-12-35 Delila Susan Wright; white; female; December 9, 1864; Mole Hill; diptheria; 7-x-9; Wm. L. & Harriet Jane Wright; Rockingham Co; Wm. L. Wright; father

R26-1863/1864-12-40 Elizabeth Showalter; white; female; August 1863; Muddy Creek; flux; 2-2-x; John & Elizabeth Showalter; John Showalter; father

R26-1863/1864-13-8 Mary Trissel; white; female; January 24, 1863; Head Cooks Creek; diptheria; 9-9-13; Joseph & Rebecca Trissel; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Joseph Trissel; father

R26-1863/1864-13-10 Permelia M. Vanpelt; white; female; January 14, 1863; Dry River; scarlet fever; x-10-4; Henry & Julia C. Vanpelt; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Henry Vanpelt; father

R26-1863/1864-13-11 Fannie G. Vanpelt; white; female; July 29, 1864; Harrisonburg; croup; 1-3-25; James H. & Fannie G. Vanpelt; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; James H. Vanpelt; father

R26-1863/1864-13-12 John Henry Weller; white; male; May 26, 1863; War Branch; wound; 29-x-x; Abraham & Mary E. Weller; Shen. Co; unmarried; Mrs. Mary E. Berry; mother

R26-1863/1864-13-18 Elizabeth Weaver; white; female; March 3, 1863; Cook's Creek; diptheria; 20-4-4; Frederick & Suasanna Weaver; Rockingham Co; unmarried; Jacob Brunk; step-father

R26-1863/1864-13-21 Elizabeth Armentrout; white; female; July 10, 1864; near Taylor Springs; not known (very old); Henry & ____ Armentrout; Rockingham Co; unmarried; Elizabeth Cline; niece

R26-1863/1864-13-28 Jacob Henry Roadcap; white; male; December 25, 1864; near Mole Hill; suddenly; x-4-2; Madison & Barbara Roadcap; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Madison Roadcap; father

R26-1863/1864-13-31 Andrew Jackson Lee; white; male; June 26, 1863; Clark Co, VA; wound; 24-x-x; Moses & Betsey Lee; Rockingham Co; Malinda Lee; Reuben N. Sherfy; brother-in-law

R26-1863/1864-13-32 Louisa Showalter; white; female; January 21, 1864; Dry River; fever; 21-4-x; Reuben N. & Susan Sherfy; Rockingham Co; James E. Showalter; Reuben N. Sherfy; father

R26-1863/1864-13-36 Barbara Ann Lary; white; female; October 15, 1864; War Branch; diptheria; 15-7-10; Silas & Margaret Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; father

R26-1863/1864-13-37 John F. Lary; white; male; November 5, 1863; War Branch; diptheria; 13-8-16; Silas & Margaret Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; father

R26-1863/1864-13-38 Lucinda Hinton; white; female; June 1864; War Branch; fever; approx. 60-x-x; Joseph & Jane Hinton; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; nephew

R26-1863/1864-13-39 Jane Hinton; white; female; March 1864; War Branch; fever; approx. 65-x-x; Joseph & Jane Hinton; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; nephew

R26-1863/1864-13-40; David Lary; white; male; February 9, 1864; War Branch; fever; 32-2-17; Abednego & Sarah Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; Suzanna Lary; Silas Lary; brother

R26-1863/1864-13-41 Susanna Lary; white; female; November 3, 1863; War Branch; fever; 35-10-5; Jacob & Elizabeth Bowman; Rockingham Co; NR; David Lary; Silas Lary; brother-in-law

R26-1863/1864-13-42 Mary Ann Lary; white; female; February 10, 1864; War Branch; fever; 17-9-21; David & Susanna Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; uncle

R26-1863/1864-13-43 Hinton D. Lary; white; male; February 1864; War Branch; fever; x-11-x; David & Susanna Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; uncle

R26-1863/1864-13-44 James A. Lary; white; male; March 14, 1864; War Branch; fever; 14-9-28; David & Susanna Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Silas Lary; uncle

R26-1864-1-1 George Armentrout; white; male; September 12, 1864; Cub Run; old age; 79-x-x; Geo. & Mary; Rockingham Co; farmer; Margaret; Cornelius Armentrout; son

R26-1864-1-3 Jacob Boyer; white; male; August 12, 1864; near Richmond; killed in battle; 36-x-x; Peter & Mary; Rockingham Co; sadler; Frances Boyer; Noah Royer; brother-in-law

R26-1864-1-5 William Earman; white; male; December 12, 1864; Pleasant Run; typhoid fever; 70-x-x; William & Jane; MD; farmer; Matilda Earman; Matilda Earman; wife

R26-1864-1-10 Whitfield G. Kisling; white; male; June 21, 1864; Culpepper CH; killed in battle; 25-x-x; Henry & Catherine; Rockingham Co; merchant; unmarried; GT Hopkins; brother-in-law

R26-1864-1-13 Mary Pirkey; white; female; October 20, 1864; Mill Creek; dyptheria; 16-x-x; Ananias & Margaret; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Ananais Pirkey; father

R26-1864-1-14 Peter Pence; white; male; November 9, 1864; Richmond; pneumonia; 35-x-x; John & Catherine; Rockingham Co; farmer; Margaret Pence; John Pence; father

R26-1864-2-20 Jacob Rush; white; male; September 14, 1864; Cub Run; old age; 84-x-x; not known; Rockingham Co; farmer; Catherine Rush; Jacob Rush; grandson

R26-1864-2-21 Elizabeth Shepler; white; female; September 11, 1864; Cross Keys; typhoid fever; 62-x-x; John & Polly Tutwiler; Rockingham Co; John Shipler; Samuel Shipler; son

R26-1864-2-24 Mary Shifflet; white; female; June 12, 1864; Shen. River; rheumatism; 73-x-x; James & Patsy Shifflet; Albemarle Co; NR; St. Clair Shifflet; St. Clair Shifflet; husband

R26-1864-2-26 Peter Whetsel; white; male; August 9, 1864; Pleasant Run; old age;  90-x-x; Jacob & Susan; Rockingham Co; farmer; Mary; Simon Whitsel; son