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Rockingham County, Virginia
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Selected Death Records
VA State Library: Bureau of Vital Statistics

Virginia State Library (VSL): Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Records, Reel 26 Rockingham Co

These records were transcribed and contributed by Deb Wake and cover a large number of surnames. Please be aware that this is NOT an every name listing from the microfilm. Use the find feature on your web browser to search for surnames as the records are not recorded on the microfilm in alphabetical order.

Order of Data per record:   Name; Race; Sex; Death date; Death place; Cause of death; Age at death; Parents; Birth place; Occupation; Marital status; Person giving information; Relationship to deceased (NR denotes "not recorded")  

Meaning of numbers:  Reel 26 Rockingham Co; year; page; number (N denotes no given number but assigned number according to sequential order)

1853 - 1859   1860 - 1862   1863 - 1864   1865 - 1868 
1869 - 1875  1876 - 1879   1880 - 1893

R26-1869-1-9 Christopher Keyser; white; male; October 14, 1869; Shenandoah; old age; 69; NR; Page Co, VA; farmer; Mary Keyser; John H. Thomas; NR

R26-1869-1-15 Peter Rosenberger; white; male; January 1869; Smiths Creek; old age; 78; George Rosenberger; Smiths Creek; mechanic; not ___ (torn); (torn); NR

R26-1869-1-16 Wm. S. Rosenberger; white; male; 1869; Smiths Creek; diptheria; 1-x-x; Gideon D. Rosenberger; Smiths Creek; NR; NR; father? (torn); physician

R26-1869-1-23 Lydia Howard; white; female; 1869; Dry Fork; old age; 84-6-2; Nathaniel Harrison; Dry Fork; NR; Michael Howard; son; NR

R26-1869-2-8 Cambysus Ralstan; white; male; July 28, 1869; Joe's Creek; not known; 1-8-x; William & Elizabeth Ralstan; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; William Ralstan; father

R26-1869-2-15 Marilla Sellers; colored; female; August 26, 1869; Harrisonburg; old age; very old; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; Henry Sellers, Sr; Lurena Sellers; daughter-in-law

R26-1869-2-18 not named; white; male; April 26, 1869; head waters of Muddy Creek; not known; x-x-12; John P. & Mary Swank; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; John P. Swank; father

R26-1869-2-20 Elizabeth M. Shue; white; male; July 19, 1869; Cooks Creek; heart dropsy; 51-9-11; Frederick & Elizabeth May; Dauphin Co. PA; NR; Joseph H. Shue; Jos. H. Shue; husband

R26-1869-2-25 Marta Virginia Bruce Sites; white; female; March 12, 1869; near Spring Creek; not known; 1-7-x; William P. & Agnes Sites; Spring Creek Country; NR; unmarried; Wm. Price Sites; father

R26-1869-3-3 Rebecca Byrd; white; female; July 1870 [sic]; Harrisonburg; NR; 76-x-x; Joseph & ____ Samuels; Shenandoah Co; NR; Abraham Byrd, decd; Samuel S. Reed; son-in-law

R26-1869-3-5 Margaret Ann Brunk; white; female; October 1869; near Mole Hill; scrofula; 11-x-x; Hugh A. & Nancy Brunk; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Hugh A. Brunk; father

R26-1869-3-6 Emanuel P. Berry; white; male; July, 1869; Brush Country; disease; x-11-x; John & Martha Jane Berry; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; John Berry; father

R26-1869-3-7 Sarah Frances Brunk; white; female; August 29, 1869; near Harrisonburg; not known; x-7-21; Samuel & Susanna Brunk; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Samuel Brunk; father

R26-1869-3-12 Nathan Crawford; colored; male; March 1869; NR; killed; 35-x-x; NR; Augusta Co; laborer; Caroline Crawford; Caroline Crawford; wife

R26-1869-3-13 not named; colored; male; March 16, 1869; Harrisonburg; not known; x-x-1; Jerry & Mary Crawford; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; John Gipson?; grandfather

R26-1869-3-15 Christian Burkholder; white; male; May 8, 1869; War Branch; rupture; 62-x-x; Peter & Elizabeth Burkholder; Rockingham Co; farmer; Frances Burkholder; Rebecca Burkholder; niece

R26-1869-3-17 Sarah Deputy; white; female; May 17, 1869; Muddy Creek; consumption; 31-5-5; Abraham & Sarah Burkholder; Rockingham Co; NR; Robert G. Deputy; Robert G. Deputy; husband

R26-1869-3-23 not named Gilmore; white; male; February 8, 1869; Harrisonburg; not known; x-x-4; Robert H. & Susan R. Gilmer; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Robert H. Gilmore; father

R26-1869-3-25 Jacob Aaron Heatwole; white; male; May 31, 1869; Muddy Creek; not known; 5-x-11; Jacob S. & Rebecca Heatwole; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Rebecca Heatwole; mother

R26-1869-3-26 John G. Heatwole; white; male; May 10, 1869; Mole Hill; not known; 53-3-18; Gabriel & Margaret Heatwole; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth Heatwole; Dr. Gabriel Heatwole; father

R26-1869-3-34 John G. Heatwole; white; male; May 10, 1869; Mole Hill; not known; 53-3-18; Gabriel &
Margaret Heatwole; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth Heatwole; Gabriel Heatwole, Sr; father

R26-1870-1-19 Amanda J. Roller; white; female; March 18, 1870; near Mt. Crawford; consumption; 25-9-24; Martin & Margaret Showalter; Rockingham Co; NR; John R. Roler; John R. Roler; husband

R26-1870-1-20 Franklin H. Sites; white; male; July 25, 1870; head Spring Creek; abscess of liver; 4-11-27; Wm. P. & Agnes M. Sites; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; father; NR [sic]

R26-1870-3-2 Isaac Harvey Good; white; male; December 25, 1870; Goods Mill; chronic thresh; x-3-19; F. P. H. & Frances Good; Cub Run; miller; unmarried; F. A. H. Good; father

R26-1870-3-3 Lucy Margaret Carpenter; white; female; August 1870; Mt. Crawford; hooking coughse; 5-x-x; W. M. P. & E. Carpenter; Mt. Crawford; farmer; unmarried; W. M. P. Carpenter; father

R26-1870-3-4 Daniel Moffitt Carpenter; white; male; August 1870; Mt. Crawford; hooking coughse; 3-6-x; W. M. P. & E. Carpenter; Mt. Crawford; farmer; unmarried; W. M. P. Carpenter; father

R26-1870-3-5 Jno. Wesley Carpenter; white; male; August 1870; Mt. Crawford; hooking coughse; 1-6-x; W. M. P. & E. Carpenter; Mt. Crawford; farmer; unmarried; W. M. P. Carpenter; father

R26-1870-3-9 Wm. H. May; white; male; February 4, 1870; McGaheysville; gunshot wound; 21-x-x; Wm. & Christina May; McGaheysville; laborer; NR (torn); William May; father

R26-1870-3-16 not named; white; male; 4-21-70; McGaheysville; not known; x-x-6; Jno & Sallie Earman; McGaheysville; farmer; NR (torn); (torn)___arman; father

R26-1870-4-8 Peter Long; white; male; December 9, 1870; Harrisonburg; breast complaint; 36-x-x; Conrad & Mary Long; Harrisonburg; farmer; married; wife [sic]; wife

R26-1870-5-8 Mat? Harrison; colored; female; March 15, 1870; Port Republic; fever; x-8-15; Mat. & Mary Harrison; Port Republic; laborer; married; father [sic]; father

R26-1871-1-2 Sarah C. Showalter; white; female; June 2, 1871; Rollers Mill; hooping [sic]cough; x-2-x; Isaac & Isabella Showalter; Rollers Mill; NR; unmarried; Isabella Showalter; mother

R26-1871-1-6 Elizabeth C. Rodes; white; female; April 4, 1871; Pleasant Run; pneumonia; 2-2-3; D. E. & Fanni Rodes; Pleasant Run; NR; unmarried; D. E. Rodes; father

R26-1871-1-7 John Rodes; white; male; May 31, 1871; Pleasant Run; pneumonia; 70-4-426; Frederick & Magdaline Rodes; Pennsylvania; farmer; Frances Rodes; Frances Rodes; wife

R26-1871-1-8 Elizabeth Huffman; white; female; May 30, 1871; Friedens Church; cancer & dropsy; 62-5-21; Elijah & ____ Edwards; McGaheysville; NR; Danl. A. Huffman; D. A. Huffman; husband

R26-1871-1-9 Sarah Wagner; white; female; June 15, 1871; Cross Roads; paralysis; 68-x-x; not known; Page Co; NR; widow of____; John Earman; friend

R26-1871-2-3 Adam Long; white; male; March 15, 1871; near Harrisonburg; jaundice; x-1-15; Henry & Eliz. Long; near Harrisonburg; NR; infant; Eliza Long; mother

R26-1871-4-3 David Berry; white; male; March 1, 1871; Union School House; congestion of the lungs; 74-9-19; ____ & ____ Berry; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth Berry; Philip Weller; step-son

R26-1871-4-4 Lydia Catharine Blosser; white; female; January 17, 1871; head Linvilles Creek; not known; 4-9-13; Peter & Magdalene Blosser; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Peter Blosser; father

R26-1871-4-12 Perry Abraham Heatwole; white; male; May 13, 1871; near Dale Enterprise; not known; x-3-22; David A. & Catharine Heatwole; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; David A. Heatwole; father

R26-1871-4-14 not named; colored; male; in the spring of 1871; Hopkins Mill; cholera infantism; approx. x-3-x; Millie Jackson; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Dr. Wm. D. Hopkins; friend

R26-1871-4-22 Charles Shiflett; white; male; May 2, 1871; near Harrisonburg; not known; x-x-6; Andrew D. & Mary C. Shiflett; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Andrew D. Shiflett; father

R26-1871-4-23 Anthony Showalter; white; male; June 1, 1871; Muddy Creek; consumption; 40-7-3; Anthony & Susan Showalter; Rockingham Co; broom maker; unmarried; Isaac Ritchie; broth-in-law

R26-1871-4-70; Payne, Sidney Virginia; white; female; May 26; Dry River; flux; 2-10-x; Henry H & Susan Payne; Rockingham; NR; NR; Henry H Payne; father

R26-1871-5-2 Elizabeth Derrow; white; female; July 12, 1871; Smith Creek; heart disease; 41-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; Peachy Derrow; Peachy Derrow; husband

R26-1871-5-10 Susan Richie; white; female; March 1871; Fort Run; old age; 92-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; widow; Peter Richie; grandson

R26-1871-6-10 Anna B. Dever; white; female; November 15, 1871; Spring Creek; bronchitis; 4-7-x; F. W. & Lucy A. Dever; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; F. W. Dever; father

R26-1871-6-11 John S. P. Dean; white; male; November 28, 1871; Howels Branch; no known; x-3-24; James & Millie Dean; Howels Branch; NR; NR; Millie Dean; mother

R26-1871-6-16 Annie Grove; white; female; September 12, 1871; Bridgewater; flux; x-11-x; Wm. H. & Isabella J. Grove; Bridgewater; NR; NR; Wm. H. Grove; father

R26-1871-6-17 Reuben Good; white; male; April 6, 1871; near Rushville; chronic croup; 2-x-x; Daniel & Maria Good; near Rushville; NR; NR; Daniel Good; father

R26-1871-6-21 Dolly Johnson; colored; female; April 1871; Round Hill; pneumonia; 1-x-x; Kale Johnson; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Sallie Johnson; NR

R26-1871-6-27 Wm. H. May; white; male; May 8, 1871; Mt Crawford; consumption; 16-x-x; A. W. & Hettie May; Mt. Crawford; NR; NR; A. W. May; father

R26-1871-6-31 Susan Showalter; white; female; May 10, 1871; Mt Crawford; paralysis; 55-x-x; Jacob Whitmore; Rockingham Co; NR; Wm. Showalter; Wm. Showalter; husband

R26-1871-8-6 Agness Holliway; white; female; April 1871; Shenandoah River; child birth; 24-3-x; J. E. Shiflett; Rockingham Co; none; A. J. Holliway; A. J. Holliway; father

R26-1871-8-10 Wilber C. Long; white; male; November 21, 1871; Shenandoah River; pneumonia; 4-3-18; Sam. & Frances Long; Shenandoah R; farmer; unmarried; Jerry Long; friend

R26-1871-8-13 John Pence; white; male; December 21, 1871; Cub Run; consumption; 24-2-x; Joshua & Delilah Pence; Cub Run; doctor; unmarried; Cyrus Pence; father

R26-1871-8-14 not named Scott; white; male; December 28, 1871; Port Republic; defection circulation; x-x-1; Reuben & Mary Scott; Rockingham Co; none; single; Reuben Scott; father

R26-1871-9-4 Elizabeth Gochenour; white; female; January 18, 1871; Linnville Creek; asthma; 79-x-x; John & Dorcas Homan; Rockingham Co; NR; Jacob Gochenour, decd; Joseph S. Shoup; son-in-law

R26-1871-9-5 John Harrison; white; male; January 30, 1871; Melrose; unknown; x-x-3; R. W. & Hannah Harrison; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; R. W. Harrison; father

R26-1871-9-6 Samuel Harrison; white; male; January 30, 1871; Melrose; unknown; x-x-3; R. W. & Hannah Harrison; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; R. W. Harrison; father

R26-1871-9-8 ____ Keller; white; female; April 11, 1871; Round Hill; unknown; x-x-1; John W. & Mary Keller; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; John W. Keller; father

R26-1871-9-13 Barbara Wenger; white; female; August 26, 1871; Edom; apoplexy; 76-x-x; John & ____ Beery; Rockingham Co; NR; Joseph Wenger, decd; Jacob Geil; son-in-law

R26-1871-10-1 Elizabeth Beery; white; female; February 1871; Cross Keys; inflamation bowels; 60-x-x; Conrod Rurheoffer?; Rockingham Co; farmer; Joseph Beery; Joseph Beery; husband

R26-1871-10-3 Henry Harrison; colored; male; July 1871; Cross Roads; NR; x-1-x; Harriet Harrison; Rockingham Co; servant; single; Jonathan Peal; employer

R26-1871-10-5 Henry Pirkey; white; male; August 19, 1871; Rockingham Turnpike; cramps colic; 37-9-12; Nicholas & Roda Pirkey; Rockingham Co; farmer; NR; Alexander Pirkey; brother

R26-1871-10-7 Wm. S. Showalter; white; male; March 1871; North River; consumption; 39-x-x; David & Agners Showalter; Rockingham Co; farmer; Eliza A. Showalter; Eliza A. Showalter; wife

R26-1872-1-5 Hardie Brenneman; white; male; December 24, 1872; Brocks Gap; diptheria; 7-x-x; David & Cath. Brenneman; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Isaac Hoover; uncle

R26-1872-1-9 Salina Garber; white; female; August 15, 1872; Smith's Creek; paralysis; 86-x-x; Daniel & Julia Zetty; Pennsylvania; NR; David Garber; John W. Lawson; grandson

R26-1872-1-10 Eliza B. Haynes; white; female; December 22, 1872; Smiths Creek; paralysis; 76-x-x; Burnley & Hulda Duke; Rockingham Co; NR; Jacob Haynes; JC Harrison; son-in-law

R26-1872-1-12 Minnie Hoover; white; female; December 25 1872; Brocks Gap; diptheria; 3-x-x; Isaac & Sarah Hoover; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Isaac Hoover; father

R26-1872-1-13 John Hulva; white; male; December 18, 1872; Brocks Gap; paralysis; 70-x-x; could not ascertain; Rockingham Co; farmer; Melvina Hulva; Adam Richie; neighbor

R26-1872-1-14 Christian Hawse; white; male; November 1872; Brush; paralysis; 86-x-x; ____ Hawse; Rockingham Co; farmer; NR; David Reedy; neighbor

R26-1872-1-15; Lawson, Marcus; white; male; Aug 15; Smith's Creek; consumption; 48-x-x; ___ & Maria Lawson; Warren Co VA; farmer; Rebecca Lawson; John W Lawson; son

R26-1872-1-19 ____ Richie; white; male; September 15, 1872; Linvilles Creek; unknown; x-x-2; Isaac F. & Josephine Richie; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Isaac F. Richie; father

R26-1872-1-21 Jacob W. Roadcap; white; male; January 10, 1872; Brocks Gap; pneumonia; 31-x-x; Emanuel & Eliz. Roadcap; Rockingham Co; laborer; Jane Roadcap; Harvey Roadcap; brother

R26-1872-1-22 Eve Shoemaker; white; female; September 25, 1872; Brocks Gap; diarrhoea; 83-5-x; Wm & Susan Cherryholmes; Rockingham Co; NR; Christ. Shoemaker; Joshua Shoemaker; son

R26-1872-2-1 Benjamin F.? Altaffer; white; male; April 18, 1872; North River; inflamation of brain; 22-x-x; Reuben & Sarah Altaffer; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; M. J. Altaffer; brother

R26-1872-2-3 Bettie Bright; white; female; March 29, 1872; Cooks Creek; rheumatism & consumption; 23-x-x; George Bright; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Daniel Kiser; lived with him

R26-1872-2-4 Alexander Berry; white; male; July 1, 1872; Dry River; consumption; 66-2-3; Rebecca Berry; Rockingham Co; blacksmith; married; Wm. A. Berry; son

R26-1872-2-7 John M. H. Carpenter; white; male; November 1872; near Meyerhoeffer's Store; croup; 5-x-x; Wm. J. & Cornelia Carpenter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Martin Whitmer; grandfather

R26-1872-2-8 Joseph Coffman, Sen; white; male; October 1872; near Dayton; diabetes; 80-x-x; David & Elizabeth Coffman; Page Co; farmer; Aba Coffman; Hiram Coffman; son

R26-1872-2-9 George Dean; white; male; January 13, 1872; Briery Branch; consumption; 21-x-x; James Dean; Rockingham Co; laborer; Mildred Dean; Michael Menigh; father-in-law

R26-1872-2-12 John Garber, Sen; white; male; December 9, 1872; Cooks Creek; paralysis; 68-7-4; Christian Garber; Pennsylvania; farmer; Annie Garber; Joel Garber; son

R26-1872-2-14 Mary A. Good; white; female; October, 1872; Mole Hill; scrofula; 16-x-x; Henry Good; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Christian Good; uncle

R26-1872-2-15 Abraham Garber; white; male; May 23, 1872; near Dayton; tetanus; 38-x-x; John Garber, Sen; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth Garber; widow; NR

R26-1872-2-26 Evaline M. McDorman; white; female; May 10, 1872; Dry River; dropsy & consumption; 45-x-x; George Detamore; Rockingham Co; NR; Henry McDorman; husband; NR

R26-1872-2-38 Henry Rhodes; white; male; May 12, 1872; Dry River; pneumonia; 51-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; farmer; NR; Gabriel D. Rhodes; NR

R26-1872-2-40 Dora M. Rhodes; white; female; February 21, 1872; Muddy Creek; disease of bowels; x-7-20; Jos. W. & Maria Rhodes; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; father; NR

R26-1872-3-46; Smiley, James; white; male; July 5; Briery Branch; gangrene; 72-x-x; son of James Smiley [sic]; Rockingham Co; brick & stone mason; married; Hugh Smiley; son

R26-1872-3-48 Annie Snell; white; female; May 19, 1872; Dry River; supposed to be paralysis; 50-x-x; Christian Garber; Rockingham Co; NR; widow Henry Snell; David Snell; son

R26-1872-3-52 Catharine Thomas; white; female; August 11, 1872; Dry River; old age; 72-x-x; Jacob Rife; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Adam Thomas; son

R26-1872-3-63 Mary S. Whitesell; white; female; December 27, 1872; Grove Church; heart disease; 67-x-x; Peter Link; Augusta Co; NR; Jacob Whitesell; husband; NR

R26-1872-3-64 Catharine Whitesell; white; female; December 23, 1872; Cove Hill; consumption; 47-x-x; Adam Andes; Rockingham Co; NR; Simon Whitesell; husband; NR

R26-1872-4-2 Reuben W. Good; white; male; October 21, 1872; Brush; typhoid fever; 12-x-x; Permelia Good; Brush; NR; NR; Jackson Horn; grandfather

R26-1872-4-9 Aaron May; white; male; June 13, 1872; B. Gap; unknown; 2-x-x; Silas & Hannah May; B. Gap; NR; NR; Silas May; father

R26-1872-4-11 Fannie Zettie; white; female; August 25, 1872; S. Creek; fever; 64-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; Peter Zettie; Peter Zettie; husband

R25-1872-4-56; Smiley, Catherine; white; female; NR [not recorded]; Mt Clinton; not known; 78-x-x; not known; Rockingham Co; NR; Smiley, James; Bush, John; son-in-law

R26-1872-7-5; Smiley, Catherine; white; female; Oct 9; 1880; Briery Branch; consumption; NR; not known; NR; NR; James Smiley; Mary E Smiley; daughter-in-law

R26-1873-1-1 Amanda J Andes; white; female; September 6, 1873; War Branch; bronchitis; 24-8-x; Abram & Sarah Andes; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Abr. Andes; father

R26-1873-1-2 Elizabeth Albright; white; female; February 14, 1873; near Harrisonburg; old age; 84-x-x; Jno. & Elizabeth Albright; Shen. Co; NR; Jno. Albright; Jno. Albright; husband

R26-1873-1-4 John Branner; white; male; July 23, 1873; Mt. Clinton; consumption; 46-x-x; Rebecca Good; Shen. Co; carpenter; Fannie Branham; Fannie Branham; wife

R26-1873-1-7 Jonas Blosser; white; male; March 1873; near Harrisonburg; old age; 81-x-x; not known; NR; farmer; NR; Jonas Blosser; son

R26-1873-1-10 Reuben Coffman; white; male; March 13, 1873; Muddy Creek; heart disease; 65-x-x; Andrew & Elizabeth Coffman; Rockingham Co; farmer; Nancy Coffman; Henry Heatwole; son-in-law

R26-1873-1-11 Frances Cline; white; female; January 4, 1873; Peals X Roads; pneumonia; 74-0-13; NR; near Fredricksburg, VA; NR; Nicholas Cline; Jno. N. Cline; son

R26-1873-1-12 Frances Clary; white; female; July 1773; Orange; paralysis; 68-x-x; not known; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; J o a Clary; son

R26-1873-1-16 Amanda Erman; white; female; January 9, 1873; near Harrisonburg; small pox; 41-4-27; Sarah Wagner; Rockingham Co; NR; John Earman; Jno. Earman; husband

R26-1873-1-21 Henry G. Heatwole; white; male; December 6, 1873; Cooks Creek; inflamation of bowels; 28-4-6; Jos. & Maria Heatwole; Rockingham Co; farmer; Sarah F. Heatwole; Sarah F. Heatwole; wife

R26-1873-1-23 Louise James; colored; female; May 1873; Harrisonburg; paralysis; 38-x-x; not known; east VA; NR; Aaron James; Aaron James; husband

R26-1873-1-24 Mary Johnson; colored; female; December 1873; Harrisonburg; fever; 50; not known; east VA; NR; NR; Henry Johnson; bro-in-law

R26-1873-1-25 Jacob Lineweaver; white; male; August 5, 1873; New Erection; paralysis; 80-x-x; Jno. & ____ Lineweaver; Rockingham Co; farmer; Catharine Lineweaver; Jno. Lineweaver; son

R26-1873-1-35; Payne, Thomas; white; male; Feb 27; Dry River; pneumonia; 69; ______ & Annie Payne; Orange CH; mountaineer; Sydney Payne; Sidney Payne; wife

R26-1873-1-36; Payne, Jno H (mute); white; male; Sept 22; Dry River; fall of tree; 39-1-x; Thos & Sydney Paine [sic]; Dry River; farmer; unmarried; Sydney Payne; mother

R26-1873-1-37 Margaret I. Rhodes; white; female; March 24, 1873; near Hbg; cancer; 18–x-x; Henry H. & Margaret Rhodes; near Hbg; NR; unmarried; Margaret Rhodes; mother

R26-1873-1-38 Elizabeth Rodeffer; white; female; July 14, 1873; Muddy Creek; apoplexy; 45-4-x; Jacob & Barbara Bowman; Linville Creek; NR; Jno. Rodeffer; Jno. Rodeffer; husband

R26-1873-1-39 Anna Reherd, white, female; June 12, 1873; near Harrisonburg; paralysis; 66-x-x; Geo. & ____ Earman; Rockbridge?; NR; Wm Reherd; Wm. Reherd; husband

R26-1873-2-40 David Suter; white; male; August 1, 1873; New Erection; disease of liver; 65-8-x; unknown; Prussia; carpenter; NR; E. Suter; son

R26-1873-2-42 Mary Ann Showalter; white; female; December 8, 1873; Dale Enterprise; child bed; 28-2-24; Hugh & Donna Swope; Rockingham Co; NR; Saml. F. Showalter; S. F. Showalter; husband

R26-1873-2-43 Jos. Abraham Showalter; white; male; August 8, 1873; Dale Enterprise; spinal affection; 4-2-9; Saml. F. & Mary A. Showalter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; S. F. Showalter; father

R26-1873-4-3 Catharine Byrd; white; female; September 14, 1873; near Ottobine; not known; 70-5-27; Isaac & Barbara Burner; Rockingham Co, WV; NR; Jacob Byrd; Jacob Byrd; husband

R26-1873-4-13 John Saml. Chandler; white; male; August 16, 1873; near Taylor Spring; summer complaint; x-10-0; Edward Massy & Sus. Frances; near Taylor Springs; NR; unmarried; E. M. Chandler; father

R26-1873-4-14 Lucy Ann Devier; white; female; December 15-1873; Spring Creek; childbirth; approx. 46-x-x; David & Susan Chandler; Rockingham Co, WV; Frances W. Devier; F. W. Devier; husband

R26-1873-4-16 Wm. McHendra Fishback; white; male; January 5, 1873; Dayton; scrofula; 39-9?-10; Benj. & Sarah Fishback; Dayton; NR; Elizabeth Fishback; G. T. Fishback; brother

R26-1873-4-17 Frances Flick; white; female; January 19, 1873; Shenandoah River; consumption; 39-4-5; Jos. & Elis. Winegard; Augusta Co; NR; John Flick; John Flick; husband

R26-1873-4-20 James Wm. Heatwole; white; male; August 11, 1873; Dry River; dysentery; 3-2-6; Shem S. & Cath. Heatwole; Dry River; NR; unmarried; Shem. S. Heatwole; father

R26-1873-4-21 John Harmon; white; male; August 2, 1873; Beaver Creek; chlorea morbus; 90-10-1; Henry & Magdalene Harmon; Pennsylvania; pump maker; Susanna Harmon; Susanna Harmon; wife

R26-1873-4-23 Priscilla Johnson; colored; female; November 15, 1873; near Taylor Springs; paralysis; approx. 78-x-x; not known; Fredricksburg; NR; Henry Johnson; Henry Johnson; husband

R26-1873-4-27 Hen. Alex. Wise Long; white; male; August 8, 1873; Valley Pike; killed by accident; 18-3-15; Peter & Mary A. Long; Augusta Co; NR; unmarried; Peter Long; father

R26-1873-5-32 Martha Robinson; white; female; May 6, 1873; Dry River; dropsy; 63-4-9; Jacob & Mary Roudabush; Rockingham Co; NR; Wm. Robinson; W. Robinson; husband

R26-1873-5-42 Mary Jane Trobough; white; female; November 21, 1873; Rockingham Co; childbirth; approx. 16-7-x; Jacob & Elis. Eutsler; Rockingham Co; NR; John A. Trobaugh; J. A. Trobaugh; husband

R26-1873-6-3 Susan E. Kline; white; female; December 10, 1873; Linn. Creek; pneumonia; 3-x-x; D. B. & Sallie Kline; Linn. Creek; NR; NR; D. B. Kline; father

R26-1873-6-5 Charles Long; white; male; October 29, 1873; Lacey Spring; fever; 3-1-10; Wm. & Ada Long; Lacey Spring; NR; NR; Wm. Long; father

R26-1873-6-12 George B. Shafer; white; male; May 5, 1873; Broadway; old age; 75-x-x; NR; Brocks Gap; laborer; unmarried; Geo. Moyers; step-son

R26-1873-7-2 Maria Brenneman; white; female; August 24, 1873; Brocks Gap; unknown; 2-6-x; Danl. & Cath. Brenneman; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Danl. Brenneman; father

R26-1873-7-3 Manca? S. Shaiffer; white; female; August 3, 1873; Linnvilles Creek; unknown; x-3-x; E. M. & Eliza L. Shaeffer; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; E. M. Shaeffer; father

R26-1873-7-4 Marioui? Reubush; white; female; December 12, 1873; Singers Glen; diptheria croup; 5-3-x; Wm. H. & Nancy Reubush; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Wm. H. Reubush; father

R26-1873-7-7 Malinda Roudabush; white; female; February 22, 1873; Joes Creek; consumption; 54-3-11; Henry & ____ Andes; Shenandoah Co; NR; Jacob Roudabush; Jacob Roudabush; husband

R26-1873-7-10 Amantha E Gaither; white; female; Apr 7; Valley Pike; consumption; 24-x-x; Geo W & Eliza A Gaither; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Geo W Gaither; father

R26-1873-7-12 Cornelia Harrison; colored; female; September 1, 1873; Valley Pike; disease of heart; 43-x-x; ____ & Maria Moore; Rockingham Co; NR; Asberry Harrison; Asberry Harrison; husband

R26-1873-7-22 Jacob L. Kline; white; male; October 18, 1874; L. Creek; fever; x-1-3; D. B. & Sally Kline; L. Creek; NR; single; father; NR

R26-1874-1-23 Annie Reherd; white; female; April 1874; near Harrisonburg; consumption; 60-x-x; Wm. & ____ Earman; Rockbridge Co; NR; NR; Wm. Reherd; husband

R26-1874-1-2 Jno. S. Berry Sr; white; male; September 7, 1874; near Keezletown; old age; 86-x-x; NR; NR; farmer; NR; Benj. K? Berry; son

R26-1874-1-4 Cath. A. Burkholder; NR; August 11, 1874; near Hbg; consumption; 27-x-x; David & Annie Burkholder; near Hbg; NR; unmarried; D. H. Burkholder; brother

R26-1874-1-5 Jno. C. Beard; white; male; February 15, 1874; Cub Run; NR; 66-x-x; James & Mary; Cub Run; Nancy L. Beard; Nancy L. Beard; wife

R26-1874-1-12 Nancy Margaret Knicely; white; female; December 10, 1874; near Bear Wallow; dropsy of heart; 18-4-4; Ebenezer & Mary A; Bear Wallow; NR; unmarried; E. Knicely; father

R26-1874-1-25 Howard P. Sites; white; male; April 15, 1874; near Mt. Clinton; not known; x-x-11?; Jno. A. & Virginia; Mt. Clinton; NR; NR; Jno. Sites; father

R26-1874-1-30 Elizabeth Miller; white; female; NR; near Hbg; consumption; 72-x-x; NR; NR; NR; NR; Jno. Rodes; son-in-law

R26-1874-2-1 Susan Armentrout; white; female; July 16, 1874; Linnville Township; general debility; 77-11-12; David & Maria Whitmer; Maryland; NR; Adam Armentrout; Jno. A. Armentrout; son

R26-1874-2-2 Eli Andes; white; male; July 20, 1874; Linnville Township; consumption; 60?-x-x; ____ & ____ Andes; Rockingham Co; farmer; _____ Andes; B. F. Zirkle neighbor

R26-1874-2-4 John Baldwin; white; male; February 18, 1874; Linnville Township; typhoid pneumonia; 50?-4-27; ____ & ____ Baldwin; Augusta Co; farmer; Frances Baldwin; Joshua Ritchie; brother-in-law

R26-1874-2-7 Hannah Beery; white; female; August 6? 1874; Linnville Township; general debility; 75-2-10; ____ & ____ Robinson; Rockingham Co; NR; Abram Beery; Henry N? Beery; son

R26-1874-2-9 Clayter, ____; white; female; May 12; Linville Township; unknown; x-x-2; Andrew & Rachel Clayter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Andrew Clayter; father

R26-1874-2-10 Jonathan Funk; white; male; June 8, 1874; Linnville Township; paralysis; 68?-x-x; Joseph & Elizabeth Funk; Rockingham Co; NR; Sophia Funk; Jno. B. Gangwer; son-in-law

R26-1874-2-11 Homer Funk; white; male; July 4, 1874; Linnville Township; congestion of bowels; 3-x-x; Jno. & Mary E. Funk; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Jno. Funk; father

R26-1874-2-12 ____ Flook; white; male; August 12, 1874; Linnville Township; unknown; x-x-1; Wm. C. & Virginia Flook; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Wm. C. Flook; father

R26-1874-2-14 Cath. Hayne; white; female; January 27, 1874; Linnville Township; consumption; 75-x-x; Casper & Margt. Hayne; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Cath. Hayne; niece

R26-1874-2-15 Geo. Jones; white; male; November 1, 1874; Linnville Township; abscess; x-8-x; Jesse & Margt. M. Jones; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Andrew Andes; uncle

R26-1874-2-21 Geo. Roadcap; white; male; October 22, 1874; Linnville Township; unknown; 9-x-x; Isaac & Margt. Roadcap; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Isaac Roadcap; father

This page seems to give birthdate in place of birthplace:

R26-1874-3-6 Edward Gilmore; colored; male; September 1, 1874; River Bank; pneumonia; x-3-15; Rubin Gilmore; May 15-1874; none; single; Rubin Gilmore; father

R26-1874-3-11 Jacob Maiden; white; male; March? 20, 1874; McGaheysville; old age; 85-x-x; ____ Maiden; March 1794; cooper; Eliza Maiden; Jacob Weaver; step son

R26-1874-3-14 not named Nighten; white; female; May 28, 1874; Port Republic; not known; x-x-3; Jno. W. & Cath. Nighten; April 25, 1874; none; single; Jno. W. Nighten; father

R26-1874-3-21 Mary V. Wyant; white; female; May 10, 1874; Blue Ridge; feaver; 30-x-x; ____ Long; May 24, 1844; none; Robt. H. Wyant; Rob. H. Wyant; husband

R26-1874-4-1 Joseph Beery; white; male; July 1, 1874; near Cross Keys; shot himself; 65-1-11; John & Barbara Beery; Rockingham Co; farmer; Frances Beery, decd; Geo. W. Showalter; son-in-law

R26-1874-4-16 Eliza Jane Edwards; white; female; June 28, 1874; North River; consumption; approx. 21; Adam W. & Hettie May; Rockingham Co; NR; John C. Edwards; R. E. Edwards; father-in-law

R26-1874-4-21 Joel Garber; white; male; June 9, 1874; Dry River; fever; 70-7-23; Saml. & Catharine Garber; Pennsylvania; farmer; Mary Garber; John J. Garber; son

R26-1874-5-29 Rebecca Jane Miller; white; female; July 27, 1874; near Bridgewater; not known; 39-10-4; John & Mary Long; Rockingham Co; NR; John C. Miller; J. C. Miller; husband

R26-1874-5-30 Jonathan Miller; white; male; July 17, 1874; North River; dropsy; 76-5-15; Abraham & Catharine Miller; Augusta Co; farmer; Nancy Miller; J. H. Miller; son

R26-1874-5-36 Fannie Stinespring; white; female; February 8, 1874; Dayton; consumption; 65-x-x; Wm. & ____ Stinespring; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; J. J. Garber; brother-in-law

R26-1874-5-38 Thomas Scott; colored; male; August 3, 1874; near Cross Keys; summer complaint; x-5-x; Henry & Malinda Scott; near Cross Keys; NR; NR; Henry Scott; father

R26-1874-5-44 Susan Ann Tutwiler; white; female; June 14, 1874; near Mt. Crawford; consumption; 63-9-14; John & ____ Landes; Augusta Co; NR; Samuel Tutwiler; Wm. Tutwiler; son

R26-1874-5-45 Samuel Tutwiler; white; male; July 15, 1874; near Mt. Crawford; pneumonia; 67-11-3; John & Polly Tutwiler; Rockingham Co; shoemaker; Susan Ann Tutwiler; Wm. Tutwiler; son

R26-1874-5-57 Thomas Welch; white; male; July 7, 1874; Pleasant Run; drowned; 5-4-x; Patrick & Ellen Welch; Martinsburg, WV; NR; unmarried; Ellen Welch; mother

R26-1875-1-2 Naason Bare; white; male; April 13, 1875; Timberville; spinal affection; 65-1-2; Saml. Bare; Woodstock; merchant; Rebecca Bare; Rebecca Bare; head of family

R26-1875-1-4 Abram Brennaman; white; male; March 19, 1875; B. Gap; consumption; 76-3-x; NR; Linville Creek; miller; Rebecca Reedy; John Coffminkle?; head of family

R26-1875-1-11 Martin Garber; white; male; October 29, 1875; Timberville; paralysis; 60-x-x; Jacob Garber; Flat Rock; farmer; ____ Garber; Jacob Garber; head of family

R26-1875-1-14 Michl. Holsinger; white; male; November 12, 1875; Holsingers Spring; rhuematism; 61-x-6; Alexr. Holsinger; Holsingers Spring; farmer; unmarried; Andrew Holsinger; head of family

R26-1875-1-23 Geo. May; white; male; October 27, 1875; Germany; pleurisy; 64-1-2; James May; Germany; farmer; Mary May; Mary May; head of family

R26-1875-1-28 Margt. Nave; white; female; February 21, 1875; StoneyVille; lungs affection; 45-x-x; Mathias Lamb; Stoneyville; house keeper; Elias Nave; Elias Nave; head of family

R26-1875-1-29 Martin Sd? Nave; white; male; June 25, 1875; Stoneyville scrofula; 14-1-4; Elias Nave; Stoneyville; farmer; unmarried; Elias Nave;re-check relationship

R26-1875-1-35 Isaac Runnion; white; male; April 6, 1875; B. Gap; consumption; 65-x-x; Anderson Runnion; B. Gap; farmer; Lydia Runnion; Lydia Runnion; wife

R26-1875-1-37 C. Ottobine Runnion; white; male; December 15, 1875; B. Gap; unknown; x-2-10; Noah Runnion; B. Gap; mechanic?; NR; Noah Runnion; father

R26-1875-3-5 Bonts, Lydia Catherine; white; female; Apr 23, 1875; near Cross Keys; consumption; 50-0-9; Conrad & Eliz Miltenberger; Rockingham Co; NR; Geo W Bonts; GW Bontz; husband

R26-1875-3-9 Cromer, Margaret; white; female; May 1? 1875; near Cross Keys; dropsey; 81-x-18; Adam & Margaret Long; Rockingham Co; NR; Henry E Cromer; H E Cromer; husband

R26-1875-3-13 Sarah Fishback; white; female; February 15, 1875; Dayton; not known; approx. 73-x-x; John & Lucy Rice; Rockingham Co; NR; Benj. Fishback, decd; G. T. Fishback; son

R26-1875-3-20 Gabriel Heatwole; white; male; June 19, 1875; Mole Hill; dropsy; approx. 85-7-x; David & Magdalene Heatwole; Lancaster Co PA; physician; Margaret Heatwole, decd; Joseph Heatwole; son

R26-1875-3-22 Catharine Harrison; white; female; November 12, 1875; near Cross Keys; heart dropsy; approx. 64-x-x; John & Sally Allebaugh; Rockingham Co; NR; Reuben N. Harrison; R. N. Harrison; husband

R26-1875-3-26 David Huffman; NR; NR; May 29, 1875; Grassy Creek; consumption; 70-x-x; Solomon & ____ Huffman; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Wm. T. Carpenter; nephew

R26-1875-3-27 Lucy Johnson; colored; female; September 1875; Bridgewater; not known; approx x-9-x; Sallie Johnson (illegitimate); Bridgewater; NR; NR; Margt? J. Brookins; aunt

R26-1875-3-28 Henry Johnson; colored; male; December 15, 1875; Mill Creek Country; dropsy; not known; Ned? & Dafly Johnson; Rockingham Co; laborer; Priscilla Johnson, decd; Harriet Gibbons; friend

R26-1875-3-33 Barbara Catherine Kniceley; white; female; September 26, 1875; Briery Branch; not known; 1-x-5; Peter F.& Malinda Kniceley; Briery Branch; NR; NR; Geo. K. Kniceley; grand father

R26-1875-4-38 Sarah Elizabeth Lary; white; female; September 8, 1875; Howells Branch; brain fever; 10-3-5; John H. & Mary C. Lary; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Mary C. Lary; mother

R26-1875-4-45 Geo. W. A. Pirkey; white; male; November 8, 1875; Tippecanoe Co. Ind; typhoid fever; NR; Alexander & Elizabeth Pirkey; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Alex. Pirkey; father

R26-1875-4-48 Mathias Reubush; white; male; September 13, 1875; near Meyerhoeffer’s Store; not known; 68-x-13; Geo. & Elizabeth Reubush; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Saml. Reubush; brother

R26-1875-4-49 Elizabeth Ritchie; white; female; December 6, 1875; near North River; heart disease; 81-11-21; Adam & Magdaline Bible; Rockingham Co; NR; Henry Ritchie, decd; Christena Ritchie; daughter

R26-1875-4-54 John Showalter; white; male; March 12, 1875; North River; not known; 79-8-10; John & Elizabeth Showalter; Rockingham Co; farmer; Susan Showalter; John K? Showalter; son

R26-1875-4-55 Agnes Showalter; white; female; July 31, 1875; near Cross Keys; dropsy; approx. 82-x-x; ____ & ____ Linville; VA; NR; David Showalter; Robinson Showalter; son-in-law

R26-1875-4-56 Saml. H. Showalter; white; male; April 1, 1875; Pleasant Run; typhoid fever; 22-10-21; John J. & Elizabeth Showalter; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; John J. Showalter; father

R26-1875-4-61 Julia Ann Welch; white; female; October 16, 1875; near Dayton; fever; 32-3-15; ____ & Mary Roadcap; Rockingham Co; farmer; Martin Welch; Martin Welch; husband
pages 5 & 6 seem to be the same:

R26-1875-5&6-2 Annie Shank; white; female; September 1875; near Hbg; hemmorrhage; 51-x-x; Jno. K. & Magdalene Beery; Rockingham Co; farmer; consort of Jacob Shank; Jacob Shank; husband

R26-1875-5&6-11 Elizabeth Weaver; white; female; January 14, 1875; H & RS Turnpike; old age; 82-1-x; Fredk. & Magdalene Rhodes; Ro. Co; NR; consort of Saml. Weaver; Jno. Brunk; son-in-law

R26-1875-5&6-12 ____ Earman; white; female; May 1875; near Taylor S; NR; x-x-3; Jno. W. & Bettie Earman; NR; NR; NR; NR; NR

R26-1875-5&6-21 Jacob D. Burkholder; white; male; June 20, 1875; near Hbg; cholera infantism; x-4-x; David H. & Hettie M. Burkholder; near Hbg; NR; NR; NR; NR

R26-1875-7-7 Clayter, Jacob; white; male; June 19; Linville Dist; unknown; x-x-6; Andrew & Rachel Clayter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Andrew Clayter; father

R26-1875-7-15 Cyrus Hoover; white; male; April 5, 1875; Linville District; consumption; 56-x-x; ____ & Mary S. Hoover; Rockingham Co; laborer; Lydia Hoover; Lydia Hoover; wife

R26-1875-7-20 Caroline Messerley; white; female; November 8, 1875; Linville District; dropsy; 44-0-9; Abram & Eliz. Simmers; Rockingham Co; NR; Jas. A. Messerley; Jas. A. Messerley; husband

R26-1875-8-21 Jacob Flick; white; male; January 25, 1875; Shen. River; disease of stomach; 45-x-x; not known; Shen. River; farmer; married; wife; Sarah Flick

R26-1875-8-23 Mary Cordier Nighton; white; female; April 5, 1875; Port Republic; dyptheria; 4-x-x; Wm. & Sarah C. Nighten; Port Republic; NR; NR; father; father

R26-1875-8-26 Isaac P. Shiflett; white; male; January 31, 1875; Blue Ridge; pneumonia; 1-x-x; P. P. Shiflett; Blue Ridge; NR; NR; father; father

R26-1875-8-29 Martten? N. Shiflett; white; male; August 26, 1875; McGaheysville; rheumatism; 4-x-x; Wm. H. & Mary Shiflett; McGaheysville; NR; unmarried; father; father