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Rockingham County, Virginia
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Selected Death Records
VA State Library: Bureau of Vital Statistics

Virginia State Library (VSL): Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Records, Reel 26 Rockingham Co

These records were transcribed and contributed by Deb Wake and cover a large number of surnames. Please be aware that this is NOT an every name listing from the microfilm. Use the find feature on your web browser to search for surnames as the records are not recorded on the microfilm in alphabetical order.

Order of Data per record:   Name; Race; Sex; Death date; Death place; Cause of death; Age at death; Parents; Birth place; Occupation; Marital status; Person giving information; Relationship to deceased (NR denotes "not recorded")  

Meaning of numbers:  Reel 26 Rockingham Co; year; page; number (N denotes no given number but assigned number according to sequential order)

1853 - 1859   1860 - 1862   1863 - 1864   1865 - 1868 
1869 - 1875  1876 - 1879  1880 - 1893

R26-1876-1-3 not named; white; male; June 14, 1876; Cub Run; infant disease; x-x-12; JKP & Margaret Earman; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; G. N. Earman; NR

R26-1876-1-4 Samuel Earman; white; male; May 27, 1876; Cub Run; NR; 67-x-x; Michael & ____ Earman; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; father; NR

R26-1876-1-10 not named; white; male; September 11, 1876; Cooks Creek; infant disease; x-x-1; Jno A. & Virginia Garber; Cooks Creek; NR; NR; father; NR

R26-1876-1-17 Cath. Long; white; female; November 17, 1876; Rockingham Co; old age 84-7-24; Jno & ____ Arnold; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Eliz. Long; NR

R26-1876-1-29 Robt. Steele; white; male; April 1876; near Harrisonburg; consumption; 40-x-x; David & Mary Steele; Rockingham Co; laborer; unmarried; Jos or Jas Steel; NR

R26-1876-2-6 Rebecca Baker; white; female; June 15, 1876; North River; heart disease; approx. 75-x-x; John & ____ Crickenberger; Rockingham Co; NR; Jacob Baker, decd; Saml. H. Craun; nephew

R26-1876-2-16 Elizabeth Garber; white; female; November 2, 1876; Cooks Creek; consumption; 71-10-20; David & ____ Bowman; Rockingham Co; NR; John Garber, decd; John Flory; son-in-law

R26-1876-2-22 John R. Kagey; white; male; April 15, 1876; near Mt. Crawford; gravel; approx. 67; not known; Shenandoah Co, VA; farmer; Elizabeth M. Kagey; Dr. Thomas; son-in-law

R26-1876-3-40 Lewis Reherd; white; male; February 25, 1876; Shickle Foundry; paralysis; 46-11-17; Wm & Annie Reherd; Rockingham Co; farmer; Maggie E. Reherd; Maggie E. Reherd; wife

R26-1876-3-48 Nimrod S. Showalter; white; male; February 26, 1876; North River; not known; 68-0-6; ____ & ____ Showalter; not known; farmer; Catherine Showalter; C. Showalter; wife

R26-1876-3-57 Margaret Trobaugh; white; female; June 29, 1876; near Cross Keys; consumption; 68-1-6; John & Anna Pirkey; Rockingham Co; NR; John Trobaugh; John Trobaugh; husband

R26-1876-4-24 Ruth Neff; white; female; July 9, 1876; Linville Dist; childbed fever; 39-x-x; Jacob & Eliz. M. Moyers; Rockingham Co; Jacob F. Neff; Jacob Moyers; father

R26-1876-4-28 Sallie Bell Showalter; white; female; March 11, 1876; Linville Dist; croup; 3-x-x; Daniel & Mary Showalter; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Daniel Showalter; father

R26-1876-4-29 Israel Shaffer; white; male; November 16, 1876; Linville Dist; general debility; 84-7-9; Jacob & Mary Shaffer; Shenandoah Co VA; NR; Polly Shaffer; John Shaffer; son

R26-1876-5-1 Mary Armentrout; white; female; December 24, 1876; Cub Run; paralysis; 74-x-x; not given; Cub Run; none; widow; physician; physician

R26-1876-5-7 Frannie Crawford; white; female; October 10, 1876; Port Republic; not known; 2-x-x; Lawrence & Jane Crawford; Port Republic; none; unmarried; father; father

R26-1876-5-13 Wm. H. Hopkins; white; male; October 25, 1876; McGaheysville; convulsions; 20-x-x; GL & AF? Hopkins; McGaheysville; none; unmarried; father; father

R26-1876-7-13 Isaac M. Garber; white; male; June 25, 1876; Timberville; kidney disease; 33-2-23; Samuel & Hannah Garber; Forestville, VA; farmer; married; Mrs. Mary Garber; head of family

R26-1876-7-19 Andrew C. May; white; male; June 21, 1876; Brocks Gap; unknown; 1-1-9; Silas May; Brocks Gap; NR; NR; Silas May; head of family

R26-1876-7-25 Florence Rosenberger; white; female; October 29, 1876; Rosendale, VA; typhoid fever; 23-6-6; Geo. W. Rosenberger & Barbara; Rosendale; housemaid; unmarried; Geo. W. Rosenberger; head of family

R26-1876-7-26 Anthony Rhodes; white; male; May 4, 1876; Linville Creek; dropsy; 87-1-13; Henry Rhodes; Linville Creek; farmer; married; son; head of family

R26-1877-1-17 Mary C. Dundore; white; female; October 18, 1877; War Branch; consumption; approx. 30-x-x; Abraham & Sarah Andes; Rockingham Co VA; NR; Saml. J. Dundore; S. J. Dundore; husband

R26-1877-1-18 Lillie A. Dundore; white; female; October 19, 1877; War Branch; not known; x-x-15; Saml. & Mary C. Dundore; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; S. J. Dundore; father

R26-1877-1-22 Sarah Fairburn; white; female; July 23, 1877; Briery Branch; not known; approx. 53-x-x; Robt & Elizabeth Hollen; Pendleton Co WV; NR; Hugh Fairburn; Hugh Fairburn; husband

R26-1877-1-26 Mary Gilmer; white; female; April 1, 1877; Dry River; consumption; 79-11-17; ____ & ____ French; Rockingham Co; NR; Thomas Gilmer; decd; R. A. Gilmer; son

R26-1877-1-27 Jacob J. Garber; white; male; February 1, 1877; Florida; consumption; 47-6-x; Daniel & Mary Garber; Rockingham Co; mechanic; Lizzie Garber; Lizzie Garber; wife

R26-1877-2-39 Benj. Hoover; white; male; October 29, 1877; not known; 77-4-25; Henry & Barbara Hoover; Pennsylvania; farmer; Barbara Hoover; Sarah Hoover; daughter

R26-1877-2-40 Barbara Hoover; white; female; February 5, 1877; Dry River; not known; approx. 72-x-x; Isaac & Christina Black; Rockingham Co; NR; Benj. Hoover; Sarah Hoover; daughter

R26-1877-2-45 Mary Rodehafer; white; female; April 18, 1877; Faughts Branch; consumption; 64-5-24; John & Annie Pirkey; Rockingham Co; NR; Geo. Rodehafer; Geo. Rodehafer; husband

R26-1877-2-48 Elizabeth Miltenberger; white; female; March 7, 1877; near Cross Keys; consumption; approx. 76-x-x; Adam & Cath. Trobaugh; Rockingham Co; NR; Geo. Miltenberger, decd; John Miltenberger; son

R26-1877-2-49 Ann Miltenberger; white; female; December 19, 1877; Faughts Branch; cancer; 38-9-x; Geo. & Mary Rodehafer; Rockingham Co; NR; Wm Miltenberger, decd; Geo. Rodehafer; father

R26-1877-2-55 Mary Rodehafer; white; female; April 18, 1877; Faughts Branch; consumption; 64-5-24;
John & Annie Pirkey; Rockingham Co; NR; Geo. Rodehafer; Geo. Rodehafer; husband

R26-1877-3-61 Annie Arlena Rhodes; white; female; December 31, 1877; Dry River; inflammation of brain; 1-7-28; A. H. T. & Mollie Rhodes; Dry River; NR; A. H. T. Rhodes; father

R26-1877-3-62 Elizabeth Roller; white; female; April 3, 1877; Cooks Creek; paralysis of heart; approx. 71-x-x; Geo. & ____ Saufley; Rockingham Co; NR; Peter Roller, decd; J. A. Switzer; son-in-law

R26-1877-3-66 Wm. Showalter; white; male; March 16, 1877; Mt Crawford; fever; 16-8-x; Andrew & Adaline Showalter; Mt Crawford; Nr; unmarried; Adaline Showalter; mother

R26-1877-3-71 Wm. Douglass Tutwiler; white; male; July 18, 1877; Pleasant Run; hurt by a plow; approx. 19-3-x; Eli & Lucy J. Tutwiler; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Lucy J. Tutwiler; mother

R26-1877-3-72 Stella Tutwiler; white; female; May 1, 1877; North River; concussion of the brain; 1-2-11; Robt & Susan A. Tutwiler; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Robt. Tutwiler; father

R26-1877-3-73 Ada Brown Van Pelt; white; female; March 17, 1877; Dayton; brain fever; 11-0-22; Jos. H. & Ann Eliza. Van Pelt; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; J. H. Vanpelt; father

R26-1877-6-18 Long, Lucinda; white; female; July 8; Lacey Spring; heart disease; 53-x-x; ____ & Barbara Dishler; Rockingham Co; NR; Eli Long; Eli Long; husband

R26-1878-1-11 Alice I. Harrison; white; female; September 20, 1878; Keezletown Rd; peritornitis;23-x-x; Jacob C. & Eliza. H. Harrison; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Jacob C. Harrison; father

R26-1878-1-12 ____ Howver; white; female; January 7, 1878; Joes Creek; unknown; x-x-2; Joseph & Lucretia Howver; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Joseph Howver; father

R26-1878-1-14 Long, Mary; white; female; May 3; Smith's Creek; hemorrhage of lungs; 76-x-x; Armentrout, Nicholas & Eve; Rockingham Co; NR; Long, Conrad; Long, Thomas A; son

R26-1878-1-19 Annie W. May; white; female; October 20, 1878; B. Gap; dropsy of heart; 49-x-x; Solomon & Elizabeth Ritchie; Rockingham Co; NR; Washington May; Washington May; husband

R26-1878-1-26 Berryman Ritchie; white; male; May 29, 1878; killed by lightening; 26-x-x; Absolom & Mary Ritchie; Rockingham Co; laborer; unmarried; Absolom Ritchie; father

R26-1878-1-27 Martha Ritchie; white; female; July 20, 1878; B. Gap; epilepsy; 22-x-x; Absolom & Mary Ritchie; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Absolom Ritchie; father

R26-1878-1-28 Rhinehart, ___; white; male; Sept 30; Linville; unknown; x-x-10; Rhinehart, Ziffin? W & Jennie M; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Long, Abram C; grandfather

R26-1878-2-5 Begoon, Lula Bell; white; female; Dec 25; Near Cross Keys; chronic croup; 5-x-x; Geo & Sarah A Begoon; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Geo Begoon; father

R26-1878-2-7 Byrd, Jacob; white; male; Apr 12; Dry River; catarrh fever; 77-2-27; Peter & Hannah Byrd; Shenandoah Co, VA; Catherine Byrd; John Minnich; son-in-law

R26-1878-2-9 James W. Crawford; white; female [sic]; June 4, 1878; Bridgewater; disease of stomach; 62-8-19; Samuel & Nancy Crawford; Augusta Co VA; farmer; Caroline T. Crawford; C. T. Crawford; wife

R26-1878-2-10 Lucy Ellin Chandler; white; female; June 19, 1878; Spring Creek; not known; 3-x-x; Woodson & Barbara Chandler; Spring Creek; none; NR; W. Chandler; father

R26-1878-2-17 Charles Elmer? Fairburn; white; male; July 20, 1878; Sprint Creek; chlorea infantism; x-8-17; David E. & Martha Susan Fairburn; Spring Creek; NR; NR; D. E. Fairburn; father

R26-1878-2-18 Martha Susan Fairburn; white; female; December 29, 1878; Spring Creek; consumption; 35-3-2; John C. & Susan Coakely; Rockingham Co; NR; David E. Fairburn; D. E. Fairburn; husband

R26-1878-2-23 Oliver David Heatwole; white; male; August 2, 1878; North River; drowned; 1-10-21; Martin & Sarah F. Heatwole; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; NR; M. Heatwole; father

R26-1878-3-30 Long, Ada Frances; white; female; March 2 1878; Augusta Co, VA; chronic croup; 3-4-10; Gabriel & Martha Long; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Gabriel Long; father

R26-1878-3-34; Payne, Mary Ann; white; female; July 17; Dry River; thyphoid fever; approx 52-x-x; Themias & Christina Champter; Shenandoah Co VA; NR; James Payne; James Payne; husband

R26-1878-3-50 Maria Vanpelt; white; female; December 23, 1878; Naked Creek; disease of lungs; approx. 78-x-x; ____ & ____ Rankin; Augusta Co; NR; David Vanpelt; A.? B. Vanpelt; son

R26-1878-4-4 Cumings, Thomas; white; male; Feb 27, 1878; War Branch; consumption; 78-1-27; Wm Cumings & Margaret; Rockingham Co; farmer; married; daughter; daughter

R26-1878-4-12 Jesse Henton; white; male; April 10, 1878; Houston Mills; decay of nature; 76-x-x; Peter & Mary Henton; NR; farmer; married; Wm. F. Carpenter; Wm. F. Carpenter

R26-1878-4-19 Amanda M. May; white; female; February 5, 1878; North Mountain; consumption; 42-6-24; Jacob & Elizabeth May; Timberville; housekeeper; unmarried; father; father

R26-1878-4-20 Sarah May; white; female; March 7, 1878; Germany; dropsy; 55-x-x; Abraham Shaffer; Germany; housekeeper; married; James May; James May

R26-1878-4-25 Reed, Susan Martha; white; female; Nov 10; Spartapolis; consumption; 46-6-22; Jno & Anna Haga; Massanutten Mt; house keeper; widow; son; son

R26-1878-4-27 Susan Runion; white; female; Brocks Gap; consumption; 51-1-11; Thomas Aubrey; Brocks Gap; housekeeper; widow; Geo. Runion; Geo. Runion

R26-1878-5-37 John Showalter; white; male; March 10, 1878; Brush; pneumonia; 73-x-x; ____ Showalter; Brush; farmer; widower; son; son

R26-1878-6-13 Wm. H. Eaton; white; male; February 12, 1878; Rockingham Co; unknown; x-x-17; Aro.? & Rebecca F. Eaton; Rockingham Co; Nr; NR; A. N. Eaton; father

R26-1878-6-15 Edna C. Flick; white; female; June 10, 1878; Rockingham Co; cholera infantam; x-2-x; Z. & Mary I. Flick; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Z. Flick; father

R26-1878-6-16 baby Ford; white; female; June 15, 1878; Rockingham Co; unknown; x-2-x; Mack P. & Fanny Ford; Rockingham Co; Mack P. Ford; father

R26-1878-6-17 Maria M. Gilmore; white; female; June 13, 1878; Rockingham Co; diairhea; 1-x-x; Geo. B. & F. M. Gilmore; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Geo. B. Gilmore

R26-1878-6-37 Isaac N. Shifflett; white; male; September 8, 1878; Rockingham Co; brain fever; 1-x-x; L. H. & Emily Shifflett; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; L. H. Shifflett; father

R26-1878-6-38 Jane Shifflett; white; female; June 4, 1878; Rockingham Co; brain fever; 58-x-x; Larkin & Anna Shifflett; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; L. H. Shifflett; father

R26-1878-6-39 Mildred Shifflet; white; female; June 25, 1878; Rockingham Co; heart disease; 72-x-x; Harrison & Mollie Powell; Rockingham Co; NR; married; Turner Shifflett; husband

R26-1879-1-15 William H. Eaton; white; male; January 1, 1879; Rockingham Co; unknown; x-x-15; Alexandria W. & Rebecca Eaton; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; Alexandria W. Eaton; father

R26-1879-1-17 Robbert Gilmore; black; male; August 22, 1879; Rockingham Co; fever; 3-x-x; Reubin & Cardine Gilmore; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; Layton B. Yancey; physician

R26-1879-1-19 David Gilmore; white; male; November 28, 1879; Rockingham Co; bright disease; 77-x-x; Thomas & Mary Gilmore; Rockingham Co; farmer; married; George B. Gilmore; son

R26-1879-2-46 ____ Shiflett; white; male; June 10, 1879; Rockingham Co; unknown; 5-x-x; Joseph & Mary Shiflett; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; Wm. A Cown?; physician

R26-1879-2-47 Willie Shiflett; white; male; July 27, 1879; Rockingham Co; unknown; 2-x-x; Jerusha Shiflett; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; John Bishop; friend

R26-1879-3-3 Joseph Burkholder; white; male; July 4, 1879; Antioch; bronchitis; 77-x-x; Martin & Elizabeth Burkholder; Rockingham Co; NR; Sophia Burkholder; Wm P Byrd; son-in-law

R26-1879-3-15 Levi Reedy; white; male; August 21, 1879; North Mountain; consumption; 67-7-x; Abram & Catharine Reedy; Rockingham Co; farmer; Sarah Reedy; June Hoover; daughter

R26-1879-3-20 Martha Ritchie; white; female; April 12, 1879; Linville Creek; consumption; 40-x-x; Peter & ____ Brenneman; NR; NR; James Ritchie; James Ritchie; husband

R26-1879-3-29 Anna Wenger; white; female; April 22, 1879; Linville Creek; paralysis; 71-x-x; John & Barbara Beery; Rockingham Co; NR; Henry? Wenger; Henry? Wenger; husband

R26-1879-4-N3 Harrison Derrow; white; male; October 7, 1879; near Dog Town; typhoid fever; 50-x-x; Columbus Peter & Mary Derrow; near Dog Town; farmer; Cynthia; Cynthia Durrow; wife

R26-1879-4-N7 Annie Dasie Garber; white; female; March 28, 1879; Forest; pneumonia; 6-x-x; Jno. & Lydia Garber; Forest; Jno. J. Garber; father

R26-1879-6-1 Elizabeth Adams; white; female; September 9, 1879; Dry River; consumption; 67-5-7; ____ & ____ May; Rockingham Co; NR; John Adams; Frances V. Argabright; daughter

R26-1879-6-6 William Byrd; white; male; September 9, 1879; Dayton; dropsy; 80-10-17; Peter & Magdalene Byrd; Shenandoah Co; farmer; Hannah Byrd; Lewis S. Byrd; son

R26-1879-6-20 Daniel Gangwer; white; male; November 23, 1879; Dry River; heart disease; 65-10-27?; Joseph & Susan Gangwer; Rockingham Co; cooper; Lydia J Gangwer; Lydia J Gangwer; wife

R26-1879-6-25 Elizabeth Heatwole; white; female; February 19, 1879; Spring Creek; old age; 75-8-27; ____ & ____ Shank; Rockingham Co; NR; Shem Heatwole; Martin Heatwole; son

R26-1879-6-26 Edward Lewis Heatwole; white; male; Dry River; not known; x-1-7; Shem S. & Cath. Heatwole; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; Catharine Heatwole; mother

R26-1879-6-27 Thales Johnson; black; male; June 28, 1879; Bridgewater; heart disease; approx. 62-x-x; Ned & Dafley Johnson; Rockingham Co; farmer; Harriet Johnson; H. Johnson; wife

R26-1879-6-28 ____ Johnson; black; female; March 1879; Bridgewater; pneumonia; approx x-10-x; ____ & Mary Johnson; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; H. Johnson; grandmother

R26-1879-7-42 Elizabeth Roller; white; female; April 1, 1879; North River; old age; 79-3-23; ____ & ____ Whitmer; Rockingham Co; NR; John Roller, decd; H. W. Roller; nephew

R26-1879-7-44 Fanny Swartz; white; female; April 23, 1879; Bridgewater; softning of the brain; 63-8-12; Jacob & ____ Hoover; Washington Co, MD; NR; Samuel Swartz; S. Swartz; husband

R26-1879-7-47 Sallie E. Shifflet; white; female; May 20, 1879; North River; ovarian tumor; approx. 40-x-x; Emanuel & Mary Armentrout; Rockingham Co; NR; Saml. McD. Shifflett; Saml. McD. Shifflett; husband

R26-1879-8-1 Charles O. Armentrout; white; male; February 1879; near Keezletown; not known; x-4-15; Augustine & Margaret; father born in Rockingham; mother born in OH; farmer; unmarried; Augustine Armentrout; father

R26-1879-8-2 John W. Armentrou; white; male; February 1879; near Keezletown; not known; 18-x-x; Augustine & Margaret; father born in Rockingham; mother born in OH; farmer; unmarried; Augustine Armentrout; father

R26-1879-8-3 Frances Brunk; white; female; August 28, 1879; Mole Hill; whooping cough & fever; NR; David & Elizabeth Brunk; father born in Rockingham; mother born in Rockingham; farmer [father?]; unmarried; David Brunk; father

R26-1879-8-9 Margaret A. Chandler; white; female; July 27, 1879; Rockingham Pike; not known; 3-4-x; St. Clair & Margaret A. Chandler; Rockingham Pike; laborer; unmarried; Margaret A. Chandler; mother

R26-1879-8-11 Samuel Driver; white; male; February 21, 1879; Mt Clinton; pneumonia; 62-x-x; John A. & Mary Driver; Rockingham Co; farmer; Savilla Driver; Savilla Driver; widow

R26-1879-8-12 Morgan Flick; white; male; January 26, 1879; Little Smith Mountain; pneumonia; 62-x-x; David & Peggy Flick; Rockingham Co; Harriet Flick; Harriet Flick; widow

R26-1879-8-15 Abraham Heatwole; white; male; March 13, 1879; Dale Enterprise; NR; 79-x-x; David & Magdaline; Rockingham Co; farmer; Margaret Heatwole; Daniel S. Heatwole; son

R26-1879-8-20 John William Keller; white; male; May 22, 1879; Linville; brain fever; 2-6-x; John W. & Mary A. Keller; Rockingham Co; laborer; unmarried; John W. Keller; father

R26-1879-8-23 John Long; white; male; Oct 10; Mt Clinton; consumption; 72-x-x; not known; Rockingham Co; farmer; Polly Long; Long, Polly; widow

1879-8-29; Payne, Mildred; white; female; Sept; near Harrisonburg; not known; 76-x-x; NR; NR; NR; NR; Gilbbs, Charles R; son-in-law

R26-1879-8-32 James Rheudy; white; male; March 13, 1879; not known; x-x-5; John W. & Mary R. Rheudy; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; Anna Rheudy; grandmother

R26-1879-8-33 Mary R. Rheudy; white; female; May 5, 1879; Lawyer Rd; burored?; 19-x-20; NR; Shenandoah Co; NR; John W. Rheudy; Anna Rheudy; mother-in-law

R26-1879-8-34 David N. Ralston; white; male; June 18, 1879; near Mt. Clinton; falling tree; 30-x-x; Benj & Salome Ralston; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried; David Suter; brother-in-law

R26-1879-8-40 Annie Wenger; white; female; February 14, 1879; New Erection; pneumonia; 38-x-x; NR; Rockingham Co; farmer; unmarried [sic]; Peter Wenger; husband

R26-1891-10-12 Sarah Eaton; white; female; May 15, 1891; Plains District; consumption; 50-x-x; John & Rebecca Crider; Page Co; none; Jacob Eaton; J. Eaton; husband

19. Jno. H. Earman; white; male; November 1893; Plt. Valley; heart failure; 46-x-x; Saml. & Savilla Earman; Plt. Valley; laborer; Sallie A. Earman; Sallie A. Earman; wife

20. Polly Earman; white; female; May 1893; Cross Keys; old age; 88-x-x; Jno. & Barbara Earman; Cross Keys; housewife; unmarried; P. A. Earman; brother

35. Sam Hoover; white; male; November 1893; Dayton; menengitis; x-6-x; Saymus & Octavio Hoover; Dayton; laborer; NR; Symus Hoover; father