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Rockingham County, Virginia
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Selected Death Records
VA State Library: Bureau of Vital Statistics

Virginia State Library (VSL): Bureau of Vital Statistics, Death Records, Reel 26 Rockingham Co

These records were transcribed and contributed by Deb Wake and cover a large number of surnames. Please be aware that this is NOT an every name listing from the microfilm. Use the find feature on your web browser to search for surnames as the records are not recorded on the microfilm in alphabetical order.

Order of Data per record:   Name; Race; Sex; Death date; Death place; Cause of death; Age at death; Parents; Birth place; Occupation; Marital status; Person giving information; Relationship to deceased (NR denotes "not recorded")  

Meaning of numbers:  Reel 26 Rockingham Co; year; page; number (N denotes no given number but assigned number according to sequential order)

1853 - 1859   1860 - 1862   1863 - 1864   1865 - 1868 
1869 - 1875  1876 - 1879   1880 - 1893

R26-1880-1-2 Christian Brunk; white; male; May 3, 1880; Shenandoah River; comp. disease & old age; NR; NR; Maryland; farmer; widower; Geo Brunte?; head of family

R26-1880-1-10 Geo. M. Hoover; white; male; October 29, 1880; New York City; heart affection; NR; David & Mary Hoover; Shen. River; surgeon; unmarried; Mary Hoover; parent

R26-1880-1-24 Mary Margaret May; white; female; September 5, 1880; Mountain Rd; cancer; NR; Daniel & Susan May; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Jacob May; NR

R26-1880-2-10 Margaret Swartz; white; female; October 5, 1880; Brush; paralysis; 63-x-7; John & Sarah Bible; Tennessee; NR; Henry H Swartz; Mrs Miller; friend

R26-1880-2-12 Catherine E Trussel; white; female; March 19, 1880; Linville Creek; NR; x-3-2; Annie V & George Trussel; Linville Creek; NR; NR; Geo H Trussel; father

R26-1880-2-14 Annie Zigler; white; female; September 5, 1880; Long Meadows; consumption; 62-x-x; Daniel & Elizabeth Miller; Rockingham Co; NR; Sam'l Zigler; Samuel Zigler; husband

R26-1880-2-36 Long, William H; white; male; Dec 27; near Harrisonburg; not known; 35-8-16; Long, Reuben & Dianna; Rockingham Co; laborer; Long, Eliza; Long, Reuben; father

R26-1880-2-37 Long, Charles C; white; male; April 19; near Harrisonburg; scrofula; 15-x-11; Long, Peter W & Lydia C; Rockingham; laborer; unmarried; Dean, Lydia C; mother

R26-1880-3-3 David Bear; white; male; July 1880; near Mt Clinton; dyspepsia; 76-x-x; Andrew Bear; Shenandoah Co; farmer; widower; Eugenia Bear; son

R26-1880-3-9 Elizabeth Deane; white; female; July 1880; near Harrisonburg; typhoid fever; 29-x-x; Jane & Mary Deane [sic]; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Thomas J Butler; friend

R26-1880-3-29 Lewis Johnson; black; male; May 1880; Harrisonburg; brain fever; 2-x-x; Lewis & Sarah Johnson; Harrisonburg; NR; unmarried; Lewis Johnson; father

R26-1880-3-30 Henry Johnson; black; male; June 1880; Harrisonburg; consumption; 5-x-2; Lewis & Sarah Johnson; Harrisonburg; NR; unmarried; Lewis Johnson; father

R26-1880-3-32 Elizabeth Knicely; white; female; November 24, 1880; Rawley Springs Pike; childbirth; 21-x-x; Joseph & Mary A Frank; Rockingham; NR; Abraham C Knicely; Abraham C Knicely; husband

R26-1880-3-33 Amanda J Kise; white; female; August 7, 1880; Rockingham Pike; cancer; 51-6-x; George & Sallie Earman; Rockingham Co; NR; William Kise; William Kise; husband

R26-1880-3-37 Charles C Long; white; male; April 19, 1880; near Harrisonburg; sorofula; 15-x-11; Peter W & Lydia C Long; Rockingham Co; laborer; unmarried; Lydia C Dean; mother

R26-1880-4-40 George W Keller; white; male; September 1, 1880; Taylor Springs; cholera morbus; 40-6-28; Samuel & Frances Keller; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth R Keller; Elizabeth R Keller; widow

R26-1880-4-47 Camiels? G Rolston; white; female; December 22, 1880; near Harrisonburg; diptheria; 4-x-x; BF Rolston Jr & Eliza; Rockingham; NR; unmarried; Benj. F Ralston Jr; father

R26-1880-4-52 Virginia F Showalter; white; female; April 28, 1880; Dale Enterprise; not known; x-3-8; David B & Susan Showalter; Dale Enterprise; NR; unmarried; David B Showalter; father

R26-1880-4-54 Ida B Suter; white; female; April 30, 1880; New Erection; brain fever; 3-x-x; Jacob D & Barbara Suter; New Erection; NR; unmarried; Jacob D Suter; father

R26-1880-4-59 Mary M Shifflett; white; female; October 26, 1880; Peaked Mountain; not known; 1-6-x; Pleasant & Elizabeth Shifflett; Peaked Mountain; NR; unmarried; Pleasant Shifflett; father

R26-1880-4-60 Virginia F Showalter; white; female; April 28, 1880; Dale Enterprise; not known; x-3-20; David B & Susan Showalter; Dale Enterprise; NR; unmarried; David B Showalter; father

R26-1880-4-68 George E VanPelt; white; male; June 4, 1880; Harrisonburg; cholera infantum; x-1-17; Jacob C & Fannie VanPelt; Harrisonburg; NR; unmarried; Fannie VanPelt; mother

R26-1880-5-2 Margaret Bartm; white; female; July 10, 1880; North Mountain; dropsy; 48-x-x; Jacob & Rachel Reedy; Rockingham; NR; Isaac Bartm; Isaac Bartm; husband

R26-1880-5-4 James F Brenneman; white; male; August 15, 1880; Brocks Gap; croup; 7-x-x; Daniel & Cath Brenneman; Rockingham; NR; NR; Daniel Brenneman; father

R26-1880-5-9 Solomon Funk; white; male; June 13, 1880; Singers Glen; cholera morbus; 54-x-x; Joseph & Rachel Funk; Rockingham; farmer; Lizzie Funk Jnr?; S Funk; son-in-law

R26-1880-5-14 Abraham Hoover; white; male; December 9, 1880; Brocks Gap; cancer of bowels; 69-8-x; Jacob & Elizabeth Hoover; Rockingham Co; famer; Hannah Hoover; Abram S Hoover; son

R26-1880-5-21 Absolum Roadcap; white; male; September 16, 1880; Brocks Gap; dropsy; 71-7-x; Emanl & Elizabeth Roadcap; Rockingham Co; farmer; Elizabeth Roadcap; Harvey Roadcap; son

R26-1880-5-23 Myers C Rodeffer; white; male; November 25, 1880; Linville Creek; scarlet fever; 2-x-x; Conrad & Hannah Rodeffer; Rockingham; NR; NR; Conrad Rodeffer; father

R26-1880-5-32 Long, David Franklin; white; male; Feby 1; North River; quincy; 1-8-14; Emanuel & Eliz Long; North River; NR; NR; E Long; father

R26-1880-6-22 Thomas C Greiner; white; male; January 18, 1880; North River; cancer; 61-5-6; David & Susan J Greiner; Augusta Co, VA; trader; Sarah F Greiner; VB Greiner; son

R26-1880-6-31 Mary Lee; white; female; October 19, 1880; Spring Creek; consumption; 49-x-x; not known; not known; NR; Zachariah Lee; Z Lee; husband

R26-1880-6-34 Luther DeWitt Miller; white; male; June 21, 1880; near Dayton; cholera infantum; 2-4-26; Benj F & Susan Miller; Rockingham; NR; NR; BF Miller; father

R26-1880-6-36 Margaret Miltenberger; white; female; November 1880; near Cross Keys; consumption; approx 54-x-x; Conrad & Eliza Miltenberger; Rockingham; NR; unmarried; Ann Miltenberger; sister

R26-1880-6-40 Hannah C Rodehafer; white; female; June 18, 1880; North River; cholera infantum; x-x-9; Conrad & Malinda A Rodehafer; Rockingham Co; NR; NR; C Rodehafer; father

R26-1880-7-41 Emma V Rhodes; white; female; January 19, 1880; Dry River; consumption; 24-x-24; Philip & Cath Keller; Rockingham; NR; Anthony N Rhodes; AN Rhodes; husband

R26-1880-7-42 John J Roller; white; male; May 24, 1880; North River; consumption; 51-5-28; John & Eliz. Roller; Rockingham; farmer; Julia A Roller; JA Roller; wife

R26-1880-7-44 Polly Shafer; white; female; September 1880; Spring Creek; old age; 81-x-x; not known; NR; NR; Israel Shafer; Z Lee; friend

R26-1880-7-55 Benjamin Wenger; white; male; July 9, 1880; near Dayton; dropsy; approx 69-x-x; Benj & ____ Wenger; Rockingham; farmer; Barbara Wenger; NC Wenger; son

R26-1880-7-57 Magdalene Weaver; white; female; June 22, 1880; Spring Creek; heart disease; 54-7-10; Shen & Elizabeth Heatwole; Rockingham; NR; John Weaver; Sol. Weaver; son

R26-1880-8-15 Almira Baugher; white; female; May 4, 1880; Rockingham; consumption; 64-5-3; Sinkler & Betsy Shifflett; Rockingham; housekeeper; married; Joseph E Baugher; son

R26-1880-8-19 Matilda Crawford; white; female; May 9, 1880; Rockingham; dropsy; 62-x-x; John & Polly Crawford; Rockingham; housekeeper; unmarried; Jane C Crawford; sister

R26-1880-8-20 Frances Crawford; white; female; September 1, 1880; Rockingham; cancer; 40-x-x; John & Polly Crawford; Rockingham; housekeeper; unmarried; William W; brother

R26-1880-8-21 Roberta Crawford; white; female; April 1, 1880; Rockingham; unknown; 1-2-x; George W & Frances Crawford; Rockingham; none; unmarried; WJ Crawford; grandmother

R26-1880-8-24 Charles A Eaton; white; male; April 15, 1880; Rockingham; unknown; x-x-10; Alexandria [sic] W & Rebecca F? Eaton; Rockingham; none; unmarried; Alexandria [sic] W Eaton; father

R26-1880-8-28 Ann Garrison; white; female; June 15, 1880; Rockingham; unknown; 70-x-x; David & Mary Crickenbarger; Rockingham; housekeeper; married; Lewis Garrison; husband

R26-1880-9-46 Oscar Long; white; male; Dec 51[sic], 1880; Rockingham; diptheria; 1-x-20; William C & Sarah F Long; Rockingham; none; unmarried; William C Long; father

R26-1880-9-47 Joseph F Long; white; male; June 6, 1880; Rockingham; spasms; 30-4-16; Adam & Virginia Long; Rockingham; none; unmarried; Adam Long; father

R26-1880-9-62 Serina Rodgers; white; female; January 30, 1880; Rockingham; pneumonia; 29-x-x; Cane & Margaret Rodgers; Rockingham; housekeeper; unmarried; Jacob Rajger?; friend

R26-1880-9-65 Martha Showalter; white; female; May 15, 1880; Rockingham; consumption; 40-x-x; Martin & Peggie Showalter; Rockingham; housekeeper; unmarried; Jacob Weast; friend

R26-1880-9-66 Cora Shiflett; white; female; Demember 24, 1880; Rockingham; diptheria; 2-9-x; George & Malinda Shiflett; Rockingham; none; unmarried; Nicholas Breeden; grandfather

R26-1880-9-68 Levi Shaver; white; male; November 26, 1880; Rockingham; kidney disease; 72-6-x; George & Hannah Shaver; Rockingham; farmer; married; Eliza E Shaver; daughter

R26-1880-9-71 Willie E Sandridge; white; male; December 5, 1880; Rockingham; diptheria; 11-x-x; Ira L? & Mary F Sandridge; Albemarle; none; unmarried; JL Sandridge; father

R26-1880-9-72 John R Sellers; white; male; January 1, 1880; Rockingham; consumption; 46-x-x; Joseph & Catherine Sellers; Rockingham; none; married; Mary C Sellers; wife

R26-1880-9-76 Rebecca Shiflett; white; female; June 15, 1880; Rockingham; diptheria; x-10-x; Permetus & Rebecca Shiflett; Rockingham; none; unmarried; Permetus Shiflett; father

R26-1880-9-77 ____ Shiflett; white; female; June 15, 1880; Rockingham; unknown; x-x-1/4; Theopholas & Columbia F Shiflett; Rockingham; none; unmarried; Theopholus Shiflett; fahter

R26-1880-9-78 Ada Shiflett; white; female; March 12, 1880; Rockingham; rheumatism; 3-1-6; William HR & Mary A Shiflett; Rockingham; none; unmarried; WHR Shiflett; father

R26-1880-9-79 Mary M Shiflett; white; female; September 3, 1880; Rockingham; paralysis; 66-3-17; Jestin & ____ Collier; Green Co; housekeeper; married; Stephan C Shiflett; husband

R26-1880-10-86 Christina Mary; white; female; February 16, 1880; Rockingham; dropsy; 71-11-8; unknown; Rockingham; housekeeper; married; JA Shiflett; son-in-law

R26-1881-2-58; Smiley, George W; white; male; July 7; Ashby Dist; consumption; 58-2-25; James & Cath Smiley; Rockingham Co; mason; Barbara Smiley; GWH Smiley; son

R26-1881-7-14; Laura C Deane; white; female; Sept 14; Rockingham Co; dipheria; 7-11-x; NA & Annie Deane; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; Nicholas A Dean; father

R26-1881-7-15; Mary E Deane white; female; Sept 7; Rockingham Co; diptheria; 4-6-x; NA & Annie Deane; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; Nicholas A Dean; father

R26-1884-3-5 Long, Susan; white; female; December; Ottobine; paralysis; 85-x-x; Losh, Adam P & Susan; Ottobine; NR; Audrey J Long; Long, Audrey J; husband

R26-1884-3-6 Long, Ira; white; male; August; Montizuma; cholera infantism; x-5-x; E & Eliz Long; Montizuma; NR; NR; David Long; uncle

R26-1884-8-36 Hoard, Polly; July 30; War Branch; consumption; 75-x-x; not known; not known; NR; wife of Thomas Hoard; John D Whitmer; friend

R26-1884-11-45 Long, Lewis G; white; male; Jan 11; Rockingham Co; old age; 85-6-x; ____, Long; Rockingham Co; NR; NR: Wm C Long; son

R26-1884-13-19 Long, Adam M; white; male; March 16; Rockingham Co; cancer; 82-x-x; NR; NR; farmer; consort of Agnus; PW Long; son

R26-1884-13-20 Lawson (no name); white; female; July 30; Rockingham Co; unknown; x-x-16; Erasmus & Jennie; NR; NR; NR; E Lawson; father

R26-1885-7-88; Payne Mary F; white; female; April 14; Rockingham Co; not known; 1-11-20; John & Julia Payne; Augusta Co; NR; NR; John Payne; father

R26-1886-1-13 [Central Dist]; white; male; Aug; near HBurg; not known; x-x-1; Jacob C & Emma; Rockingham Co; NR; infant; JC Long; father

R26-1886-2-71; Payne, Melia; white; female; Oct 4; Harrisonburg; chronic diarrhea; 35-x-x; NR; NR; NR; NR; WA Braithwaite; police

R26-1887-2-28; Gaither, Sarah R; white; female; July 23, 1887; Rockingham Co; cholera infantim; x-4-x; Gaither, GW & Mary M; VA; NR; NR; Gaither, GW; father

R26-1887-7-11; Long, ____; white; female; Dec 3; Ashby Dist; unknown; x-x-3; Long, Thos & Susan Virginia; NR; NR; child; Long, Thos; father

R26-1887-9-5; Leary, not named; white; male; July 10; Rockingham Co; NR; x-x-1; Leary, JC & Mary Virginia; NR; NR; NR; Leary, JC; father

R26-1887-9-6; Long, JF; white; male; May 17; Rockingham Co; consumption; 54-x-x; not known; Virginia; mechanic; husband; Long, Rebecca J; wife

R26-1888-5-35; Kniceley, David; white; male; Decr 15; Briery Branch; inflamation of liver; 88-x-x; Kniceley, Anthony & Rachel; Rockingham Co; laborer; consort; Kniceley, Catherine; widow

R26-1888-6-9; Tutwiler, Cora P; white; female; Novr; Meyerhoeffers Store; unknown; 8-8-x; Tutwiler, Jeremiah S & Rebecca; Rockingham Co; child; Tutwiler, Jeremiah S; father

R26-1888-7-12 Barton, Sarah F; white; female; Nov 13; Singers Glen; kidney affection [sic]; 31-x-x; Nathan & Mary Hottinger; Rockingham Co; housekeeper; wife; Isaac Barton; husband

R26-1888-7-18; Eaton, Elizabeth; white; female; Nov 20; Singer's Glen; broken leg; 70-x-x; not known; Rockingham Co; housekeeper; wife; Stephen McMullen; son-in-law

R26-1888-7-21; Flick, Sallie; white; female; Dec 27; Linville; Hooping Cough; 5-x-x; Abram & Ida Flick; Rockingham Co; child; child; Abram Flick; father

R26-1888-7-24; Harrison, Abram; white; male; Mar 16; Smiths Creek; dropsy; 74-x-x; Zeblin & Mary Harrison; Rockingham Co; tanner & farmer; husband; Delila Harrison; wife

R26-1888-7-25; Harrison, LB; white; male; Oct 26; Athens; rheumatism; 14-x-x; RA & MF Harrison; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; RA Harrison; father

R26-1888-7-26; Hawes, Rebecca; white; female; Dec 25; Shoemaker River; dropsy; 67-11-10; Isaac & Annie Reedy; Rockingham Co; housekeeper; wife; Joseph Hawse; husband

R26-1888-7-27; Henton, Silas; white; male; Mar 17; Linville; heart disease; 72-x-x; not known; Rockingham; merchant; husband [sic]; Simon Outreicher; brother-in-law

R26-1888-7-84 Harrison, Abraham; white; male; March 16; Smiths Creek; dropsy; 74-x-x; Zeblin [sic] & Mary Harrison; tanner & farmer; husband; Delila Harrison; wife

R26-1888-8-54; Zirkle, MJ; white; male; May 3; Linville; pneumonia; 72-x-x; not known; Shenandoah Co; mechanic; husband; JN Rhodes; son-in-law

R26-1888-10-N6; Wyant, Barbara A; white; female; Aug 26; Elkton; throat trouble; 67-x-x; Geo H & Annie Baugher; Elkton; NR; NR; Jack Wyant; husband

R26-1889-3-32; Payne, Adam H; white; male; October 26; Dayton; don't know; 63-x-x; dont' know; Eastern VA; NR; consort [sic]; John Roudabush; friend

R26-1890-5-3 Barton, Emma F; white; female; July 16, 1890; Singers Glen; feaver [sic]; 2-x-x; John & Ratial [sic] Barton; Rockingham Co; NR; child; John Barton; father

R26-1890-5-12 Long, P Kate; white; female; Nov 30; Singers Glen; heart failure; 44-x-x; William T? & Mary Burgante[sic]; Augusta Co; domestic; wife; CH Long; husband

R26-1890-5-21 Annie Reedy; white; female; Sept 1; Cherry Grove; neuralsy [sic]; 70-x-x; Chrisly & Susan Bowman; Rockingham Co; domestic; wife; David Reedy; husband

R26-1890-5-22 Reedy,Ratial [sic]; white; female; August 25; Cherry Grove; old age; 96-x-x; Augustus Hollar; Shannondore [sic] Co; domestic; wife; David Reedy; near fried [friend?!]

R26-1890-8-11 Eaton, Robert; white; male; Aug; Plains Dist; unknown; x-x-20; Benjamin & Kate Eaton; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; B Eaton; father

R26-1891-1-18; Clatterbuck, Mary J; white; female; July 3; Rockingham Co; cholera infantism; x-6-x; John R & Robbie A Clatterbuck; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; John R Clatterbuck; father

R26-1891-1-26; Gaither, ___; white; male; May 2; Rockingham Co; spasms; x-2-14; William H & Addie Gaither; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Gaither, WH; father

R26-1891-1-36 Long, Sallie; white; female; Oct 17; Rockingham Co; child bed fever; 42-6-8; NR; Rockingham Co; NR; consort; James S Long; husband

R26-1891-3-1; Begoon, Sarah Ann; white; female; Nov 15; Cross Keys; grippe; 50-x-x; LF & Ann Meyerhoeffer; Rockingham Co; NR; LF Meyerhoeffer [sic]; Geo Begoon; husband

R26-1891-3-21 Flory, Jno; white; male; Nov 6; Bridgewater; paralysis; 59-x-x; Michael & Sarah Flory; NR; NR; Frances Flory; Mrs Frances Flory; wife

R26-1891-3-34 Knicely, David K; white; male; Oct 20; Dale Enterprise; fever; 49-x-x; NR; NR; NR; Martha Knicely [sic]; Martha Knicely; wife 

R26-1891-6-19; Long, AC; white; male; June 3; Lacey Springs; rheumatism; 59-0-0; Long, Jacob & Christena; Rockingham Co; farmer; husband [sic]; Long, Melvina [Flook]; wife  

R26-1891-10-12 Sarah Eaton; white; female; May 15, 1891; Plains District; consumption; 50-x-x; John & Rebecca Crider; Page Co; none; Jacob Eaton; J. Eaton; husband

1892-1-53; Chandler, Catherine A; white; female; March 15; Rockingham Co; consumption; 68-11-21; Michael & Katie Earman; Rockingham Co; NR; consort; Chandler, St Clair; son

1892-2-2; Blosser, Magdaline; white; female; Dec 18; Rockingham Co; heart dropsy; 61-2-9; NR; Augusta Co; NR; consort; husband; husband

1892-2-5; Clatterbuck, NR; white; male; Mar 21; Rockingham Co; NR; 0-0-1; Clatterbuck, JR & AM; Rockingham Co; infant; John R Clatterbuck; father

1892-2-10; Carrier, Nettie B; white; female; Sept; Rockingham  Co; dyptheria; 4-0-0; Carrier, Andrew; Rockingham Co; NR; unmarried; Carrier, Andrew; father

1892-2-22; Long, Samuel; white; male; Dec 28?; Rockingham Co; heart disease; 71-0-0; NR; Pennsylvania; NR; consort; Long, William E; son

R26-1892-4-39 Long, Amanda; white; female; May; Spring Creek; heart failure; 66-x-x; Henry & Mary Keezle; Spring Creek; laborer; mother [sic]; Long, Geo H; mother [sic]

R26-1892-5-1 Carpenter, Wm H; white; male; Feb; Ashby Dist; gripp; 52-x-x; Frederick & Sallie R; laborer; husband [sic]; Carpenter, Mary L; wife 

R26-1892-6-19 Lawson, Rebecca; white; female; Feb 6; Lalona; paralices; 67-x-x; Samuel Garber; Rockingham Co; widow; child; Jacob Lawson; son

R26-1892-6-27 Rhodes, Hannah; white; female; Sept 20; Edom; typhoid fever; 64-x-x; John K & Maggie Beery; Rockingham Co; wife; Anthony Rhodes; Anthony Rhodes; husband

R26-1892-10-16; Ford, Isaac; white; male; July 14; Plains Dist; dropsy; 60-1-7; Tip & Polly Ford; Rockingham Co; farmer; Nancy Ford; N Ford; wife

R26-1892-11-42 Rhodes, Kate A; white; female; Apr 6; Plains Dist; consumption; 30-x-x; ____ & Kate Long; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; JS Rhodes; father-in-law [sic]

19 Jno. H. Earman; white; male; November 1893; Plt. Valley; heart failure; 46-x-x; Saml. & Savilla Earman; Plt. Valley; laborer; Sallie A. Earman; Sallie A. Earman; wife

R26-1893-2-20 Polly Earman; white; female; May 1893; Cross Keys; old age; 88-x-x; Jno. & Barbara Earman; Cross Keys; housewife; unmarried; P. A. Earman; brother

R26-1893-2-21 Annie C Fishback; white; female; Oct; Rushville; consumption; 18-x-x; Jno C Fishback; Rushville; housekeeper; unmarried; E Heatwole; friend

R26-1893-2-22 Adam A Flory; white; male; Mch; Arkansas; accidental; 23-x-x; Noah & Sophia Flory; Arkansas, brakeman; unmarried; Sophia Flory; mother

R26-1893-2-24 Ananias Pirkey; white; male; June; Cross Keys; old age; 83-x-x; unknown; Cross Keys; farmer; widower; Daniel Garber; son-in-law

R26-1893-2-25 Jno W Garber; white; male; Nov; Dry River; la grippe; 16-x-26; C M & Mary M Garber; Dry River; student; NR; CM Garber; father

R26-1893-2-27 Mary A Grenier; white; female; Dec; Cross Keys; paralysis; 46-x-x; Albert & Eliz. Wilhite; Cross Keys; housewife; Thos. Greinier; Jno C? Rankins; brother-in-law

R26-1893-2-35 Sam Hoover; white; male; Nov; Dayton; menengitis; x-6-x; Saymus & Octavia Hoover; Dayton; laborer; NR; Symus Hoover; father

R26-1893-3-8 Landes, Danl; white; male; Oct; Harrisonburg; Gravel; 63-x-x; Jno & Mary Landes; Harrisonburg; farmer; Barbara Landes; Barbara Landes; widow

R26-1893-3-9 Landes, Mary; white; female; June; Meyerhoeffers Store; paralysis; 78-x-x; Conrad & Nancy Rodeffer; Meyerhoeffers Store; boarder; widow; Hattie Hinkel; daughter

R26-1893-3-11 Long, Margaret; white; female; June; Meyerhoeffers Store; old age; 87-x-x; Conrad Rodeffer; Meyerhoeffers Store; housewife; Danl Long; Danl Long; husband

R26-1893-3-21 Painter, Rebecca; white; female; Jan; North River; heart failure; 81-x-x; Joshua & ____ Fultz; North River; housewife; Abram Painter; Raphael Painter; son

R26-1893-4-13 Van Pelt, Mary D; white; female; Mar; Mt Crawford; catarrh; 16-x-x; Van Pelt, Sarah C & ____; Mt Crawford; NR; NR; Van Pelt, Sarah C; mother

R26-1893-4-14 Van Pelt, PF; white; male; Aug; Goshen; accidental; 45-x-x; Van Pelt, Eliz & Wm S; Goshen; mason; Van Pelt, Sarah; Van Pelt, Sarah C; wife

R26-1893-4-26 Leary, Gussie O?; white; female; Aug; Dayton; whooping cough; 3-x-x; Leary, CH & Virginia; Dayton; NR; NR; Leary, CH; father

R26-1893-4-32 Carpenter, Mary E; white; female; Sept; Bridgewater; kidney disease; 46-x-x; Miller, Peter & Sophia; Bridgewater; housewife; JW Carpenter; Carpenter, JW; husband

R26-1893-6-2 Armentrout, Loucretia; white; female; Nov 23; Melrose; consumption; 65-7-23; David & Mary Flook; Rockingham Co; housekeeping; married; husband

R26-1893-6-8 Hoover, Louie V; white; female; Oct 14; Ft Hoover; consumption; 24-11-3; BF & Sarah C Dove; Rockingham Co; housekeeping; married; JP Hower [sic]

R26-1893-6-9 Hopkins, WB; white; male; June 11; Singers Glen; drowned; 21-x-x; PH & C Hopkins; Rockingham Co; laborer; unmarried; PH Hopkins

R26-1893-6-12 Howver, Sallie K; white; female; Jan 9; Ft Hoover; consumption; 23-x-24; Joseph & Lucretia J Howver; Rockingham Co; unmarried; JP Howver

R26-1893-6-13 Huffman, Margaret J; white; female; Jan 11; Melrose; consumption; 48-x-x; Bettie Terrel; Rockingham Co; housework; married; Maddison Huffman

R26-1893-6-17 Long, CH; white; male; Nov 12; Singers Glen; pneumonia; 43-x-x; Albert & Kate Long; Rockingham Co; farmer; married; Sina Long

R26-1893-6-21 Reedy, Mary C; white; female; June 6; Fulks Run; brain trouble; 37-x-x; Jacob & Delila Reedy; Rockingham Co; housework; unmarried; Delila Reedy

R26-1893-6-23 Roadcap, Delia; white; female; Aug 12; Hoover; consumption; 32-7-x; Addison & Dianna Shoemaker; Rockingham Co; housework; married; NR; friend

R26-1893-7-1 Winfield Baughter; white; male; July 25; Aug. Co.; cramp; x-x-23; James & Mary B; Aug. Co.; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-7-4 _____ Crawford; white; female; Dec 10; Swift Run; born dead; G & C Crawford; Swift Run; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-7-5 WW Carpenter; white; male; Aug 10; Good's Mill; consumption; 83-x-x; Jno Carpenter; Rockingham Co; laborer; married; son

R26-1893-7-8 Susan Cave; white; female; June 15; Elkton; jaunders [sic]; 91-x-x; A & S Herndon; Orange Co; laborer; married; husband

R26-1893-7-10 Melissa Dean; white; female; June 4; Mt Herman; brain fever; x-14?-x; Harry & S Dean; Mt Herman; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-7-11 ____ Dean; white; male; Aug 26; Mt Herman; born dead; NR; Asher Dean; Mt Herman; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-7-12 ____ Dean; white; male; Elkton; born dead; NR; Jno Dean; Elkton; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-7-20 Fannie Hopkins; white; female; Mar 1; Cave Hill; tumor; 65-x-x; H & C Kisling; Cave Hill; agric.; married; husband

R26-1893-7-21 Benj Hensley; white; male; Oct 30; Elkton; w cough; x-2-x; Ed & R Hensley; Elkton; farmer; married; father

R26-1893-7-22 ____ Hensley; white; male; Mar 1; Swift Run; don't know; NR; Saml & Sidney; Elkton; farmer; married; father

R26-1893-7-30 ____ Long; white; male; Oct 1; McG; brain fever; x-x-7; J & L Long; McG; laborer; married; father

R26-1893-10-6 Frederick Crider; white; male; Dec 12; Plains Dist; consumption; 73-x-x; Jacob & ____ Crider; Rockingham Co; farmer; husband; Jacob Crider; son

R26-1893-10-11 Flick, Paulina; white; female; NR, 1893; Plains Dist; heart disease; 67-x-x; ___ & ___ Bryan; Page Co; none; unmarried; CE Donson; mother-in-law

R26-1893-10-14 Horner, Martha J; white; female; Aug 10; Plains Dist; heart disease; 42-x-x; Rev JK & Sallie A Nelson; Pendleton Co WV; none; John W Horner; JW Horner; husband

R26-1893-10-16 Higgs, Margaret; white; female; Feb 18; Plains Dist; heart disease; 60; Jacob & Mary Layman; Rockingham Co; none; Dorilas Higgs; JP Higgs; daughter

R26-1893-10-34 Rosenberger, Abram S; white; male; Nov 23; cancer; 73; Peter & ____ Rosenberger; Page Co; none; Catherine Rosenberger; Ada Rhinehart; daughter

R26-1893-10-36 Runion, Rheuhanna; white; female; April 21; Plains Dist; accidental; 35-x-x; John & Mary Biller; none; George Runion; George Runion; husband

R26-1893-11-37 Sprinkel, Sallie; white; female; June 3; Plains Dist; dropsy; 78-x-x; Anthony & Barbara Sprinkel; Jefferson Co; none; unmarried; Barbara C Sellers; niece

R26-1893-11-38 Sellers, Reuben J; white; male; Mar 13; Plains Dist; cancer in stomach; 77-11-29; John & ____ Sellers; Rockingham Co; farmer; Catherine Sellers; JS Sellers; son

R26-1893-11-39 Showalter, Emily J; white; female; July 31; Plains Dist; cancer in liver; 47-x-x; Henry & Matilda Whisler; Rockingham Co; none; Michael H Showalter; MH Showalter; husband

R26-1893-11-40 Sites, Hannah; white; female; Sept 15; Plains Dist; softening of brain; 80-x-x; David B & Catherine Bowman; Rockingham Co; none; unmarried; DB Sites; son

R26-1894-1-7 Long, Saml E; white; male; July; North River; cancer; 82-x-x; Long, Isaac & Barbara; North River; farmer; NR; Long, WH; father [meaning that the deceased is the father of the informant!]

R26-1894-1-8 Long, Matilda; white; female; Sept; Sangersville; heart disease; 69-x-x; Long, ____ & Susan; Sangersville; housekeeper; NR;  Long, J Danl; mother [again giving relationship of deceased to informant]