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Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery

Rockingham County, Virginia


Lois Emswiler

Biller, Infant 1884
Biller, Mary E.
Biller, Moses A.
Kohne, Bessie Tusing
Kohne, George W.
Kohne, Owen C.
Runion, Almar
Runion, Claudie H.
Runion, Howard W.
Runion, William E. and Lydia Susan
Sager, Wm. A.
Taylor, Julia A.
Tusing, Dollie
Tusing. Dolly L.
Tusing, Elizabeth
Tusing, Henry

Tusing, Infant 1902
Tusing, Infant 1904
Tusing, Infant 1905
Tusing, Infant 1906
Tusing, Infant 1908
Tusing, John and-Emma Jane
Tusing, John H.
Tusing, Joshua W.
Tusing, Martha A.
Tusing, Moses F.
Tusing, Mrs Minnie E.
Tusing, Rachel A.
Tusing, Robert H.
Tusing, Timothy P.
Tusing, William
Williams, John T. and Josephine R.

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