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Concord UCC Cemetery
Rockingham County, Virginia


Coordinator: Lois Emswiler

Concord UCC Church
Baker, Allen Leroy
Baker, Alva W.
Baker, Wilbert A.
Burkett, Jacob M. and Edna A.
Burkett, Myrtle E.
Campbell, Ambrose J. and Mamie S.
Campbell, Fred M. and Daisy M.
Campbell, Fred M.
Campbell, Garland J. and L. Jean
Campbell, Garland J.
Campbell, Melvin W. and Carol J.
Campbell, Melvin Wayne
Campbell, Roy T. and Mary Lee
Campbell, Roy Turner
Derrow, Frank, Fern, Jaunita Schiro
Fellows, Harry and Anna
Flick, Everette Lee and Genevieve Francis
Golladay, Cora Ella
Golladay, Derrick and Homer
Golladay, Jacob and Elizabeth
Golladay, John
Golladay, Julia
Golladay, Laura
Golladay, Malinda
Golladay, Mervil Eugene
Golladay, Perry
Golladay, Vada
Higgs, Margaret
Holsinger, Rebecca
Holsinger, Samuel
Huffman, Camilla
Huffman, Hilda
Huffman, Isaac and Maria
Huffman, Casper and Cora

Huffman, John
Huffman, Joseph and Mollie
Huffman, Phoebe
Huffman, Roy
Huffman, Vincent and Ida
Knupp, Benjamin and Welbie
Litten, Russell and Meda
Minnick, Mary
Minnick, Walter and Martha
Phillips, Maggie Lee
Salyards, Charles and Mina
Salyards, George
Salyards, Infant 1909
Salyards, Infant 1903
Salyards, Infant
Salyards, Lirty Brown
Salyards, Stanley
Salyards, Virginia
Salyards, William and Mary
Salyards, Wilma
Salyards, Wilmothann Rebecca
Silvious, Lawrence
Silvious, Raleigh and Rebecca
Silvious, Sophia
Silvius, Elton
Silvius, Hannahb
Simmers, Effie Irene
Simmers, Ernest
Simmers, Harve and Virginia
Smith, Raymond Clifford
Smith, Russell and Lena
Strawderman, Carrie
Strawderman, Hays
Strawderman, JoAnn
Zigler, Paul and Goldie

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