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Surnames S-Z


      Name    Cemetery
 Sager, Henry  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 Sager, Jacob and Annie  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 Sager, John M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 Sager, Wm. A.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Salvage, Benjamin and Catherine Kring  Kring Salvage Cemetery
 Salyards, Charles and Mina  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, George  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Infant 1909  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Infant 1903  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Infant  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Lirty Brown  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Stanley  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Virginia  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, William and Mary  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Wilma  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Salyards, Wilmothann Rebecca  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Samuels, Ricky Lynn  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Sandridge, Lynwood L. & Minnie E. W.  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Sandstrom, Frank  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Sanger, Henry & Della  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Sanger, Joel  Linville Cemetery
 Sanger, Sarah  Linville Cemetery
 Sanger, Simon  Linville Cemetery
 Saufley, Barbara Rubush  Melanchthon Cemetery
 Saufley, Daughter of A.P. and P.S.  Sauflex Family Cemetery
 Saufley, George  Sauflex Family Cemetery
 Saufley, Infant Son George and A.E.  Sauflex Family Cemetery
 Saufley, John M.  Cross Keys Cemetery
 Saufley, Kimberlie S.  Sauflex Family Cemetery
 Scheuer, Carrie Ney  Beth-el Cemetery
 Scheuer, Maurice Louis  Beth-el Cemetery
 Schvanenfeld, Jacob  Beth-el Cemetery
 Scott, Albert & Smith-Goldie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Scott, Elsie   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Father and Mother   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Georgia   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Herbert R.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, James H.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Lester R.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Malinda K.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Scott, Wm & Elsie infants   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 See, Arnold  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 See, Cliffie  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 See, Mary  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 See, Matilda S.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 See, Wilmer Cliffie  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Seftley, Catharina  Friedens Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Seftley, Valentine  Friedens Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Sellers, Ada L.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sellers, Adaline  Peaked Mt. Church Cemetery
 Sellers, Charlie Z. and Mary J.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sellers, Elizabeth  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sellers, Emanuel  Peaked Mt. Church Cemetery
 Sellers, Jacob S.  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Sellers, Mary R.  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Sellers, Sarah  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sellers, William  Peaked Mt. Church Cemetery
 Senger, Catherine E.  Beaver Creek Church Cemetery
 Senger, Conrad  Beaver Creek Church Cemetery
 Senger, Elizabeth  Linville Cemetery
 Senger, Jacob  Linville Cemetery
 Sellers, Elizabeth  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Shackelford, Lula Mabelle  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shafer, Michael  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Shaffer, Irene and Ralph  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Abraham  Zion Mennonite Cemetery
 Shank, Ada and Olive  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Andrew Patrick  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Archie and Lilly  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Boyd and Margaret  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Byard W.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Daniel and Mary  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Elizabeth Landes  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Shank, Jacob  Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
 Shank, James and Lydia  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, James and Vada  Pike Mennonite Church
 Shank, Joseph  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Shaver, Charlie Burk & Jeff Davis  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Dorothy  Shaver Cemetery, Ceter Run
 Shaver, F. Burk  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, George  Mill Creek Cemetery
 Shaver, George & Eliz Burkholder  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Hannah Sites  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Infant of David and Rebecca  Shaver Cemetery, Ceter Run
 Shaver, John  Shaver Cemetery, Ceter Run
 Shaver, John  Shaver Cemetery, Ceter Run
 Shaver, Levi  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Pauline  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Newton  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Shaver, Sarah  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Sheets, Katherine A.  Linville Cemetery
 Sheets, Isabella Frances  Northern Methodist Cemetery
 Sheffer, Mary Sue  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shenk, Abram and Malinda  Pike Mennonite Church
 Sherfey, Rachael  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Shifflett, Annie Frazier  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, Clark & Bertha L.  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Shifflett, Guy & Elva  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Shifflett, Guy E Jr  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Shifflet, D. P. & Lavinia   Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shifflett, Howard L. & Madeline M.  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Shifflett, Howard Lee  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Shiflett, Francis A.  Maiden Cemetery Beldor
 Shifflet, John  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflet, James W. and Sudie B.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflet, Maggie  East Point Cemetery
 Shifflett, Addie L.  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shifflett, Asbury S. and Emma G.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Ashby G.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Ashby G. and Cequrnia  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Ashby L.  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shifflett, Andrew  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Arthur W. and Florence M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Ashby Wilbert  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Bazil M. and Cynthia A.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Benjamin V. and Gernie F.  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, Cecil F.  Mt. Pleasant Brethren Church
 Shifflett, Charlie  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, Charles H. and Mary  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Charles L. and Annie C.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Clarence W.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Shifflett, Claude L.  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, Columbia F.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Conrad M. and Sarah M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Dorsey Clarence  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Earman and Ida  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Shifflett, Edgar & Annie.  East Point Cemetery
 Shifflett, Edith F.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Eve  Wyant/Lawson Beldor Cemetery
 Shifflett, Flora Morris  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, George E.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, George L. and Bertha Lee  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, George W.  Baugher Family Cemetery
 Shifflett, George W. and Dorothy  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, George W.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, George W.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, George W. and Rosa B.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Gilbert T. and Lether Lee  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, GW and LJ  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, H. Arais  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, Helen L.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Hubert Ellis  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Hubert Ellis and Catherine  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Irvin D. and Stella A.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, James Clyde and Alma Margaret  Williams Cemetery, Sandy Bottom
 Shifflett Jr, James and Alma and James Sr  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett Jr, James  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, James F. and Ruth  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, James Franklin  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, John A. and Mollie C.  Gospel Hill, Hopkins Gap
 Shifflett, John W.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, John W. and Mary M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Joseph B. and Ocie Sipe  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Joseph W. and Minnie Hudlow  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Joy W. and Bessie Huffman  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Katie and Paul  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Shifflett, Lena K.  Gospel Hill, Hopkins Gap
 Shifflett, Leonard M. and Amanda C.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Lusby H. and Alma F.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Martha Ann  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, Mary Ella  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Mary Ellen  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Mary Frances  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Mary Frances  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Monroe and Nora V.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Shifflett, Nancy A. "Eaton"  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shiflett, Nancy Elizabeth Frazier  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Shifflett, Nelson  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Norris  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, O. B.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Pauline F.  Gospel Hill, Hopkins Gap
 Shifflett, Raymond  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Rebecca A.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, Robert C.  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, Robert and Emma  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Robert L.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Robert L. and Mamie  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Robert P.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Rosie A.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Shifflett, Sallie C.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Samuel M. and Minnie V.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Simon Ney  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Wesley A. and Jenetta Shifflett  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shifflett, Whitfield and Sallie M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Wilber Tim and Zena  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, Wilber Lee  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, William A. and Mandy  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, William and Ethel  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Shifflett, William C. and Ocie E.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shifflett, William F.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Shifflett, Wm and Edith  East Point Cemetery
 Shifflett, William  Harriston Cemetery
 Shifflett, Willie & Larney  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shiflet, Luther & Annie  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shiflet, Mahala  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Shiflet, Oscar  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shiflet, Raymond & Callie  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shiflet, Noah and C. and Rachel  Clover Hill Methodist
 Shiflet, Rebecca A.  Dofflemyer Cemetery
 Shiflet, Sinclair  East Point Cemetery
 Shiflet, William & Grace  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Shiflett, Henry C. and Alice M.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Shiflett, Joael A.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiflett, Maggie B.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiflett, Mary M.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiflett, Steven C.  East Point Cemetery
 Shipe, James  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Shipe, Joseph  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Shipe, Lester Elmer  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Shipe, Lester E. and Frances K.  Linville Cemetery
 Shiplett, Bizzeal R.  Hensley Church Cemetery
 Shiplett, Jenneta A.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiplett, Lizzie C.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiplett, Lycurgus A.  East Point Cemetery
 Shiplett, Mitta Lee  East Point Cemetery
 Shiplett, Phillip Penelton  East Point Cemetery
 Shirey, William D. and Eliza A.  Mill Creek Church Cemetery
 Shoemaker, Baby Boy and Kenneth E.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Shoemaker, Eugene E. and Nancy M.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Shoemaker, Gilbert and Mary E.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Showalter family  Mt. Crawford Cemetery
 Showalter, Ada B.  Mt. Olive Church, Pineville
 Showalter, Adam  Bank MCC Dry River area
 Showalter, Albert A.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Anthony  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Barbary  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Showalter, Carl and Louise  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Catherine  Bank MCC Dry River area
 Showalter, Channing Scott  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Clarence and Gladys  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Showalter, Daniel and Margaret  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Daniel and Mary J.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Dr G. Dewitt  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Effie F.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Shuler, E.F.  East Point Cemetery
 Showalter, Elizabeth A.  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethern
 Showalter, Elizabeth  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Elma and Carl  Mt. Olive Church, Pineville
 Showalter, Elma K.  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Elsie A.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Emily Jane  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Emmer A.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Fannie  Pleasent View Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Fannie V.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Floyd & Hattie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Showalter, Frank and Emma  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Grove and Florence  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Harry Lee  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Showalter, Henry S.  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Showalter, Henretta  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Showalter, Howard and Flora  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Howard and Irene  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Howard F.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Huber and Martha  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Hugh  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Jacob and Mazie  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Jacob D. and Mary M.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, J. B.  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Showalter, Joseph A.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Showalter, Joseph and Anna  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Julius R.  Mt. Olive Church, Pineville
 Showalter, Laura  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Showalter, Lola F.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Lowell D. and Thelma R.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Luke and Lydiak  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethern
 Showalter, Margaret  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Marion and Maude  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Showalter, Mark C. and Amanda E.  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethern
 Showalter, Mary  Blosser Cemetery
 Showalter, Mary A.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Showalter, Mary A.  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Showalter, Mary E.  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Mary Esther  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Michael  Pleasent View Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Michael and Josephine  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Michael and Millie  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Minnie M.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Myrtie A.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, O. Franklin Jr and Martha Ann  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Oliver Daniel and Frances Miller  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, Owen Sr and Edith  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Peter and Lizzie  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, P. Franklin  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Raymond and Albera  Melanchthon Cemetery
 Showalter, Rev John and Maggie  Mt. Olive Church, Pineville
 Showalter, Rev Lewis A.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Rolston H.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Roy Edward  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Sallie B.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Sallie B. and Infant Son  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Sallie J.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Samuel F.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Showalter, Sarah Jane  Melanchthon Cemetery
 Showalter, S. Catherine  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Showalter, Timothy and Susie Shipe  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethern
 Showalter, Waneta Rose  Pike Mennonite Church
 Showalter, W. Earl  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Showalter, Wendell H.  Mt. Olive Church, Pineville
 Shull, Calvin Joseph  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, James Earnest and Stella Leota  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, Jerry  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, Jesse Wise  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, Mary E. and Joseph R.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, Perry Hinkle  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shull, Walter D.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Shulte, Agnes L.  Flick/Huffman Cemetery
 Shultz, Infant Daughter  Myers Family Cemetery
 Sievers, Nannie  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Silveus, Clarence  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Silveus, Hannah  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Silveus, Noah  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Silveus  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Silvious, Lawrence  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Silvious, Raleigh and Rebecca  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Silvious, Sophia  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Silvius, Elton  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Silvius, Hannahb  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Silvius, P. A.  Rife Cemetery, Timberville
 Silvius, S. H.  Rife Cemetery, Timberville
 Silvius, Wm.  Rife Cemetery, Timberville
 Simmers, Abram  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Amanda C.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Bertie C.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Carl Maurice  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Catherine V.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Charles L.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Charles L.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Christian  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Christian & Hannah Jane "Spitzer"  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Clarence.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Clark J. & Katie "Summers"  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Cora L.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, David & Mary "Fitzsimons"  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, David B.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Devada I.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Dianna  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Donald L.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Dora Lee  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Douglas L. & Cyntha J.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Earl E. and Nina L.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Effie Irene  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Simmers, Eldon W.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Ella Maun.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Emma  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Ernest  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Simmers, Eulalia H.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Fannie C.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Hannah Jane "Spitzer"  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Harve and Virginia  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Simmers, Harvey  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Harvey E.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Howard F.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Jacob A. & Malinda C.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Jacob C.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Jacob C.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Jacob S.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Jacob W.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Janet D.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Janice D.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, J. Homer N. & Sibyln N.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, John W. & Lucy C.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Joseph Christian Elder  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Lidia A.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Mable  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Mary C.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Mary E. F.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Mary M.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Olen F.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Penny L. "McCauley".  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, R. Merle & Martha.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Roxi Lee  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Rose  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Simmers, Sallie E.  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, Samuel B.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Sarah J.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, Saylor Jennings  Linville Cemetery
 Simmers, William C.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmers, William Henry  Lacey Springs Cemetery
 Simmers, Willie L.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Simmons, Addison and Lavina  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
  Simmons, Downey and Gertrude Armentrout  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Simmons, Herman and Anna  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Simmons, Hubert and Nina  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
 Simmons, Isaac C.  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
 Simmons, Jesse A.  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
 Simmons, Timothy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Sinnett, John Paul  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Sinnett, John Paul Sr & Doretha  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Siple, Annie Catherine  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Sipe, Catherine F.  Mt. Pleasant Brethren Church
 Sipe, Charles E.  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, Charlsie Jennings  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, Edith Rothgeb  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Sipe, Emanuel  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, John W.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Sipe, Katharine Roberts  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sipe, Kittie Sue  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, Laura Gaines  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, Leonard V.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Sipe, Leone  Dayton Cemetery
 Sipe, Lugiphine Virginia  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, Margaret C.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sipe, Odie A. and Annie E.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Sipe, Penelope C.  Linville Cemetery
 Sipe, R.A. and Jennie M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Sipe, Roy G.  Harriston Cemetery
 Sipe, Samuel H. and Francis J.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Sipe, William Edgar  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Skinner, Joshua and Doris  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Skinner, Lydia  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Soklosky, Alice  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
 Slater, Verne-R & Ray Levy  Beth-el Cemetery
 Slaves, Beloved  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Slusser, Bruce Eva  Linville Cemetery
 Slusser, Calvin E.  Linville Cemetery
 Slye, Charlie and Nannie  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Smith, Abraham  Smith Cemetery, Rt 13
 Smith, Arnold and Dorothy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Smith, Beonca Pagi  Clover Hill Cemetery
 Smith, Charles Edward Sr  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Smith, Christina E.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Smith, Daniel  Clover Hill UMC
 Smith, Daniel, Mary & Robert  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Smith, Edward  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Smith, Elizabeth  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Smith, Ginger Jacob Leon  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Smith, Henry  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Smith, Henry  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Smith, Hiram  Harrison Cemetery, Longs Pump
 Smith, Jacob  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Smith, Jean K.  Linville Cemetery
 Smith, John and Barbara  Wampler Family Cemetery
 Smith, John W.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Smith, Joseph  Smith Cemetery, Rt 13
 Smith, Juliet Ann  Smith Cemetery, Rt 13
 Smith, Lillie Gibson  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Smith, Margie  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Smith, Martha J.  Clover Hill UMC
 Smith, Mary  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Smith, Minnie B.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Smith, Nancy  Mt. Clinton Mennonite Cemetery
 Smith, Permelia  Harrison Cemetery, Longs Pump
 Smith, Raymond Clifford  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Smith, Rudolph Johnson  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Smith, Russell and Lena  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Smith, Russell & Tenie  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Smith, Samuel  Harrison Cemetery, Longs Pump
 Smith, Stuart N.  Mt. Crawford Old Baptist Church Cemetery
 Smith, William  Smith Family Cemetery, Crow Hollow
 Smith, Willie  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Snell, Margaret W.  Port Republic Cemetery
 Snider, Arlin and Ruth  Pike Mennonite Church
 Snyder, Elizabeth  Peaked Mt. Church Cemetery
 Sonifrank, Carolyn Jean  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Sonifrank, Clifton, Clota and Daniel  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Sonifrank, George D. and Clara A.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Sonifrank, Nola F. and Eva N.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Sonifrank, Oma Virginia  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Sonn, Adrian Louis  Beth-el Cemetery
 Sonn, Lorraine  Beth-el Cemetery
 Southerly, Hannah S.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Southerly, Sol C.  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Sowerwine, Mary  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 Sowerwine, Peter  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Timberville
 Spader, Jacob  St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery
 Spiro, Infant  Beth-el Cemetery
 Spiro, Morris & Sadye  Beth-el Cemetery
 Spitzer, Abraham Hiram & Catherine "Long"  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Spitzer, Benjamin  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Spitzer, Catherine  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Spitzer, Frances E.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Spitzer, Hannah C.  Hollar Family Cemetery
 Spitzer, Ida Bell  Spitzer Family Cemetery
 Spitzer, J. E.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Spitzer, John and Mary  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Spitzer, L.L  Spitzer Family Cemetery
 Spitzer, Michael  Linville Cemetery
 Spitzer, Sarah Lee  Spitzer Family Cemetery
 Spitzer, Sarah Lucertia  Spitzer Family Cemetery
 Spitzer, Vesta Viola  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Spitzer, William  Spitzer Family Cemetery
 Staton, Julia A.  Keezletown Cemetery
 Steele, Annie Smoots  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Charles  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Charlotte  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Clarence and Dorothy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Edgar and Velva  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Eva May  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Jas  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, & Laura  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Laura Bell  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Payton  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Reuben  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Susan  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Susie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Talford and Vada  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Thomas  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Timothy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, Treva, Reba, Margie & Pauline  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steele, William  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Steiner, Alvin and Ellen  Pike Mennonite Church
 Stinespring, Ora  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Stinnett, Harper S. and Irene W.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Stogdale, Susan E.  Harriston Cemetery
 Stover, Chas W.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Stover, David H. and Mary Anne Conrad  East Point Cemetery
 Stover, Henry W.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Stover, Mary A.  St Peters Church Cemetery
 Stover, Thomas M. and Anna B.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Strauss, Joseph  Beth-el Cemetery
 Strawderman, Auborn & Catherine  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Strawderman, Carrie  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Strawderman, Hays  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Strawderman, JoAnn  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Strawderman, John & Gertrude  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Strawderman, Paul Henry & Mary Ethel  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Strawderman, Virginia Ann  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Stepp, Bessie  Turley Cemetery
 Stepp, Elizabeth  Turley Cemetery
 Stepp, Isaac N.  Turley Cemetery
 Stogdale, George W.  Harriston Cemetery
 Stone, Minnie  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Stoner, David  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Hannah  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Hannah C.  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Joel  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, John S.  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Mary E.  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Samuel  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stoner, Susanna  Stoner Family Cemetery
 Stover, Josie V.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Strawderman, Garland  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Strickler, Benjamin  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Strickler, Benjamin F.  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Strickler, Braxton M.  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Strickler, Elizabeth J.  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Strickler, John  Mt. Valley EUB
 Strickler, Margaret  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Strickler, Mary  Mt. Valley EUB
 Strickler, Susan C.  Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
 Stroop, Carol J.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Stroop, George and Mary  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Stroop, Ida  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Stroop, Lucy  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Stroop, Sidney  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Strother, Lewis and James E.  Old Athens Church Cemetery
 Strother, James and Jane  Old Athens Church Cemetery
 Summerfield, Walter & Pearlie  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Summers, Cloud M.  Pine Grove Cemetery
 Summers, Derrick W.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Summers, George Arthur  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Summers, Joseph K.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Summers, Joseph K. and Margaret  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Summers, Margaret V.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Summers, Mary C.  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Summers, Simon Peter  Lacy Springs Cemetery
 Suter, Ann  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Anna  Blosser Cemetery
 Suter, B. Frank  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Catherine  Blosser Cemetery
 Suter, David  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, John and Ruth  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Lessie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Lester R.  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Lloyd and Mildred  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Suter, Robert and Pauline  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Swadley, William & Norma Evick  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Swank, Alma  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Swank, Barbara  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, Daniel  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, John David  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, J. Robert  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Swank, Levi  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, Mary  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, Peter  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swank, Russell and Elizabeth  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Swank, Sarah  St. John's Lutheran Church
 Swartz, Catherine C.  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Swartz, Charity  Dingledine/Swartz Cemetery
 Swartz, David  Dingledine/Swartz Cemetery
 Swope, Abraham Y.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Barbara E.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Diana  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Elizabeth J.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Frank and Edith  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Swope, Hugh  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, John H.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Minnie and Burkholder Lydia Sisters  Pike Mennonite Church
 Swope, Peter  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Ralph D. and Mary J.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Swope, Rebecca  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Swope, Roy and Nancy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Tappy, Perry L.  Hollar Family Cemetery
 Tate, Carl  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, Edward  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, Ewell  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, John  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, Luna  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, Sarah  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Tate, William & Mary Essie  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Taylor, Alice  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Taylor, Charles G.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Taylor, Joseph and Bonnie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Taylor, Joseph B.  Herwin Chaple Cemetery
 Taylor, Joseph S.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Taylor, Julia A.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Taylor, Otis  Mt. Valley EUB
 Taylor, Roy Esten  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Taylor, Sallie R.  Linville Cemetery
 Terry, Elmer Allen, Sr.  Linville Cemetery
 Terry, Wilda "Emswiler"  Linville Cemetery
 Teter, Sarah  Harriston Cemetery
 Thomas, Areanah  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Thomas, Richard A.  Jacob Sellers Cemetery
 Thomas, Elizabeth  Thomas Family Cemetery
 Thomas, Family  Thomas Family - Harrisonburg
 Thomas, Hettie R.  Brush Brethren Cemetery
 Thomas, Mary F.  Brush Brethren Cemetery
 Thomas, Richard  Thomas Family Cemetery
 Thomas, Strawther  Homan Family Cemetery
 Thompson, Charles S.  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Thompson, William  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Thompson, William Rodger & Betty Joseph  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Todd, Tracey Ann  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Toliver, _arry B.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Albert F.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Benjamin  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Bernice Jean  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Colonell W.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Dorothy S.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Edith A.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Eva J. Becks  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, James Hampton  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, James Lee  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Lucy  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Minnie E.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Silas C.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Virginia E.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Toliver, Walter A.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Trissel, Annie  Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
 Trissel, Barbara  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Trissel, Elizabeth, Martha, Katherine and Mary  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Trissel, Jacob  Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery
 Trissel, Joseph  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Trissel, Nancy  Trissels Mennonite Cemetery
 Trobaugh, Clark L. and Emma P.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Trobaugh, Lillie F.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Trombatore, Sarah Frances "Earman"  Keezletown Cemetery
 Trout, Elizabeth Baer  Trout Family Cemetery
 Trout, Michael  Trout Family Cemetery
 Trumbo, Samatha "Emswiler"  Oak Grove Brethren Cemetery
 Trumbo, Staci W.  Oak Grove Brethren Cemetery
 Turley, Elizabeth  Mt. Crawford Old Baptist Church Cemetery
 Turner, A.G.  Viands Cemetery
 Turner, Jacob  Reedy Family Cemetery
 Turner, Jane  Reedy Family Cemetery
 Turner, Lelia L.  Viands Cemetery
 Turner, Mary P.  Reedy Family Cemetery
 Turner, Salena Edna (Dute)  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Turner, Silas  Reedy Family Cemetery
 Turner, Susan  Viands Cemetery
 Tusing, Beulah  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, Dolly  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing. Dolly L.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Elizabeth  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Henry  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Henry  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, Infants  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Ivanand Daisy  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, John and Emma Jane  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, John H.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Joshua W.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Laura  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, Martha A.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Moses F.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Mrs Minnie E.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Rachel A.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Robert H.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, Romanus and Susan  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, Sarah  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Tusing, Timothy P.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tusing, William  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Tutwiler, Pearl "Maupin"  Port Republic Cemetery
 Tutwiler, Samuel Murrell Good  Keezletown Cemetery
 Tutwiler, Samuel  Mt. Crawford Cemetery
 unknown  Harriston Cemetery
 Unknown, Fieldstone  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Alfred Walters  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Andrew R.  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 VanPelt, Arnold  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 VanPelt, Benet  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Dewitt N. & Hattie J.  Ottobine Church Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Ernest  Singer's Glen Cemetery
  Vanpelt, George W.  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Henry  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 VanPelt, Henry H.  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Ida  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Vampelt, Isaac  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 VanPelt, Iva Bell  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 VanPelt, James G.  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Vampelt, J. Floyd  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, John and Ina  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Children of J.M. and A.D.  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Julia  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Vanpelt, Junie and Annie  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Lloyd S.  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vampelt, Lucy M.  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Luther  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Martin, Annie and Mary  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Marvin W.  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Mary Ona  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 VanPelt, Mehala J.  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Millie G.  Ottobine Church Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Olav  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 Vampelt, Polly  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Raymond W.  Cedar Grove Cemetery
 VanPelt, Susan  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 VanPelt, Tunis  Mt. Clinton Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Ward Early  Mt. Horeb Cemetery
 Vanpelt, W. F.  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vanpelt, Zella "Hoover"  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Vawter, James  Mt. Crawford Old Baptist Church Cemetery
 Viands, Charles W.  Viands Cemetery
 Viands, Luther  Viands Cemetery
 Viands, Raymond  Viands Cemetery
 Vians, Ruby  Viands Cemetery
 Vincie, John and Maggie  Mt. Valley EUB
 Vines, Addline Roadcap  Port Republic Cemetery
 Waddy, Edward N.  Zirkle/Driver Family Cemetery
 Wagner, Morris Elizabeth Smith  Port Republic Cemetery
 Walker, Annie V.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Wallach, Heinz  Beth-el Cemetery
 Walton, Bernie P. and Bessie L.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Walton, George W. and Martha A.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Walton, Samuel E. and Mary S.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wampler, Berta  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Wampler, Catharine  Wampler Family Cemetery
 Wampler, Ida  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Wampler, William  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Warren, Colonel E.T.H. and Virginia W.  Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg
 Washington, Dewitt Newton and Addie C.  St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery
 Washington, Eltie May  St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery
 Washington, Hattie M.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Washington, Henry D.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Washington, Lizzie  St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery
 Washington, Sarah A.  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Wasington, Sarah Magnolia  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Washington, William Warren  St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery
 Way, G. Ferdinand  Mt. Sinai UMC Church Cemetery
 Wean, Bertha  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Wease, Charles Harshbarger  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wease, Daughter of Ida  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wease, Ida P.  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wease, John W. and Nelia P.  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wease, R. Geraldine M.  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wease, Robert E. W.  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Weast, A. G. W.  Harriston Cemetery
 Weast, Lizzie S.  Harriston Cemetery
 Weast, Maggie J.  Harriston Cemetery
 Weast, Orville Eranklin  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Weast, unknown  Harriston Cemetery
 Weaver, Mary  Shank or Old Weaver Cemetery
 Weiss, Theodore  Beth-el Cemetery
 Weller, Anna  Myers Family Cemetery
 Wender, Simon & Rosella  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wenger, Ann Mary  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Annie Mary  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Barbara  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Barbara "Beery"  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Barbara "Hoover"  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Benjamin  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Benjamin  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Benjamin Jr  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Benjamin and Ethel  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Bertha and Bertram  Wease Family Cemetery, Penn Laird
 Wenger, Clarence Windon Sr.  Edom United Methodist Church
 Wenger, Daniel and Tracy  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wenger, D. David  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, David  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Dora Bell "Rhodes"  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Ephriam  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Ephriam Jr  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Isaac and Lydia  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, John M.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Joseph  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Joseph  Lindale Mennonite
 Wenger, Joseph Sterling and Carolyn Lambert  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Wenger, Joseph S. Evelyn V.  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wenger, Joseph Sterling  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Wenger, Moses  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Nannie J.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Reffa  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Simeon  Blosser Cemetery
 Wenger, Sisters Celia and Lois  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Sisters Sarah F. and Mary  Pike Mennonite Church
 Wenger, Susannah  Blosser Cemetery
 Wheelbarger, Andy and Mary  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wenger, William Roy and Blanche "King"  Lindale Mennonite
 Wheelbarger, Ivan C.  Banks Mennonite Church, near Hinton
 Wheeler, Mariah J.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Wheeler, Peter W.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Whetzel, Archie  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Whetzel, Bessie  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Whetzel, David and Nora  Mt. Zion Church of the Brethern
 Whetzel, Edward M.  Reedy Family Cemetery
 Whetzel, Effie V.  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Whetzel, Eugene David  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Whetzel, Joseph Daniel  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Whetzel, Stanley W. and Alberta L.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Whetzel, Infant Daughter of Roy and Effie  Singer's Glen Cemetery
 Whetze, lGola Delawder  Runions Creek Cemetery
 Whisler, Vernon and Annie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Whitesel, Charles E. Sr.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Catherine  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Glossy E.  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, John  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Mary E.  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Mary  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Peter  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Rev J.E.  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Simon B.  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitesel, Guy J. Jr. and Goldie M.  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Whitezel, Infant of Peter & Mary  Whitesels UB Church Cemetery
 Whitmer, Adam and Sarah  Whitmer Cemetery
 Whitmer, Eve  Whitmer Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Whitmer, Jacob  Whitmer Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Whitmore, William  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Wilberge, Mathia  Friedens Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Wilberge, Margaretha  Friedens Cemetery, Mt. Crawford
 Wilkins, Ruby M.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Wilkins, Rudolph W.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Williams, Charlie W.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Elizabeth A.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Harry  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Williams, Henry Addison  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Williams, Henry E. and Cordelia M.  Williams Cemetery, Sandy Bottom
 Williams, Homer & Beatrice.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Homer W.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Infant.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, James C.  Dayton Cemetery
 Williams, James W.  Mt. Crawford Negro Cemetery
 Williams, John E. and Lizzie E.  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Williams, John T. and Josephine R.  Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
 Williams, John W.  Dayton Cemetery
 Williams, Lewie.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Margie  Mt. Pleasant Brethren Church
 Williams, Mary P.  Dayton Cemetery
 Williams, Mary S.  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Williams, Raymond J.  Williams Cemetery, Sandy Bottom
 Williams, Raymond L. and Ora M.  Williams Cemetery, Sandy Bottom
 Williams, Robert and Eunice  Mt. Valley EUB
 Williams, William  St. Luke's Church Cemetery, Rt 613
 Willoughby, Dorothy "Crawford"  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wilson, Margaret Ray  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wilson, Jackson, Mary, James and Fannie M.  Athens Colored Cemetery
 Wilson, Virgie C.  Simmons Cemetery, Rawley Springs
 Wilt, Richard M. and Stella R.  Bethel Mennonite Church
 Wimer, Peter  Elms Cemetery
 Wine, Aaron A.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Anna  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Catherine  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine wife of G.W., Catherine  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Eld. George W.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Eld. John  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Elizabeth  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, George and Magdalene  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Infant of G.W. and C.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Isaac B.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Mary M.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Michael  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Rebecca J.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Wine, Sarah V.  Wine Family Cemetery
 Winfield, Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Salvage  Kring Salvage Cemetery
 Winsbrough, Amanda Melvina  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Winsbrough, Mrs Julia A.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Winsbrough, William  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Wise, Abram  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Adam Jr  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Adam & Elizabeth  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Albert  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Bertha  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Catherine  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Clinton  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Wise, Daniel H.  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, David & Abigail  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Emanuel & Susanna  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Fannie  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Fannie Adolph  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Gladys, Adolph & Amalia Gailinger  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Herman & Rosa  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, John & Sally  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Julius & Helen  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Leni  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wise, Leopold  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Mary Rosalie  St Paul UM Church Cemetery
 Wise, Minnie  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, Sigmond  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wise, William & Delilah  St. Michael's Church, Rt 837
 Wolfe, Daugher of Joseph and Bessie  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wolfe, Elisabeth  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wolfe, Eliza Sydney  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wolfe, Son of Joseph and Bessie  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wolfrey, Herbert and Clemmie  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wolfrey, Herbert II and Velda  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wolfrey, John and Augusta  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wolfrey, Perry Edwin  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wolfrey, Richard and Martha  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wood, Aldine P.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Wood, Beverly A.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Wood, Darryl Eugene  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wood, Floyd Wilson & Helen Marie  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wood, John and Elizabeth M.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Wood, Joseph P. and Louise  Eaton, Jack Eaton Pl.
 Wood, Malcolm V. & Mabel M.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wood, M.E. Rubush Long  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Wood, Naomi  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wood, Reese J. & Beulah M.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wood, Ruth  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wood, Shirley June  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wood, William V.  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wood, William L.   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Wood, Willie  Maiden Cemetery, Beldor Hollow
 Wooddell, Evelyn "Kratzer"  Linville Cemetery
 Woody, Maudine and Joseph  Cooks Creek Cemetery
 Workman, Alberta  Rawley Springs Mennonite Church
 Workman, Joseph S.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wright, Ashby and Alma B.  East Point Cemetery
 Wright, Benjamin Lewis  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Wurzburger, Sophia  Beth-el Cemetery
 Wyant, Elizabeth Baugher  Jessie Wyant, Beldor Hollow Cemetery
 Wyant, Florence M.  Elk Run Cemetery, Elkton
 Wyant, Jessie  Jessie Wyant, Beldor Hollow Cemetery
 Wyant, John  Jessie Wyant, Beldor Hollow Cemetery
 Wyatt, Thomas E.  Turley Cemetery
 Wyatt, Williams and Hester   Dungeon's Chapel Back Cemetery
 Yancey, Mamie Jennings  Lacey Springs Cemetery
 Yancey, Edward  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Jos Richard  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Laura Bell  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Mary  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Mary E.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Mary F.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Mary K.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Robert A.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, Robert Layton  Lacey Springs Cemetery
 Yancey, William B.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, William B. and Victoria  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville
 Yancey, William M.  Woodbine Cemetery
 Yeakler, John C.  Pike Mennonite Church
 Young Sr, Abraham  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Young, Daniel T.  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Young, Elisabeth  Raish/Garber Cemetery
 Young, Joseph A.  Clover Hill Methodist
 Yount, Jacob  Yount Cemetery, Latimer-Road
 Yount, John  Yount Cemetery, Latimer-Road
 Zetty, Eva  Keezletown Cemetery
 Zigler, Paul and Goldie  Concord UCC Cemetery
 Zimmerman, Elmer J. and Lena  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Zimmerman, Russell C. and Olga C. Smiley  Briery Branch Church Cemetery
 Zindler, Leo & Pauline  Beth-el Cemetery
 Zirk, Lena E.  Linville Cemetery
 Zirk, Roy E.  Linville Cemetery
 Zirkle, Frank  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Zirkle, Fannie  Antioch UCC Cemetery
 Zirkle, John B.  Turley Cemetery
 Zirkle, Lewis  Zirkle/Driver Family Cemetery
 Zirklee, Roy  Dayton Cemetery
 Zirkle, John Franklin  Dayton Cemetery
 ZIRKLE, Nellie Fleming  Dayton Cemetery

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