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Rockingham County
WWII Honor Roll
Men who lost their lives fighting for our country

This Roll is a compilation of information from the following three sources:
"World War II Honor List of  Dead and Missing" 1946 (copy on NARA web site)
WWII list at the Harrisonburg Rockingham Historical Society (obtained from the UVA Library)
"Historic Harrisonburg" 1949 by John W. Wayland (pages 365 - 369)
Many thanks to Lois Weitzel Emswiler for her help in obtaining and comparing these lists..
Some discrepancies existed between the 3 lists as to inclusion and rank. If anyone has information

different from that shown please let us know.

Click on underlined names for photo.

 This page is dedicated to my uncle, Carl D. Lee, who was killed in action on September 3, 1944 in Normandy.  He and his company commander volunteered for special duty on patrol and both were killed by German snipers.

May we always appreciate the freedom we enjoy because these men were willing to give their lives to protect it.

Adkins, Robert Lee TEC3 (S/SGT) KIA
Alexander, Clarence Minor CPL
Andes, Paul Driver PVT KIA
Andes, Roy Harold 1 LT (2nd LT) DNB
Armentrout, Layton C. PFC KIA
Armstrong, Marion H. (J.) 1 LT DNB
Baker, Hensel Wright. Jr. SGT KIA
Bassford, Joseph H. SGT I
Bennett, Samuel Thornton PVT A
Berry, Charles J. PFC KIA
Billhimer, Hiram Walter PFC DNB
Blackburn, Beverly Sydnor 2 LT KIA
Blackburn, John Francis Jr. 2 LT KIA
Blakenship, Walter Rudolph PFC KIA
Blosser, Lee Roy PVT KIA
Bowles, Martin H. S SG DNB
Bowman, Thomas Newton 1 LT KIA
Boyers, Milton A. S SG KIA
Branum, William H. 1 LT KIA
Carrier, James E. CPL (S/SGT) IJPC
Claytor, Sherman E. PFC KIA
Claybrook, Clarence Andrew LT I
Click, David H. SGT KIA
Cline, Rolen S.I. No rank listed
Coffman, Franklin W. CPL KIA
Compton, Lloyd Grayson 2 LT A
Cooper, Trenton A. CPL
Cratin, Willard Joseph T SGT KIA
Crawford, Griffin Burns STM1c (steward's mate) KIA
Crider, William L. PFC KIA
Cromer, Ernest Eugene PFC KIA
Crookshanks, Robert H. PVT KIA
Cupp, Orville L. PFC KIA
Curry, Albert P., Jr.
Curry, Dee Lloyd PVT KIA
Davis, Cecil B. SGT KIA
Dean, George Gilbert, Jr. PVC KIA
Dean, Raymond Miller PFC KIA
Dean, Stanley R. PVT I
Donovan, Gladstone W. no rank listed KIA
Duvall, James E. 2 LT
Earman, Elwood W. CPL KIA
Earman, John Miller 1 LT FOD
Eastham, Kenna Granville COL DNB
Evans, Forrest E. no rank listed
Flick, Fred Wilbert PFC KIA
Forren, Walter A. PFC KIA
Fravel, Marcus Lanier F1c (fireman 1st cl) KIA
Fulk, Forrest E. SGT KIA
Gangwer, Robert L. TEC5 DNB
Garber, Richard Lynwood PFC KIA
Gardner, Harry C. PVT (M/SGT) DNB
Gaynor, Clayton Cook PFC KIA
Getz, Owen Monroe PFC KIA
Gibson, Carl F. PFC KIA
Good, Benjamin R. PFC KIA
Gooden, Frank W. PVT KIA
Gooden, Leonard Douglas S2/c (seaman  2/c) KIA
Gooden, Ray C. S SG KIA
Gooden, Stratten Henry, Jr. LT KIA
Harmon, Winston Winsboro T SG KIA
Harrison, Jacob L. PVT (CPL) KIA
Hausenfluck, Luther Allen, Jr. CAPT KIA
Heatwole, Dwight Everette S SG KIA
Hensley, Wilbert L. CPL DNB
Hering, Robert Taylor LT C KIA
Herold, Andrew Clyde, Jr. SK2c
Hilbert, Waldo B. PVT KIA
Hodge, Herman Leonard SGT DOI
Hodges, Calvin Theodore PVT KIA
Hogshead, Ray Edward PFC KIA
Holsinger, Lawrence M. PFC KIA
Hoover, Franklin Flory SGT KIA
Howdyshell, Wilbert L. PFC KIA
Huffman, Boyd Winston CPL KIA
Hughes, Walden Allen S SGT KIA
Hummel, Richard Malcolm CPL KIA
Humphrey, Cecil M. T 5 KIA
Kersh, Edgar Orlin 1 LT KIA
Kibler, Virgil D. PFC DOW
Kiser, George C. PVT KIA
Kite, Francis C. PFC KIA
Kline, Stanley Fly EM1c
Knighten, Woodrow W. PFC DOW
Knupp, Orville Lee PFC KIA
Knupp, Robert G., Jr. PVT KIA
Koch, Robert Glenn S1c (seaman 1st class) I
Kyger, Lewis Cleveland F2c (fireman 2/c) KIA
Lam, Andrew Jack, Jr. no rank listed
Lam, Millard H. PVT KIA
Lambert, Delmar R. S SG KIA
Landes, Ray W. PFC KIA
Leap, Carl Hawkins no rank listed KIA
Lee, Carl D. S SG KIA
Lipscomb, Henry Powell no rank listed KIA
Logan, John R., III CPL KIA
McDaniel, John Wesley PVT KIA
McDonaldson, Conrad M. PFC KIA
Meadows, Harold V. CPL KIA
Miller, Charles Clifton S SG KIA
Miller, Edward (Edwin) Kenneth PFC KIA
Miller, Paul H. PVT (PFC) IJPC
Moubray, Ted F. S SG KIA
Myers, Benjamin Allen T SGT
Myers, Edgar Rudolph PFC KIA
Neff, Dwight Lee CPL KIA
Neff, Paul O. SGT KIA
Painter, Francis H. no rank listed DNB
Piner, Clarence Wesley PVT (CPL)
Pirkey, Weldon A. PFC DOW
Prichard, Benjamin Wilson CPL KIA
Propst, Charles E. S SG FOD
Raines, Joseph Phillip S1c (seaman 1/class) A
Reid, Grover Hampton SGT A
Reynolds, Harland P. PFC KIA
Rhodes, Jacob Clark SGT KIA
Riggleman, Earman Dow SGT FOD
Rinaca, Benjamin Harold SGT KIA
Roach, George W. PFC KIA
Rodgers, Hebert Neale no rank listed KIA
Royer, Marvin Nelson PFC KIA
Sager, William J. PFC KIA
Settles, Durwood Chestlee 2 LT KIA
Shank, Aaron David no rank listed
Shank, Otho M. PVT KIA
Shank, William Winston 2 LT (1 LT) KIA
Sherman, Nathan Gilbert PVT KIA
Shifflett, Ernest R. PFC KIA
Shipp, John P. PVT DNB
Shirkey, Owen E. PFC KIA
Showalter, Gabriel Hugh CPL KIA
Sirk, Roy G. PVT KIA
Strickler, Dwight C. PVT KIA
Strickler, Joseph E. PFC DNB
Strole, Trenton Atwood S SG KIA
Stroop, Biedler W. SGT DNB
Sutherland W.D. Jr. 1 LT DNB
Thompson, Harry F. PVT FOD
Trobaugh, Clark Lester CPL KIA
Trobaugh, George D. PVT KIA
Tuckson, Lawrence S SG A
Wampler, Woodrow (William) W. TEC5 DOI
Warble, Lawrence Lenwood PFC KIA
Way, Merlin W. PVT KIA
Weaver, Raymond H. SGT DNB
Whetzel, Russel F. PFC KIA
White, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. no rank listed KIA
Wiles, Ira E. PFC KIA
Will, Gilmour M., Jr. S SG KIA
Williams, Miller PVT KIA
Wood, Homer Andrew PFC KIA

If you have photos of any of these men and you would like to have them included in this memorial, please send them to me at

Key to cause of death:
A = Death from accident
DOW = Died of wounds
DOI = Died of injuries
DNB = Died, non-battle
FOD = Finding of death
I = Death from illness
IJPC = Death from illness in Japanese prison camp
KIA = Killed in action


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