War of 1812 Pension Application of Ester Cornwell, widow of John Cornwell

Russell County Law Order Book 5, Page 352
07 November 1816
On the application of Ester Lucinda Cornwell widow of John Cornwell deceased in order to make the necessary proof to entitle her and her children to the pension allowed by law.

Robert Dickenson this day personally appeared in court and being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the said John Cornwell was in the year eighteen hundred and fourteen regularly detailed as a private soldier for the service in a detachment of militia in which this deponent was Lieutenant from Russell County directed to be marched for Norfolk in the United States service that the said John Cornwell was marched toward that destination as far as the county of (blank) near the town of Liberty where sickness prevented his further march. He was there left on furlough to proceed to Norfolk on recovery so as to be able to march.

Jesse Morton a respectable witness being duly sworn deposeth & saith that some time in the month of October or November of the year 1814 John Cornwell who had been marched from this county for Norfolk and had returned on account of inability to perform duty, to his residence in the county of Russell died from the fall of some part of a house in which he then was in the employment of one of his neighbors. He further saith that the said Ester together with her children resides in the said county of Russell and is yet unmarried.

A register of marriages kept by the clerk of this court pursuant to the laws of Virginia was produced in court from which it appears that the said John and Ester were legally joined together in marriage by James Hobbs on the 21st day of January 1805.

The said Ester Lucinda Cornwell being duly sworn deposeth that the following are the names and ages of her children to wit Elyah eight years old the 22nd of January next, Jesse six years old the 17th of January next, Elizabeth P. three years old the 1st of March next.

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