Abraham Fuller Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located about midway between the top of River Mountain and Highway 19 east of Lebanon, due south of Smith Knob and north/northwest of Smithfield. Coming from Lebanon, once you get on the four lane you will go around a bend to the left, then go a short distance on a straight stretch. You will then go around a right hand bend. Just as you get to the end of the right hand bend, there will be a turn off to the left. Turn left. There will be two roads you can follow, follow the right hand road. The Cemetery is on the Smith property. While travelling out Rt. 19, if you come to the turn off to Rt. 80 on the right side of the highway, at Smithfield, you have gone too far. The cemetery is in a pasture field, the fence is down and about half of the stones have been knocked over. There are also a few field stones here. Copied 18 Feb 1999.

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(Double Stone)

William H. Fuller (s/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
10 Oct 1840 - 11 Sep 1928

Cosby K. Fuller (w/o William H. Fuller, d/o James Kendrick & Clarissa McFarlane)
25 Apr 1841 - 15 Nov 1929

(Double Stone)

John W. Fuller
28 Jul 1883 - 05 Jan 1905

William H. Fuller
11 May 1886 - 08 Dec 1895

Bernard Reynolds Gilmer
13 Apr 1894 - 06 Jun 1900

Lucy E. Gilmer, w/o Lafayette Gilmer (d/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
18 Dec 1844 - 09 Sep 1898

Ira Reynolds Fuller (s/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
14 Jan 1835 - 08 Feb 1925

Mary Fuller (Mary Sargent, w/o Abraham Fuller)
(Note: This stone is deteriorating and crumbling badly. Only the first name is now readable. It is only identifiable as Abraham Fuller's wife because it is next to his stone and is of the exact same style. Mary Fuller was b: 24 Feb 1766 & d: 02 Nov 1846.)

Abraham Fuller (s/o Henry Fuller & Katherine Salling)
27 Dec 1763 - 15 Nov 1836

Emily C. Fuller (d/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
29 oct 1830 - 26 Oct 1917

Samuel P. Fuller (s/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
09 Sep 1842 - 24 Mar 1893

Unreadable Stone

Mary B. Fuller (w/o Abraham Fuller, d/o Bernard Reynolds & Lucy Johnston)
30 Oct 1809 - 01 Mar 1884
Age 74y, 4m, 1d

Abraham Fuller (s/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Sargent)
21 Sep 1807 - 25 Jan 1891

Barbara E. Fuller, w/o Charles B. Fuller & d/o A. M. & C. Ferguson
d: 06 Nov 1878
Age 27y, 4m, 21d
(Note: Barbara Fuller's parents were Anthony Ferguson & Catherine McCleary)

Charles B. Fuller (s/o Abraham Fuller & Mary Reynolds)
d: 04 Oct 1888
Age 39y 11m 17d

Florence Elizabeth Kingsolver
04 Nov 1877 - 25 Sep 1898

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