This family cemetery is located about seven miles Northwest of Lebanon and about two miles Northwest of Cleveland. It is situated on a small knoll on the Southeast side of State Rt 745, about one-half mile Northeast of the small community of South Clinchfield. It is less than one hundred feet from the road, and is situated between the road and Millstone Branch stream. It cannot be seen from any point on the road.

Access is difficult. There are no identifiable roads or pathways to the cemetery. Our visit took place in late March, and it was necessary to force our way through briars and undergrowth up the rather steep slope of the knoll before any of the cemetery was visible. The climb is more gentle from the South, or right while facing the knoll from Rt 745.

There was no evidence of recent care or visitation. The cemetery was overgrown, and the wire fence is rusted and broken down. Thick grass and weeds make it difficult to identify many of the graves. This cemetery is a pitiful example of neglect, and is an insult to the memory of some of our Sutherland ancestors.

Note: Items in brackets ( ) have been added by the compiler.

This file submitted by Jim Sutherland


ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND Born: August 15, 1813 Died: September 20, 1896
(He was the son of Henry and Agnes "Aggie" LaForce Sutherland, and the grandson of "Jamie the Scotchman" and Sarah Buchanan Sutherland)

POLLY SUTHERLAND Born: November 8, 1815 Died: February 29, 1907
(Born MARY KELLY; known as "Pop" or "Polly." She was the wife of Alexander Sutherland, and the daughter of Peter and Susan Banner Kelly)

WM. H SUTHERLAND Born: August 11, 1840 Died: April 28, 1921
(Born WILLIAM HARRISON, he was the eldest son of Alexander and Polly Sutherland. He was a Confederate Soldier, and served in (1st) Company E, 21st Virginia Cavalry)

NANCY R SUTHERLAND Born: October 14, 1851 Died: February 17, 1892
(Born NANCY RAMSEY FRALEY. She was the wife of William Harrison Sutherland, and the daughter of James O and Biddy Fraley)

SYLVIA SUTHERLAND Born: October 15, 1842 Died: June 28, 1863
(She was the second child and first daughter of Alexander and Polly Sutherland. She was never married)

MARY JANE SUTHERLAND Born: September 20, 1853 Died: July 12, 1861
(She was the daughter of Alexander and Polly Sutherland)

AMY SUTHERLAND Born: 1857 Died: 1935
(She was the daughter of Alexander and Polly Sutherland. She was never married. A stone marker nearby identifies the grave of; "Infant d of Amy Sutherland, d 1885")

MAHALA SUTHERLAND Born: July 20, 1858 Died: November 1, 1930
(She was the daughter of Alexander and Polly Sutherland. She was never married)

J MORGAN SUTHERLAND Born: April 2, 1861 Died: June 13, 1930
(This is most likely "Daniel" Morgan Sutherland, youngest child of Alexander and Polly Sutherland)

ALICE SUTHERLAND Born: April 10, 1885 Died: April 10, 1888
(Identity & relationship not known)


FAUSIA MUSICK Born: March 15, 1879 Died: December 6, 1936
(She was the daughter of ELIZA SUTHERLAND, who was the daughter of Alexander and Polly Sutherland, and who married Cummings Musick, son of Solomon and Elizabeth Smith Musick)

SAM SUTHERLAND Born: October 15, 1848 Died: October 5, 1871
(He was the son of Alexander and Polly Sutherland)

In addition to the above, there were two unidentified graves marked only by rough native stone markers with no discernible inscriptions. One was located in the Southeast corner of the fenced cemetery area, and the other was located between the graves of Sylvia Sutherland and Sam Sutherland.

There may have been other graves in this cemetery, but the overgrown condition and the thick grass mat and weeds made it dificult to determine. This was a sad little cemetery, neglected and forgotten by the descendants of those buried there, and soon to be lost as Mother Nature prevails.

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