Owens Cemetery

Located five miles from Honaker. Take rt. 645 [New Garden Rd] about five miles and turn left on rt. 620 [Barrett rd.] go about 500 ft. Cemetery is on the right.

This file submitted by Lowell Boyd

Vina Miller, b 2/25/1878. d 9/5/1948

Martin V. Miller, b 11/10/1876. d 4/2/1968

Ransey Cox, b 1884, d 1912

Lacy Owens, b 9/5/1915, d 3/17/1916. s/o WS and Elizabeth

Rebecca Owens, b 3/9/1911, d 1/5/1918, d/o WS and Elizabeth.

Von Staley Owens, b 2/23/1920, d 1/30/1980, s/o William Walter Owens

Cora Boyd Owens, b 11/2/1922, d 9/14/2006

Kermit Owens, b 1904, d 1/15/1919, s/o LDR and Martha Owens

Roxie Owens b Jan. 1895, d 11/25/1910

Fern Owens, b 1897, d 1919, d/o of LDR and Martha

Lynn Byron Owens, b 3/27/1936, d 5/26/1977

LDR Owens, b 8/14/1864, d 6/4/1946
(Lorenzo Dow Owens, s/o Almarine Owens & Phoebe Sutherland)

Martha Owens, b 4/23/1863, d, 12/15/1910
(w/o Lorenzo Dow Owens, d/o Henry Sutherland & Margaret Counts)

Leland [Stan] Owens b,1887, d 1971

William Mckinnley Owens, b 6/9/1894, d 2/7/1972

Mae Miller, b 3/24/1907, d 8/7/2003

Almarine Owens, b 1837, d May 1919
(s/o Harden & Rebecca Owens)
(Note: Info is on rear side of Phoeby Owens stone)

Phoeby Owens, b 1839, d 1917, w/o Almareen Owens
(d/o James Sutherland & Nancy Counts)

Mollie Owens Cox, b 1885, d 1976

James F. Miller, b 4/8/1899 d 9/22/1977

Isobelle O. Miller, b 4/9/1899, d 5/30/1978

Henry P. Owens, b 6/22/1885, d 7/24/1959

Dollie Anne Owens, b 1890, d 1958

James Ball, b 4/11/1867, d 11/5/1948

Nancy Eveline Ball, b 1874, d 1957

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