Bob Plaster Cemetery

Located near Swords Creek Va.Take rt. 67 one half mile south of Givens School, turn left across the creek and go one half mile.

This file submitted by Lowell Boyd

John J. Plaster
b 08/14/1838, d 06/04/1912

Hanna Alexander Plaster
b 04/08/1844, d 1920

Matilda Plaster
b 11/23/1884, d 01/05/1923
[d/o John J. and Hannah Plaster]

Elkanan Plaster
b 10/17/1884, d 09/23/1901
[s/o John J. and Hannah Plaster]

Robert Lee Plaster
b 01/09/1871, d 02/18/1954
[s/o John J. and Hannah Plaster]

Jennie Bell Robinette Plaster
b 11/21/1881, d 11/27/1959
[w/o Robert Lee Plaster]

Charlie C. Plaster
b 02/28/1909, d 05/14/1989
[s/o Robert and Jennie Plaster]

Gaines G. Plaster
b 05/08/1907, d 10/19/1981
[s/o Robert and Jennie Plaster]

Mattie B. Jackson Plaster
b 07/18/1917, [living, w/o Gaines Plaster]

James William Plaster
b 10/28/1901, d 03/24/1974
[s/o Robert and Jennie Plaster]

Elizabeth Peck Plaster
b 07/14/1920, d 04/22/2001
[w/o James William Plaster]

James David Price
b 09/16/1964, d 12/19/1974
[s/o Winfred and Nancy Plaster Price]

James Jr. Plaster
b 07/23/1950, Died at birth
[s/o James William and Elizabeth Plaster]

Thurman Blankenship
b 10/06/1941, d 11/25/1982

Betty Plaster Blankenship
b 07/18/1949
[d/o James William and Elizabeth Plaster]

Sylvia Jane Plaster Ball
b 07/19/1936, d 11/01/2002
[d/o Gaines and Mattie Plaster]

Foster Elmer Ball
b 07/19/1934

Ethel Vance
b 1891, d 1925
[d/o William and Amanda Plaster Bostic. w/o Jack Vance. Unmarked grave]

Two small graves unmarked are the children of Jack and Ethel Vance burned to death in a fire near Lynn Springs in 1925.

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