Brown Cemetery

Located on Drill Mtn. at the head of Hess Creek St. Rt 622, off 67 at Swords Creek, Va. This Cemetery is next to the Haywood Wilson Cemetery. I was in this Cemetery July 1999, and it was so overgrown with briers and brush that you could not get very far into it. However I heard that they had cleaned it up, and installed a new fence. I went back and Charted it in Nov. 2000 and I found it to be in good condition....Congratulations to whom ever is responsible for cleaning -up this Cemetery There are about 12-15 graves that are only marked with field Rocks

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Dorris Gay Brown
3 Feb 1929--15 Apr 1929

R. T. Brown
d. 27 Feb 1912
Age abt 41
(Richard T. Brown, s/o Hardin Brown & Nancy Rose)

Ellen Brown
25 Dec 1875--14 Aug 1939
(w/o Richard T. Brown, d/o Jacob Fuller & Mary Cox)

Louisa Richardson
2nd w/o J. W. Keen
31 Mar 1861--5 Jun 1923
Married 4 May 1902

Nancy E. Fuller
8 Jan 1868--4 Feb 1913
(2nd w/o Jacob Fuller, d/o William Street & Martha Rasnake)

S. E. Rasnake
27 Feb 1924--15 Apr 1924

D. M. Rasnake
27 Feb 1924--15 Apr 1924

Emily Fuller
w/o J. W. Keen
6 May 1871--19 Dec 1901
Married 19 Apr 1894
(w/o John W. Keen, d/o Jacob Fuller & Mary Cox)

Roy V. Compton
16 Apr 1900--Apr 1978

Carl F. Compton
24 Dec 1896--Jan 1968

Elizabeth Compton
23 May 1879--25 Mar 1941

Ezra F. Compton
2 Dec 1898--10 Dec 1898

Mose Jackson
2 Nov 1857--16 Jul 1935

Louise Jackson
15 Jun 1859--11 Apr 1954

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