Chaney Ridge/Powers/Kiser Family Cemetery

Directions: From Lebanon, VA take Rt. 82 to Cleveland, go through Cleveland cross the bridge, stay left at end of bridge, about 1mi turn right onto Rt. 616 go @1.15mi., turn left onto Rt. 615 go @ 1.18 mi, turn right back onto Rt. 616 go @ 4.8 miles to top of Chaney Creek, turn left onto gravel driveway before log house. (This will be the last turn before reaching the top of Chaney Ridge where Sandy Ridge and Chaney Ridge meet and before Rt. 63 which runs along the county line between Russell and Dickenson Counties.

This cemetary is known by several names Chaney Ridge Cemetary, Powers Family Cemetary, Kiser Family Cemetary. However the name it is most commonly called is Powers Family Cemetary.

On November 28, 1998 I visited this cemetary. I did my best to transcribe the markers just as they are, a name in all capital letters (eg. POWERS) means the surname appears on the stone in all capital letters, abreviations are only used if used on the stones (eg. Inf dau), double headstones are listed with the SURNAME and then the first name and dates listed below the SURNAME (some of the surnames are not in all capital letters on the stones). Foot markers are noted with the head stones they accompany as well as any other memorial markers. (Relationships where known are noted in parentheises) Below is a list of the gravemarkers the numbers are to help anyone using the list locate the graves. (Standing at the gate facing the cemetary the rows run right to left with the first row being against the fence to the right of the gate.)

This file submitted by Kay Brown

Row 1: graves 1-6

  1) Jurl A. Everett 1930-1990 (Jurl Ann is the daughter of Clarence and Marie Adkins, 
wife of Robert Everett, she died 25 Sept. 1990)

   2) Double headstone Adkins
         Clarence               Marie                     (she was a the daughter of A.D & 
       April 4, 1917         Oct. 27, 1917                   Georgia (Kiser) Stewart)
      (still living 1998)     May 9, 1986

  3) on the right side of the gate near the large tree may be the grave of
Sally Stewart (b.18 Aug 1916-d.Feb 1918) she died of Collora infamin after
eating salmon and milk. She was the daughter of A. D. & Georgia (Kiser)
Stewart (She may be burried in a different cemetary, one source says Hazel Mt.
Cem is where she is burried)

   4) about 4-6 feet to the further into the cemetary at the foot of the
Adkins grave is a small grave marked:
      Inf. dau. of Harold & Jean B. Powers, December 11, 1962, December 12,

   5) on right of gate in area of large tree is small grave marked: 
        Inf dau of Mr.& Mrs. Carter Kiser, April 6, 1940 
  (Carter was a brother of Georgia Ann (Kiser) Stewart, his wife's name was

   6) believe on right of gate:
      Ellen Lorraine Powers  Born and Died July 10, 1939
      (This was the infant daughter of Lowery and Charmie Penland Powers.

Row 2 (graves 7-13)

   7)double marker POWERS
     Ollie M.                J. Walker
     1876-1944               1873-1955
                                DAD (footmarker)
     Ollie was the daughter of Abraham & Sarah (Sutherland) Kiser

    8) POWERS, Bertha C.,May 25, 1901, Nov. 16, 1988

    9) Mace Powers, born, April 12, 1919, died April 6, 1939, 
          MP (footmarker)

   10) POWERS, Dewwy Dallas Powers, June 3, 1898, Mar 4, 1952
             DDP (footmarker)

   11) Lona A, Powers, Oct 7, 1901, June 28, 1985 (she was the wife of #10)

   12) Vernon D Powers, June 28, 1938, June 28, 1977, VDP (footmarker),
(veterans marker) Vernon Darrell Powers, U S Army, Vietnam, June 28, 1938-June
28, 1977

   13) double marker POWERS
         Kedrick M             Lois A.
        1928-1990               1931-

Row 3 (graves 14-21)

    14) double marker Campbell
            Frank N.            Josie S.       (daughter of Abraham & Sarah (Sutherland)
          Sept 9, 1890       Dec 17, 1895      Kiser Her middle name may have been
          Nov 4, 1972        Jan 9, 1948       Sutherland or Sarah after their mother)     

    15) double marker KISER                   (These are the parents of Georgia Ann 
         Abraham              Sarah           (Kiser) Stewart and several others buried 
       1857-1939           1861-1943          in this cemetary. Sarah's maiden name was 
                    AT REST (along bottom of headstone)         Sutherland)
          A (footmarker)         S (footmarker)

Empty area may have several unmarked graves.

    16) Elihue Debusk Kiser, Aug 16, 1894, Mar 3, 1962, According to thy
Mercy, Remember thou Me, Kiser (Kiser is along the base of the stone) EDK
(He is the son of Lilburn & Frankie Kiser and the husband of Lillie May Kiser
#16, son-in-law of Abraham & Sarah (Sutherland) Kiser)

    17) Lillie May Kiser, June 23, 1898, Mar 6, 1950, Faithful to her husband
even unto death, Kiser (Kiser is along the base of the stone) LMK (footstone)
(She is the daughter of Abraham & Liza (Sizemore) (1st wife of Abraham) Kiser)

Empty area may have unmarked graves.

   18) Nancy Elizabeth Byrd, May 27, 1865, Aug 24, 1950 (She may be the mother
of Carrie (Byrd) Kiser. Carrie was the wife of Maynard Kiser & daughter-in-law
of Abraham & Sarah (Sutherland) Kiser

   19) across top of stone: Have Faith in God, Mary Kathleen Vance, Nov. 8,
1925, April 18, 1978, MKV (footstone)

   20) Infant son of LC & Kathleen Vance, July 7, 1962, (small footmarker)

   21) Infant son of LC & Kathleen Vance, Oct. 1. 1958, (small footmarker)

Row 4 (graves 22-29)

   22) Willard M. Campbell, born Oct 2, 1915, died Feb 24, 1935, Death is
eternal life why should we weep, Prepare to meet me in Heaven, WMC
(may be son of Frank & Josie (Sutherland) Campbell)

empty area maybe unmarked graves

   23) A.D. Stewart, Oct 15, 1878, Jan 9, 1939, Resting till the resurrection morn
(My great grandfather. Husband of Georgia Ann (Kiser) Stewart.)

   24) Georgia Stewart, 1890-1980 (funeral home marker, several family members
have contributed money to purchase a headstone)

   25) double marker Stewart
             Leman            Lurlie          (Leman is a son of A.D. & Georgia Ann (Kiser)
             Stewart           Stewart        Stewart)
             1913-1947      1920-
(Lurlie's maiden name was Mullins, she married Spivey Pendleton after Leman
was killed in a mine accident near Clinchco, Va @ April. In 1998 she was still

    26) T.G. Amburgey, Feb 11, 1877, Dec 14, 1940

    27) AVAH AMBURGY, March 9, ??, Sept ???? (this stone is broken and mostly

    28) Sarah Nadine Kiser, Infant-1936, Gone to be an angel

    29) double marker Kiser
             Loy E.         Iris G.         Loy was the son of Abraham & Sarah (Sutherland)
           1886-1954       1900-1971        Kiser.  Iris' maiden name was Amburgy)
         Resting in the hands of Jesus

Row 5 (graves 30-32, empty space after the graves may contain several unmarked graves)

       30) Infant son of Dewey & Lona Powers, July 4, 1940, small footmarker

       31) Marcella Dau of, D.D. & L.L. Powers, born Aug. 13,1923, died Oct 2, 1925
             Gone to be an angel ( across bottom of stone), small footmarker

       32) Audrey E., dau of H.A. & M.E> Kiser, born July 4, 1894, died Oct 4,1918
              AEK (footmarker)

       empty area between grave 32 and fence may contain several unmarked graves

Row 6 (graves 33-36)

      several unmarked graves

         33) John W., 
              Feb 3-July 24
            Loved to Live but
            Not afraid to die
                   JW (footmarker)

         34) Gen. Alfred Woodward, born Mar 25, 1861, died June 29, 1917, age 56y 
                3m 4d, GAW (footmarker)

         35) Thomas Amburgy, Sept 25, 1917, April 4, 1934

         36) James Freddie, son of T.G. and M.J. Amburgy, born Jan 26, 1916, died 
               Oct 11, 1927, JFA (footmarker)

        more unmarked graves between grave 36 and fence

Row 7 (several unmarked graves, 37-39, several more unmarked graves)

           several unmarked graves

            37) Rev Joseph Kiser, born April 1, 1832, died Sept 3,1897, age 65y 5m 2d
                      JK (footmarker) (s/o Ephraim & Mary Kiser)

            38) Margaret wife of Rev Joseph Kiser, born Aug 3, 1837, Died Oct 9, 1919
                     MK (footmarker) (d/o Noah & Dicy Kiser)

            39) Garland Linsey Byrd, Dec 24, 1905, Oct 18, 1933, small footmarker

          empty area may contain several unmarked graves

Row 8 (grave 40 may contain several unmarked graves)

             40) Lizzie E. Kiser, Nov 20, 1912, Jan 21, 1913, LEK (footmarker)

            empty area between grave and fence may contain several unmarked graves

Row 9 (7 field stone marked graves, grave 41, several unmarked graves)

           7 filed stone marked graves
              41) Malissie L. Holbrooks, May 8, 1874, nov 1, 1897

            several unmarked graves

Row 10 ( several unmarked graves, 3 field stone marked graves, 42, 43, may be
several more unmarked graves)

            several unmarked graves
            3 fieldstone marked graves, seperated by unmarked graves

            more unmarked graves

           42) Fayreen, dau of PW & EP Kiser, born Sep 20, 1918, died Feb 16, 1920

           43) Virginia dau of JT & CB Woods, born & died, june 5, 1922

            several unmarked graves may be between #42 and fence

Row 11 (several unmarked graves, 3 fieldstone marked graves grouped together,
44, may be a few unmarked graves, 45, empty area may contain unmarked graves),
this row is against the fence opposite of the gate.

             several unmarked graves

             3 fieldstone marked graves grouped together

           44) Joseph B, son of HA & ME Kiser, Born Dec 10, 1889, Died Nov 10, 1899

              may be a few unmarked graves

           45) Clint son of JT & CB Woods, Born & Died june 17, 1927

              empty area may contain unmarked graves

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