Cooper Family Cemetery

Located above Temple Hill Cemetery Memorial Drive Castlewood, VA

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Joseph Willard Cooper 1905 - 1937

William Powell Cooper
B. June-16-1833 D. June-17-1905

Tabitha Fields wife of W. P. Cooper
B. October-22-1841 D. May-15-1915

Lawrence W. Cooper
B. November-30-1902 D. June-3-1970

Martha E. (wife of Lawrence Cooper)
B. February-12-1908

Robert E. Cooper
B. August-30-1869 D. May-17-1951

Minnie L. (wife of Robert Cooper)
B. January-15-1882 D. August-11-1983

W. Bane Reedy
1908 - 1991

Edith Cooper Reedy
1911 - 1995

Erastus Garrett
B. March-9-1852 D. December-5-1927

William J. Campbell
B. December-5-1903 D. December-13-1969

Powell Campbell
B. August-11-1909

Patty Sue Campbell
B. October-31-1936 D. June-10-1937

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