Couch - Sykes Cemetery

The location of this cemetery is Country Road 620 & 646, in Finney, across the railroad tracks on a high hill. I was up in the cemetery on July 9th and took pictures of the tombstones. This is the information from that visit, with a description of who the people were, if I know. I tried to give the whole name of the person, if I knew it, even if it wasn't on the tombstone due to the fact that some people have had some confusion with some of these names.

This file submitted by Cindie Runnion

George Washington Couch          b. June 4, 1850            d. October 29, 1928

Nancy Jane Edens Couch           b.  May 11, 1845           d. October 23, 1936
(wife of G. W. Couch)
Allen Frank Sykes                b March 1868               d. 1939

Laura Alma Couch Sykes           b. September 19, 1878      d.  February 10, 1960
(daughter of G. W. Couch)
Columbus Dolan Sykes             b. October 28, 1870        d. September 12, 1950
(says Lum on tombstone)
(brother of Allen Frank Sykes)

Mary Alice Couch Sykes           b.  March 6, 1884          d. October 29, 1963 
(sister of Laura Alma Couch)
Clovis Clinton Sykes             b. March 24, 1895          d. September 25, 1957
(son of Allen Frank Sykes)
Eula Osborne Sykes               b. May 31, 1902            d. February 4, 1972
(wife of Clovis Sykes)
Frank Martin Sykes               b. May 11, 1941            d.  March 14, 1987
(son of Clovis Sykes)
Curtis Arvil Sykes               b. August 8, 1901          d. June 12, 1928
(son of Allen Frank Sykes)
Masie Lean Sykes Meade           b.  November 28, 1906      d.  March 1, 1931 
(daughter of Allen Frank Sykes)
Clarence Giles Sykes             b.  August 7, 1912         d. May 16, 1938
(son of Dale Sykes)
Curtis Meade                     b. May 28, 1904            d.September 22, 1929
(unknown relationship)
Clint Sykes                      b.  July 23, 1910          d. October 30, 1936
(originally grave in this cemetery, but moved to Lebanon, Virginia recently)

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