Elijah Rasnake Cemetery

This cemetery is on the Old Joe Rasnake Place, only it is actually on down the point or ridge from the James Rasnake Cemetery. Although strip mining has been performed all around this Cemetery, it is still very beautiful and surprisingly in very good shape. To get to this cemetery, from Rt. 621, turn on Rt. 625, travel about 1 mile, to end of Russell County line,(county line markers are gone now), Rt. 625 ends here, and just past the county line, come to a fork in road, turn right. I'm not sure of just which of the counties these two cemeteries would be located in, since all three Russell, Dickenson and Buchanan join here. These directions are given based on traveling in from the Hart's Creek end of Rt. 621. I visited this cemetery August 04, 1998.

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Eva Rasnake
April 22, 1916 - December 15, 1922

Elijah Rasnake- (husband of Nancy Rasnake)
1869 - 1958

Nancy Rasnake- (wife of Elijah Rasnake)
1870 - 1949

There were three field rocks marked with just initials as follows:

L. R.

B. R.

H. R.

There appears to be 1 grave that is unmarked here.........not sure, no rocks, no writing.

J.R. H. Rasnake
January 23, 1894 - October 26, 1920

Olen L. Rasnake
July 29, 1921 - June 30, 1922

baby grave, nothing written, marked with field rocks.

Ronnie B. Rasnake
son of Tannady and Mabel Rasnake
October 27, 1936 - December 22, 1936

Raford S. Rasnake
son of Tannady and Mabel Rasnake
June 04, 1939

E.E. Rasnake

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