Eliza Crabtree Gilbert Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Rt. 871, just off Rt. 722, very close to the Fielding Musick Cemetery. This cemetery is really in need of some work! With some work, it could be beautiful. Visited July 31, 1998. I revisited this cemetery again August 04, 1998. The cemetery is over grown and it was hard to tell just where the graves were which was the reason for the 2nd visit.

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Mary Gladys daughter of Bruce and Dayce Gilbert
August 24, 1912 - June 18, 1913

Rachel Musick
May 1865 - February 16, 1947

Eliza Crabtree Gilbert- (daughter of William Crabtree and Destimony Combs Crabtree. She was the wife of John Gilbert)
December 05, 1855 - August 25, 1888

There are at least 4 ( and maybe more) graves here that are marked with field rocks, no writing.

November 10. 188?

Joseph Gilbert
July 20, 1887

El_mirh Gilbert- ( the third letter in this name, we couldn't make out)
December 25, 1834 - April 30, 1877

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