Gillispie J. Smith Cemetery

From Lebanon take Rt. 19 west to Rosedale and turn left on Rt. 80. Take Rt. 80 to Blackford and turn right (East) on Rt. 640. Go to Rt. 636 and turn left and go about 1 and 3/4 miles. The cemetery is on the left hand side of 636 high on a hill right beside the former home of Grat Smith (white 2 story house). The cemetery is in excellent shape and has a fence around it. Visited 9 October 2000.

This file submitted by Patricia Thomas Pegram

                             Smith (one stone)
    Father                                            Mother
G. J. Smith (Gillispie Jackson)                 L. L. Smith (Lethea)
B. 2 July 1831                                  B. 3 Oct 1832
D. 1 Sept 1906                                  D. 26 Jan 1893
Aged 75 yrs. 1 mo. 29 days                      Aged 60 yrs. 3 mo. 23 days
(s/o of Richard Jackson and Elizabeth Smith)   (d/o Gabriel Jessee and Nancy Wallis)

Mazie Dell 
dau. of H. C. and G. B. Smith
B. 31 May 1905
D. 25 Mar 1911

Howard S. Smith
1915 -1918
(s/o Garland Bruce Smith & Hannah Kiser)

                   Smith (one stone)
G. Bruce (Garland)           Hannah C.
1873 - 1943                  1874 - 1930
(s/o Gillespie J. Smith     (Hannah C. Whitt)
and Lethea L. Jessee)   

Martha Lou Smith
B. 5 Jan 1944
D. 27 May 1945
(d/o Grat & Ruth Smith)

the following are buried in the cemetery with no stone marker.  

Lorenzo Dow Smith - son of Gillispie and Lethea Smith

John Buryl Smith - son of Gillispie and Lethea Smith 

Mary Smith Younger - daughter of Gillispie and Lethea Smith

Lola Smith Ray - d/o Barbara Smith (dau of  Gillispie & Lethea Smith)

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