Abednego Harris & Sullivan Cemeteries

These two cemeteries are located in River Mt. on Jeff Sykes place. Take 640 to River Mt. Go about 5 mile to metal gates that have locks on them, on the left. You need to get permission to go here. Jeff keeps the gates locked, but if you ask he will give you direction's. These cemeteries are at least a mile and a half to two mile up in this hollow. This was called Ball Town Hollow years ago. Harris Cemetery is in pretty good shape, but needs to be cleaned up. Harris Cemetery has some nice stones made of cement. They have a dove and a cross below the dove. Initial's are below the cross. The initials are (L. H.) (M.H.) (A.L.H.) (P.B.) (E.H.) I think George W. Harris is s/o of George Washington Harris & Amolinda Ball. Sullivan Cemetery is in the woods and the stones are broken and lying on the ground. Visited by Archie Hess & Shirley Dye on 2-4-2001

This file submitted by Shirley Dye

HARRIS CEMETERY                                     SULLIVAN CEMETERY

George W Harris                                     Albert Sullivan
2-22-1885                                           s/o N. B. & Mary E Sullivan
3-24-1972                                           8-28-1900
Abednego Harris
Died 2-10-1885
Age 77yrs.5 mo. 25d.                                Martha Sullivan
Put up by Nancy Ball - dau.                         d/o N. B. & Mary E Sullivan
Andrew Ball                                         4-9-1893
Died 2-17-1876
Age 44yrs 5mo. 13d
(s/o George Ball  Jr. & Mary Catherine Hess)        Henry B. Sullivan
                                                    s/o N.B. & Mary E Sullivan
Wilmer Harris                                       11-16-1886
5-29-1923                                           4-11-1887
5-29-1923                                           (In 1887 death records it has
                                                    4-28-1887  7 mo.s/o Noah
Clarence Wilmer Harris                              & Mary Sullivan)
1930 1 year

Olbert Harris                                       John T. Sullivan
Virginia PVT 1882 Service Unit                      s/o N.B.& Mary E Sullivan
WWII                                                9-24-1877
2-11-1917                                           5-3-1887
8-3-1957                                            (Death record has 4-15-1887)

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