This page is dedicated to cemeteries throughout Russell County. If you have information about cemeteries in Russell County which you would like to have displayed on this site, send an e-mail message to Michael A. Dye. At the bottom of the page you will find a link that will take you to Dickenson County Cemeteries.

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Arancio-Kiser Cemetery
Artrip Cemetery, near Finney
Henry D. Aston Cemetery, Honaker
Baldwin Cemetery, Drill
Ball Cemetery, near Raven
George & Mary Catherine "Hess" Ball Cemetery, River Mtn.
Haskew Ball Cemetery, near Gardner
Henry Ball Cemetery, River Mtn.
John Ball Cemetery, Gardner
John W. Ball Cemetery, Lewis Creek, S. of Honaker
James W. Ball Cemetery, near House & Barn Mtn.
Mary Ball Place Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Ball - Barrett Cemetery, Honaker
Ball/Boyd Cemetery, Honaker
John Barrett Cemetery, near Little River & House & Barn Mtn.
John Chrisman Barrett Cemetery, near House & Barn Mtn.
Robert Moses Barrett Cemetery, Little River, near Blackford
Ira Barton Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Baylor Cemetery, Belfast Area
Belfast United Methodist Church Cemetery, Belfast
Charles Bickley Cemetery, near Castlewood
James Bostic Cemetery, Miller/Hess Creek
Martin Bostic Cemetery, Swords Creek
Bowen Gap Cemetery, Bowen Gap
Boyd - Robinson Cemetery, Dry Branch
Elkana Boyd Cemetery, Miller/Hess Creek
John L. Boyd Family Cemetery, Gardner
Jonathan Boyd Family Cemetery, near Honaker/Putnam
Patton Boyd Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Silas William Boyd Family Cemetery, near Lynn Spring
William Bradshaw Family Cemetery, Paint Lick
Breeding Cemetery, Artrip
Elijah Breeding Cemetery, near the Corner Settlement
Nathan Breedlove Cemetery, Lynn Spring
William F. Breedlove Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Brooks Cemetery, Sandy Ridge area
Brown Cemetery, Drill Mtn.
Haywood Brown Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Browning Family Cemetery, near Elk Garden
Mary "Munsey" Browning Cemetery, Lebanon
Buckles Cemetery, near Nash's Ford
Fleming Burk Family Cemetery, Elk Garden
John George Burk Family Cemetery, Reeds Valley
Ocie Casey Byrd Cemetery, Punkin Center
Will Byrd Cemetery, near Horton Ridge
Call Cemetery, Call Valley, near Swords Creek
John S. Call Cemetery, Swords Creek
Old Carbo Cemetery, Carbo
Carter Cemetery, Carbo
Jack Carter Cemetery, Carterton
Casey Cemetery, Robinson Ridge
Chaney Ridge/Powers/Kiser Family Cemetery, Chaney Ridge
Clark Cemetery, Honaker, next to Honaker Funeral Home
Clark Family Cemetery, Honaker
Clark Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Claypole Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Old Combs Cemetery, Hayter Valley near Weaver's Creek, near Big A Mtn.
Combs Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Colbert Combs Cemetery, Combs Valley
Thompson Combs Family Cemetery, Weaver Creek, above Old Combs School
William Johnson Combs Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Cook Cemetery
Cook Cemetery, Weaver Creek, above Old Combs School
George Cook Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Cooper Family Cemetery, Castlewood
Cooper - Meade Cemetery, Copper Ridge near Castlewood
Roy Lincous Corns Cemetery, Lynn Spring
Couch - Musick Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Couch - Sykes Cemetery, Finney
David Counts Family Cemetery, Blackford
John Counts of Cleveland Cemetery, Cleveland
Joshua Counts AKA Cleveland Baptist Church Cemetery, Cleveland
Charles H. Cowan, Sr. Cemetery, Glade Hollow
Annie Cox Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Cox/Hubbard Cemetery, Hubbard Hole, south of Honaker
Dudley Crabtree Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Ernest Crabtree Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
George & Lydia "Musick" Crabtree Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Mitchel Crabtree Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
William & Destamony "Combs" Crabtree Cemetery, Hart's Creek, near Sandy Ridge
Davis Cemetery, Clark Valley
Dennison Cemetery, Beartown Mtn., at the headwaters of Elk Garden Creek
Deskins - Shrader Cemetery, Wysor Valley
Henry Patton Dickenson Cemetery, Reeds Valley
Samuel Dingus Family Cemetery, near Parsonage
William Dorton Cemetery, near Moll Creek
Alexander Duncan Cemetery, Duncan Hollow/Kents Ridge
Duty Family Cemetery, Willis, near Lebanon
Dye Family Cemetery, Copper Ridge
Dye - Breedlove Family Cemetery, Dye
Dye - Perkins Cemetery, near Honaker
Absalom Dye Family Cemetery, near Gardner
Alfred Dye Family Cemetery, Swords Creek
Charles William Dye Family Cemetery, near Lebanon
Charlie Stewart Dye Cemetery, Lynn Spring
Elbert Dye Cemetery, Maple Gap
Harvey Dye Family Cemetery, Hess Creek
James Dye Cemetery, Dye, Virginia
James Patton Dye Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Ruel Dye Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
William Dye Family Cemetery, Honaker
Thomas A. Elkins Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Evans Cemetery, Honaker
Wilson Evans Cemetery, near Castlewood
Crossroads Farmer Cemetery, Mill Creek
Ferrell - Horton Cemetery, Swords Creek
Fields Cemetery, Corn Valley, Loop Section
Richard Fields Cemetery, Near Lebanon
Marcell Fields Cemetery, Near Lebanon
Fife - Sykes Cemetery, Above Big Cedar Creek Falls
Reuben Finney Cemetery, Reeds Valley
William T. Fletcher Cemetery, New Garden Road
Henry Fogleman Cemetery, Corn Valley, Loop Section
Four Way Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Fugate Cemetery, Big Mocassin Creek
Abraham Fuller Family Cemetery, near Smithfield & River Mtn.
Beverly J. Fuller Family Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Elden B. Fuller Family Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Gent Cemetery, near Possum Hollow
Charles William Gibson Family Cemetery, Willis near Lebanon
Gibson Cemetery, near Castlewood
William Gibson Cemetery, near Saint Paul
Eliza Crabtree Gilbert Cemetery, Sourwood Mtn.
Garland Gilbert Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Glenn Family Cemetery, Moccasin Creek
Goodman Cemetery, Swords Creek
Aaron Gose Cemetery, Reeds Valley
George Cowan Gose Cemetery, Castlewood area
Gravel Lick Church Cemetery, Gravel Lick Area
Green Family Cemetery, near Raven
Green Valley Baptist Church Cemetery, Green Valley
Isaac Griffith Cemetery, Putnam Area
Elam Grizzle Cemetery, Carbo
Grizzle - Sutherland Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Jonathan Hale Cemetery, Kents Ridge
Hale - Herndon Cemetery, Kents Ridge
Hale - McFarlane Cemetery, Council, VA (Note: This cemetery is in Buchanan Co., but has many with ties to Russell Co.)
Hall/Meade Cemetery, Copper Ridge near Castlewood
Hall/Skeen Cemetery, Copper Ridge near Castlewood
Daniel B. Harman Cemetery, Little River, near Blackford
Graham Harman Cemetery, Little River, near Blackford
Harris Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Abednego Harris & Sullivan Cemeteries, Ball Town Hollow, River Mtn.
John O. Harris Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Moses Harris Cemetery, Thompson Creek
Hart - Kendrick Family Cemetery, Hart's Creek
John Helton Family Cemetery, near Swords Creek
Hess - Miller Cemetery, River Mtn.
Fullen Hess Cemetery, River Mtn.
Henry Hess Cemetery, River Mtn.
Ira Hess Cemetery, River Mtn.
James H. Hess & Smith Cemeteries, Horton Ridge
James M. Hess Cemetery, River Mtn.
John A. Hess Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
John D. Hess Cemetery, River Mtn.
Joshua Hess Family Cemetery, Hess Creek
Mack Hess Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Otis Hess Cemetery, Hess Creek
Honaker - Ray Family Cemetery, near Clinch River & Lewis Creek, S. of Honaker
Honaker - Wilson Cemetery, near Finney
Harvey Honaker Family Cemetery, Honaker
Jacob Honaker Family Cemetery, Honaker
Horton Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Thomas Horton Cemetery, Long Branch
Howard Cemetery, River Mountain
Hubbard Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Jessee Hubbard Cemetery, near Honaker
John Wesley Hubbard Cemetery, Hubbard Branch
James Warner Hughes Cemetery, near Finney
Hunt Cemetery, Swords Creek
Simeon Hunt/Robinson Family Cemetery, Robinson Ridge
Aaron L. Hurt Cemetery, near Honaker
Garland Hurt Cemetery, along Miller Creek
Moses Hurt Cemetery, Honaker
Silas B. Hurt aka Garland Hurt Cemetery, near Little River & House & Barn Mtn.
Independence Church Cemetery, near Big A Mtn.
Isaacs Family Cemetery, Grassy Creek
Jackson Cemetery, Honaker
Jackson - Starnes Cemetery, near Honaker
Logan Wallace Jackson Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Jessee Family Cemetery, Honaker/Big A Mtn.
Johnson Cemetery, near Honaker
Johnson - Shoemaker Cemetery, near Honaker
Samuel N. Johnson Family Cemetery, Finney
Keen Cemetery, Belfast Area
Kelly Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Edward Kelly Cemetery, near Nash's Ford
Evan Kendrick Cemetery, Honaker
James Kendrick Cemetery, Next to Old Rosedale Estates
Kiser Cemetery, Chaney Creek
Kiser Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Elihu L. & Mary D. Kiser Cemetery, Carrie, Va.
George W. Kiser Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
J. C. Kiser Cemetery, near S. Clinchfield
Jefferson J. Kiser Cemetery, near Finney
Jeptha & Mary "Laforce" Kiser Family Cemetery, near Sandy Ridge
James Lee Cemetery, Castlewood
Lewis Cemetery, near Moll Creek
Litton Hill Cemetery, Elk Garden
Soloman Litton Hollow Cemetery, Corner Section
Lockhart Chapel Cemetery, Big A Mtn., Honaker, Va.
William M. Lockhart, Jr. Cemetery, Honaker
McComas Long Cemetery, Dante
Lowe - Vincell Cemetery, near Belfast
Lynch/Reynolds Cemetery, Ridgewood Subdivision
Maxfield Cemetery, Finney
May Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Cummings May Cemetery, Miller/Hess Creek
McFarlane Cemetery, near Rosedale
McGhee Cemetery, Horton Ridge
McGlothlin Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
McGlothlin Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Crockett McGlothlin Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Granville McGlothlin Cemetery, Big Mill Creek
McGraw Cemetery, Robinson Ridge
Mona McGuire Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Meade Cemetery, Honaker
Messick Cemetery, Clark Valley
Daniel Payne Miller Cemetery, near Honaker
Elbert Thomas Miller Cemetery, Lynn Spring
Henry Miller Cemetery, River Mountain
John D. Miller Cemetery, near Swords Creek
Patton Miller Cemetery, Swords Creek
William Ballard Aston Miller Cemetery, Miller Creek
Muncey Cemetery, Moccasin Creek
Musick Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Musick - Ray Cemetery, near Honaker
Abel Musick & Abel Musick Family Cemeteries, Cleveland
Colbert Musick Cemetery, Alvy Creek
Fielding Musick Cemetery, Sourwood Mtn.
Jehiel Musick Cemetery, near Honaker
Ransom Musick Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Utah Musick Family Cemetery, Sourwood Mtn.
Mutter Cemetery, Belfast Area
Mutter Cemetery, Paintlick Area
Nash Cemetery, Nash's Ford
Newberry Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Newberry Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Newberry Cemetery, Horton Ridge
North Church Street Cemetery (Old Lebanon)
Elizabeth O'Quinn Gravesite, Weaver Creek
Osborne - Ray Cemetery, near Blackford
Owens Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Owens Cemetery, New Garden Road
Johnson Owens Family Cemetery, Honaker/Big A Mtn.
Hezekiah Patrick Cemetery, River Mtn.
Payne Cemetery, Belfast Area
Joseph Marshall Perkins Cemetery, Drill Mtn.
Charlie M. Perkins Cemetery, Groundhog Hollow
James O. Perkins Cemetery, Miller Creek
Jay Baxter Perkins Cemetery, Wysor Valley
Robert L. Perkins Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Bob Plaster Cemetery, near Swords Creek
Henry L. Plaster Family Cemetery, near Swords Creek
Porter Family Cemetery, near Mew
James Leonard Price Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
Nancy Price Cemetery, Loop Section
Rasnake Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Elijah Rasnake Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Jacob Rasnake Cemetery, Glade Hollow
James Rasnake Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
James Rasnake Cemetery, Drill Mtn.
P. S. Rasnake Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Rasnake - Smith Cemetery, Sink Hole Valley
Henry Clay Rasnick Cemetery, near S. Clinchfield
Stephen Rasnick Cemetery
Ratcliff Cemetery, Belfast Area
Ray Cemetery, near Nash's Ford
Ray/Miller Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
Ray/Whited Cemetery, Rosedale
John Ray Family Cemetery, Call Valley, near Swords Creek
Shadrick Ray Cemetery, Hollow Poplar Ridge
Reedy Cemetery, near Dye VA
Reynolds Cemetery, Kents Ridge
Richardson Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Albert Richardson Cemetery, Pine Creek
Riley Cemetery, near Honaker
Ring Cemetery, near Castlewood
Robinette Cemetery, Horton Ridge
Silas H. Robinette Cemetery, Robinson Ridge
Romans Cemetery, near Honaker
Romine - Ferrell Cemetery, near Indian Creek
Rose Hill Cemetery, near Castlewood
Sauls Cemetery, Big A Mtn., near Honaker
Selfe Cemetery, near Red Oak Ridge/Castlewood
Simmons - Osborne Cemetery, near Raven
Skeen - Kelly Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Slaughter Cemetery, Honaker - Putnam Area
Smith Cemetery, Back Valley
Smith Cemetery, Belfast Area
Smith Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Smith - Jessee Cemetery, Carbo
Abel Smith Cemetery, Ivy Ridge
Albert G. Smith Cemetery, near Nash's Ford
Charlie A. Smith Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Frank Smith Cemetery, Big A Mtn.
Gillespie J. Smith Cemetery, Duncan Hollow
Helms Smith Cemetery, Swords Creek
Col. Henry Smith/Clifton Cemetery
Joseph Smith Cemetery, near Gardner
Tazewell Cowan Smith Cemetery, Duncan Hollow
O. M. Snead Cemetery, Loop Section
Sourwood Strip Cemetery, Sourwood Mtn.
Spruce Pine Hollow Cemetery, near Chaney Creek W. of S. Clinchfield
Steele - Whitt Cemetery, Clarks Valley
Stevens Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Grady Stevens Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Stinson Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
Hannah Street Cemetery, Weaver Creek
Strouth Cemetery, Swords Creek
Stump Cemetery, near Blackford
Sutherland Cemetery, South Clinchfield
Sutherland Cemetery, between Honaker & Finney
Alexander Sutherland Cemetery, South Clinchfield
Daniel Sutherland Cemetery, Carbo
Elijah Sutherland Cemetery, Carbo
Levi Sykes Cemetery, near Finney
Tate Cemetery, Big Mocassin Creek
Tate - Burdine Cemetery, Big Mocassin Creek
Taylor Cemetery, Rosedale/Belfast Area
Taylor Cemetery at Trammel Gap
Thomas Cemetery, Corner Section
Thompson Cemetery, Big A Mtn., Honaker
Alderson J. Thompson Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
Roland Thompson Family Cemetery, near Nash's Ford
William Thompson Family Cemetery, near Honaker
Tiller Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Trammel Gap Community Cemetery, Trammel Gap
John R. Tuggle Cemetery, near Raven
Mathew Seymore Tuggle Cemetery, near Raven
Tunnel Hill Cemetery, Honaker
Arthur Turner Family Cemetery, Crackers Neck, near Big A Mtn.
Vencill Cemetery, Paintlick Area
Wallace Cemetery, Chestnut Ridge
Ward Cemetery, Swords Creek
Martin Orbin Wells Cemetery, near Dye VA
James Wheeler Cemetery, near St. Paul
White Family Cemetery, Near Robinson Ridge
White Rose Cemetery, Miller/Hess Creek
Whitt Cemetery, Big A Mtn., near Honaker
Whitt Cemetery, Drill Mtn.
Wilson / Drill Cemetery, Drill
Wilson Cemetery, near Finney
Wilson Family Cemetery, at Givens School, near Big Lick Creek
Abner Wilson Cemetery, near Swords Creek
Haywood Wilson Cemetery, Drill Mtn.
J. W. Wilson Cemetery, Sandy Ridge
Witt Cemetery, Paint Lick
Wysor Cemetery, Wysor Valley

Un-named Cemetery, Kents Ridge

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