James Leonard Price Cemetery

Cemetery located in lower part of Chestnut Ridge. Go out of Honaker on 645 about 3 mile.take left onto 651,go about a mile,take right onto 652, go about 2 mile,turn right to old home place of Will Shepard (Now home of Garnet & Helen Shepard). Go that far in a vehicle, then walk 1 to 2 mile down river. It's pretty rough to get to, this is on the side of a cliff. When you reach an old log house, that was the home of James Leonard Price & Nancy Elizabeth (Betty) Dye, go to the left above the house, on a hill. There were several more graves there, but it was all grown up with tree's and it would be a really big task for anyone to get to this place or for anyone to try to clean it up. I put the names and dates as they were on the stones. Visited by Shirley Dye and Archie Hess.

This file submitted by Shirley Dye

Rosye B Price
Mar 30 1900 - Mar 27 1917
(d/o James Leonard Price & Nancy Elizabeth (Betty) Dye) (Had a twin sister, Daisey Gemimia 1900-1971 she married Everett Yates)

J. L. Price
(James Leonard Price)
May 30 1856 - Oct 14 1926
(Husband of Nancy Elizabeth (Betty) Dye, s/o Samuel Price & Margaret Shoemaker)
(James Leonard Price & Nancy Elizabeth Dye were married Sep 25 1877)

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