Jeptha & Mary "Laforce" Kiser Family Cemetery

My husband Roger and I visited this cemetery on September 22, 1999. This cemetery is a sight that would break your heart. It is located on Rt. 618. This road runs along the county boundary lines of Russell and Dickenson Counties, and is known to most of us as Rabbit Ridge. Huge trees are growing in this cemetery. Almost all the graves are sunk and one is sunken so badly, that if you accidentally stepped in it, you would most likely be stepping in the coffin. One tombstone is no longer standing in an upright position; it is lying flat on the ground. It is just a matter of time till the other stones fall completely down.

This file submitted by Glenda Osborne

The info below is on one stone, and this stone is ready to turn over. The grave of Mahalah has sunk so badly! It is in need of fill dirt!

Mahalah                           Dolphard 
July 22, 1870                   June 7, 1871       
January 6, 1940                April 19, 1925
   {Located in the back center of cemetery}

(Mahalah Kiser was the d/o Jeptha Kiser & Mary Laforce.  
Dolphard Kiser was the s/o Chrisley Kiser & Mary Powers.)
Mary Kiser (w/o Jeptha Kiser, d/o James H. Laforce & Dicey Kiser)
1838 - 1926

Aaron L. Kiser {Located at the left back of cemetery}

Sadie L. Kiser {Located at the left back of cemetery}

Daniel Kiser (s/o Jeptha Kiser & Mary Laforce)
August 27, 1860 - July 10, 1922
{Located at the right back of cemetery}

3 graves that are marked with field rocks, with NO writing on them {Located middle upper side of cemetery}

Betty J. Kiser {Located in middle right of cemetery}

Homer Kiser {Located in middle right of cemetery}

Asa Kiser
February 4, 1906 - July 9, 1975
{This rock is completely lying flat on the ground, no longer in an upright position.}

Ellis Kiser
August 27, 1903 - September 3, 1965
{This grave is sunk so bad, it is the one I spoke of and said one could almost step in the coffin.}

1 grave not marked.

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