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John L. Boyd Family Cemetery

LOCATION: On "Boyd Hill" off Route 637, Wysor Valley Road, about a mile past Hickory Junction (which is about a mile from the Honaker town limits), near Gardner, Virginia. From Honaker, take Putnam Road to Rt. 624 and turn left toward Drill. Go to Hickory Junction and turn right on Wysor Valley Rd. Go .8 miles and turn left on Joe Boyd Drive. Drive up to the top of the hill and make a left. The cemtery will be out on the right.

Charlie A. Boyd (s/o Joseph S. & Ollie "Hurt" Boyd)

b.9/15/1924 d.11/10/1927

A little bud of love

Peggie Jo Boyd (d/o Hassell H. & Gaynell "Fuller" Boyd)

b.6/12/1930 d.6/17/1933

She budded here to bloom up there

Louis Glen Harris

b.4/1/1933 d.4/2/1933

A little bud of love

going to bloom with God above

Carrie Allice Boyd (d/o Joseph S. & Allie F. "Rose" Boyd)

b.5/18/1915 d.5/23/1930

She is at rest in Heaven

A. F. Boyd (Allie Fair Rose, w/o Joseph Samuel Boyd)

b.4/4/1884 d.4/12/1918

Joseph Samuel Boyd (s/o John L. & Jennie C. "Remines" Boyd)

b.7/7/1879 d.5/1/1944

C. D. Boyd (Claude) (s/o Joseph S. & Allie F. "Rose" Boyd)

b.4/29/1913 d.5/1/1913

John B. Boyd (s/o Joseph S. & Allie F. "Rose" Boyd)

b.1/18/1907 d.9/29/1920

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Martha Alice Boyd (d/o Jesse & Nancy Grizzle)

b.7/16/1856 d.7/18/1931

Asleep with Jesus, blessed thought

Carrie T. Boyd (d/o John L. & Martha A. "Grizzle" Boyd)

Wife of B. H. Thompson

b.5/26/1887 d.8/19/1907

Elder J. L. Boyd (John Lewis) (s/o Jonathan & Mary M. "Polly Burnett" Boyd)

b.5/19/1842 d.6/20/1919

Asleep in Jesus, blessed thought

Madison O. Boyd (Jr.) (s/o Madison O. & Carrie "Jackson" Boyd)

b.1929 d.1997

Rose M. Boyd (w/o Madison O. Boyd. Jr.)

b.1937 d.

Son: Calvin Keith Boyd

b.1958 d.1958

Daughter: Sharon Lee Boyd

b.1957 d.1957

Mildred Maretta Coop

b.1932 d.1970

Carrie Lee Boyd (w/o Madison Otey Boyd)

b.7/9/1905 d.4/11/2003

Madison Otey Boyd (s/o John L. & Martha A. "Grizzle" Boyd)

b.2/17/1898 d.10/24/1949

Thy trials ended, thy rest is won

Laura A. Ball (d/o Lilburn & Celia E. Ball)

Wife of R. W. Boyd

b.10/4/1870 d.1/20/1908

Etta W. Boyd (Wallace)

b.12/26/1875 d.4/10/1960

Thomas J. Boyd (s/o John L. & Jennie C. "Remines" Boyd)

b.2/23/1875 d.9/30/1907

Dora Ethel Houchins

d/o J. W. & I. F. Houchins

b.5/14/1905 d.7/15/1918


Idora Florence (d/o John L. & Jennie C. "Remines" Boyd)

b.10/28/1864 d.1/5/1944

Joseph Winston

b.11/22/1856 d.10/7/1944

Charles Robert Reedy (s/o Lester E. & B. C. Reedy)

b.12/23/1924 d.12/30/1924

Lenna May Reedy (d/o Lester E. & B. C. Reedy)

b.5/20/1919 d.10/26/1921

Safe in the arms of Jesus

Louise Hope Reedy (d/o Lester E. & B. C. Reedy)

b.10/19/1916 d.7/3/1918

J. Frank Reedy (s/o Charles & Alice "Boyd" Reedy)

b.10/3/1883 d.10/28/1960

Carey Lee Hale

b.1952 d.2006

Norma Ruth Hale (w/o Carey Lee Hale)

b.1954 d.

Jonathan ? (Funeral plaque, last name and birthdate missing)

b.1??? d.2000

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