John O. Harris Cemetery

Located next to the Lockhart Chapel and Cemetery on Rt. 647, which runs off Rt. 620, which runs off Rt. 80 between Honaker and Big A Mtn. Rt. 647 also runs off Rt. 646, which runs between Honaker & Finney (Coulwood).

This file submitted by Cynthia H. Jordan


Alice Belcher Harris
Born June 10, 1924 - Died August 29, 1988
(First wife of Tolbert Harris, d/o John Wesley Belcher & Mary Myrtle Hubbard)

Tolbert Harris
Born March 13, 1921 - (still living)
(son of John O. and Melissa Ada Harris)

June Ellen Harris
Born January 18, 1934 - Died June 5, 2001
(Second wife of Tolbert Harris - headstone not yet placed)


Melissa Ada Harris
Born April 9, 1902 - Died July 11, 1989
(wife of John O. Harris, d/o Charles A. Stinson & Laura A. Lockhart)

John O. Harris
Born June 2, 1888 - Died December ?, 1965
(s/o William J. Harris & Martha J. Whitt, husband of Melissa A. Harris)


Cecil Glen Harris
Born November 1, 1949 - Died December 25, 1980
(son of Tolbert and Alice Harris)

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