John Wesley Hubbard Cemetery

Cemetery located on property owned by Tommy Fuller. Go out of Honaker toward Lewis Creek on rte.653, go down 653 abt. 2 & 1 half mile to a spring beside of road, go right, upon a hill to an old barn. Cemetery in a field on left of barn. Looks like a woods in the middle of a field. Cemetery has trees growing in, but I have talked to a relative of the Hubbards and she said they were going to have it cleaned off next spring. Visited by Shirley Dye on 11-1-99

This file submitted by Shirley Dye

Lucy Hubbard  (d/o John & Mary (Monk) Belcher, w/o James H. Hubbard)                        
79y 3m 13d

James Hubbard (h/o Lucy (Belcher) Hubbard, s/o Randolph & Mary (Fletcher) Hubbard)

U. T. Hubbard (s/o John Wesley Hubbard & Elizabeth Todd)
(was called Uncle Tom, wife was Maggie Wilson - buried in Clark Cemetery)

      Ethel Mae        (Double Stone )        Herman  L
d/o U T & A J Hubbard                   s/o U T & A J Hubbard < (Alice Wilson )
      5-1-1899	                             9-7-1903
      5-1-1900	                            11-2-1905 

Joseph Hubbard 
s/o J W &  E J Hubbard 
Age 16y 2m

Ron C. Evert
s/o J W & E J Hubbard

Josephine E Hubbard    (Double Stone )     J W Hubbard
    8-21-1878                              3-15-1875

Rev. John Wesley Hubbard (s/o James H. & Lucy (Belcher) Hubbard)
(Married Elizabeth Jane Todd ) (2nd wife was Mary Christian)

E. Jane Hubbard
w/o John W Hubbard 
(Elizabeth Jane (Todd )Hubbard, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Reynolds) Todd)                                                        
M. E. Church 30 yrs.

Jeanette Irene Herndon
Baby of Ethel & Russell Herndon

Mertie Hubbard
64y 11m 21d
d/o Rev. John Wesley Hubbard
(Note)There are several graves with only rocks for markers. Stones that are readable are knocked over and lying down. I talked to Mrs. Ethel (Hubbard) Herndon, d/o Benton & Odessa(Dotson) Hubbard. Ethel is the grand daughter of Rev. John Wesley Hubbard. She knew of other people that were buried in this cemetery. These were her relatives & family.

Benton steward Hubbard -----22 months old s/o (Benton & Odessa (Dotson) Hubbard).
Lorgene Hubbard---20 months old (s/o Benton & Odessa (Dotson) Hubbard).
William Jennings Taylor (Elizabeth Hubbards husband & she was d/o Benton & Odessa (Dotson)Hubbard. Benton & Odessa are buried in Lebanon Cem. William was killed in the mines around 1930-1940. Elizabeth wasn’t buried here, she was buried in Green Hills Memory Gardens at Claypool Hill. Elizabeth 2nd husband was Grat Cook.
Charles Hubbard had 2 children buried in this cemetery & he is buried here too. Charles was s/o U. T. Hubbard (Uncle Tom).
John Belcher was buried in this cemetery, he was husband of Mertie Hubbard.
John Belcher & Mertie (Hubbard) Belcher had 2 or 3 babies buried in this cemetery.
June Ball & Cora Hubbard had 2 babies buried here.

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