Lowell E. McGlothlin Cemetery

Beautiful Cemetery and well kept! Located on Rt. 615, near the home of Ronald McGlothlin. visited this cemetery on August 23, 1998.

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Lowell E. McGlothlin (son of Montahue McGlothlin and Edna Mae Hart)

M. Opal McGlothlin (wife of Lowell Eugene McGlothlin, daughter of Harmon C. and Desty Mona Stephens/Stevens McGuire)
1919 - 1980

Dennie A. McGlothlin (son of Lowell Eugene and Minnie Opal McGuire McGlothlin)
July 30, 1942 - July 16, 1987

Lorene K. McGlothlin (wife of Denny McGlothlin, daughter of Jessie and Bertha Ward Sims)
September 26, 1943 - Living

Tammie Opal McGlothlin (daughter of Dennie and Lorene Sims McGlothlin)
May 02, 1963 - October 30, 1985

Dual A. McGlothlin (son of Lowell Eugene McGlothlin & M. Opal McGuire)
1947 - 1984

Kathern C. McGlothlin (wife of Dual A. McGlothlin)
1943 - Living

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