P. S. Rasnake Cemetery

The P.S. Rasnake ("Vess" Rasnake) Cemetery is on Rt. 621, Sandy Ridge, in a curve below road near the home of Samuel and Alice Rasnake. Visited this cemetery July 24, 1998.

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Still born Baby
November 08, 1918
infant of P.S. Rasnake

There are 3 graves that are marked just Rasnake. (These are children of Thomas Jefferson Rasnake and Sarah Emily Barton Rasnake. Fannie Kelly says one of these children's name was Cecil.)

Benjamon H. Rasnake
b. April 11, 1891 - d. July 20, 1891

Mary Rasnake
b. June 06, 1884 - d. December 10, 1887

Leah S. Rasnake- (daughter of Thomas Stephens and Martha aka "Mattie" . She is the wife of the Rev. J.W. Rasnake)
b. September 17, 1839 - d. March 19, 1907

Rev. J. W. Rasnake- (son of George Rasnick and Nancy Wallis, and the husband of Leah Stephens. J.W. stands for Jacob William. He was aka "Will")
b. September 19, 1839 - d. December 25, 1924

Henrietta Rasnake- (daughter of Larkin Osborne and Minerva Coleman Osborne. aka "Retta". She was the 2nd wife of P. S. "Pleasant Sylvester" Rasnake)
b. November 10, 1885 - d. November 23, 1967

Clarence A. Rasnake-(son of Pleasant Sylvester Rasnake and Henrietta Osborne Rasnake)
b. April 01, 1911 - d. May 05, 1953

Betty Sue Rasnake- (daughter of Clarence A. Rasnake, and Mertie Tiller Rasnake)
August 07, 1952

William C. Rasnake- (son Clarence A. Rasnake, and Mertie Tiller Rasnake)
April 11, 1951

C. Wayne Rasnake
b. June 06, 1948 - d. May 08, 1992

Ruby Jean Rasnake
b. 1930 - d. 1972

Worley- (nothing else is written on marker other than Worley)( Fannie Kelly says that this is a 6 or 7 yr. old child belonging to a Taze Worley)

Willis Carl Rasnake
b. 1951 - d. 1955

Dolly Rasnake
b. 1888 - d. 1914

Ratliff- (nothing else is written on marker other than Ratliff) (twin) (grandchild of George Ratliff- info from Fannie Kelly)

Ratliff- (nothing else is written on marker other than Ratliff) (twin) (grandchild of George Ratliff- info from Fannie Kelly)

Rachel J. Rasnake
b. March 27, 1845 - d. May 11, 1917
age 72 yrs, 1mo. and 14 da's

P.S. Rasnake- (P.S. stands for Pleasant Sylvester. He was the son of Jacob William Rasnake and Leah Stephens Rasnake. He was the husband of Sofa E. Musick Rasnake, and Henrietta Osborne Rasnake)
b. September 02, 1870 - d. January 07, 1953

Sofa E. Musick- (daughter of Thomas Musick and Martha A. Stinson. She was the 1st wife of Pleasant Sylvester Rasnake)
b. February 26, 1874 - d. September 01, 1906

Ray Cox- (son of Wilson Cox and Mae Deel Cox)( info from Fannie Kelly)
March 10, 1942

Fernie Deel- (daughter of Meredith Deel and Ada Rasnake Deel)
b. November 18, 1935 - d. November 17, 1940

Rit Rasnake-(served in WWI, died 4 months after having received a medical discharge) info from Fannie Kelly
b. January 17, 1893 - d. August 11, 1919

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