Riley Cemetery

Take Rt 645 (New Garden Road) from Honaker toward Finney. Turn left on Rt 1084. Turn left at the first left up the hill. There is a white house on the left at the top of the hill that belongs to Arlen (Slim) and Shirley Blankenship. The cemetery is located on the right out the road from their house.

This file submitted by Michelle Hale and Patty Dial

Charles B. Riley
son of Thomas Riley (& Celia Johnson) Died Feb 2 1883
aged 35 yrs and 9 months

Louisa J. Riley
wife of ? Hughes
Born Aug 8, 1848 - Died Dec 18, 1890
(Note: Louisa J. Riley was the d/o Thomas J. Riley
& Celia Johnson and w/o Aljernon Taylor Hughes)

Pattie M. Riley
daughter of T. J. Riley and wife of Beverly J Wisor
Died April 13 1877
Aged 18 years 9 month 1 day
(d/o Thomas J. Riley & Celia Johnson)

In Memory Of
Celia F. Riley
who died June 16
age 33 yrs 2 mo 2 day
(w/o Thomas J. Riley & d/o John Johnson & Elizabeth Fletcher)
(Note: Death record lists date of death as 15 Jun 1853)

Thomas J. Riley
died 09 Jul 188?
(s/o Daniel & Susan Riley)
(Note: Death record lists date of death as 09 Jul 1885, age 74)
(Thomas J. Riley was a Civil War vet., serving in the 72nd VA Militia)

America Wells Johnson
1st the wife of Edward Wells
2nd the wife of John Johnson
Died Jan 28, 1888
Age 70 years
(d/o Richard & Sarah, possibly Griffin)

In memory of
My Husband
William A. Kilgore
(the rest is unreadable)
(Son-in-law of Thomas J. Riley & Celia Johnson
married their daughter Octavia Riley. Was deceased
by 1884 when she re-married to James Johnson s/o John
Johnson & 1st wife Charlotte Smith. This is same John
Johnson that married 2nd America, widow of Edward Wells above.)

Susan Riley
the wife of Daniel Riley
Died Oct 7 1853
Age 75
(Mother of Thomas J. Riley)
(Death records list her date of death as 10 Oct 1853, age 80.)

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