Ring Cemetery

Located 2 miles from Castlewood, VA on Alt 58E, turn right onto Rt. 604--1 mile on left side of road.

Note: Items in brackets ( ) have been added by the compiler.

This file submitted by Judy Dye Ring

Born Dec. 27 1880 - Died Mar. 27 1911
Age 30yr 3mo
Erected by WT, JL, and JE TYLER

Charlie B. Farris, Jr.
Apr-22-1938 - Apr-23-1938

W. O. Farris
1872 - 1953

Ella Farris (w/o W. O. Farris)
1879 - 1948

Edward Dolen Farris
Aug-25-1917 - Feb-23-1935

Armond Franklin Farris
Apr-27-1919 - Feb-27-1920

CARROL Anna P. Carroll (w/o William Hobert Carroll)

William Hobert Carroll
Jan-5-1898 - Sep-25-1954

Bettie, dau. of J.J. & S.E. Ring Born & Died Aug-6-1928

Lizzie Stout Tyler, wife of J.L.Tyler
1876 - 1936

Joseph Charlie Boone
Born Jan-20-1897 - Died Aug-7-1929

Mary E. Hurd, wife of Wm. T. Tyler
Apr-9-1868 - Oct-31-1935

William T. Tyler
Aug-2-1870 - Dec-25-1931

Ibbie E. Tyler (w/o David R. Tyler)
Oct-7-1880 - Apr-25-1957

David R. Tyler
Jul-10-1876 - Jan-10-1910

Samuel Henry Ring (s/o David W. Ring & Delila Austin)
Aug-2-1854 - Jun-22-1927

Sarah Elizabeth Ring (w/o Samuel Ring, d/o Hiram & Susan Jones)
Jul-19-1856 - Jan-22-1937

Robert M. C. Ring
Jun-17-1852 - Oct-16-1894
Age 42y 3m 27d

David W. Ring
Jun-18-1817 - Dec-23-1893

Kate, dau. of W.O. & Ella Farris
Oct-10-1910 - Jun-23-1920

Malissa Virginia Ring
Aug-3-1911 - Apr-11-1927

Nancy Ellen Ring
May-6-1907 - Apr-24-1931

Mrs. H. A. Ring
Jun-24-1888 - Apr-10-1940
Age 51y. 9m. 16d.

H. A. Ring
Feb-27-1881 - Dec-30-1950
Age 69y 10m 30d

Don Ring
Jan-8-1926 - Jul-27-1981

Kenneth Gerald Ring
Dec-24-1927 - May-1-1992

Kenneth E. Ring
Apr-17-1937 - Dec-30-1937

Mary Austin Ring (w/o W. Cecil Ring)
Apr-24-1918 - Apr-24-1996

W. Cecil Ring
Apr-18-1913 - Jul-21-1986

Lucy N. Ring (w/o David C. Ring)
Feb-17-1888 - Jul-12-1962

David C. Ring, Sr.
Apr-17-1884 - Jul-4-1949

Frank Ring
Jun-16-1926 - May-23-1988

W. Darrell Ring
May-20-1941 - Sep-5-1992

Brice Franklin Ring
Jun-16-1926 - May-23-1988

Mary Lou Ring (w/o Brice F. Ring)
Jun-2-1933 - Mar-30-1996

James Edward Ring, son of Otte & Bessie Ring
May-26-1932 - Dec-22-1933

Otte, Jr., son of Otte & Bessie Ring
Jul-28-1922 - Jul-29-1931

James E. Ring, son of D.C. & Lucy
Jan-27-1918 - Jan-18-1919

Bessie Suit Ring (w/o Otte Ring)
Sep-15-1898 - Jan-6-1986

Eylie O. Ring
VA, Pvt 2 Co 155 Depot Brigade World War I
Aug-7-1891 - Dec-6-1956

Virginia Fuller (w/o Samuel Fuller)
Jul-13-1906 - Aug-10-1982

Samuel Vernie Fuller
Aug-2-1903 - Blank

Mary Ellen Bailey Ring (w/o Robert M. C. Ring)
Jun-18-1859 - Jul-7-1950

Robert M. C. Ring
Jun-17-1852 - Oct-13-1894
Note: On Robert M.C. Ring there are two markers, an old one and one on the marker with his wife Mary Ellen (Williams) Bailey

Josie Ingle Ring (w/o Jessee A. Ring)
Apr-13-1863 - Sep-26-1951

Jessee A. Ring
Sep-18-1850 - Aug-26-1915

George David Ring
Jul-4-1897 - Aug-25-1969

Charles M. (this appears to be Manley) son of Jessee & Josie Ring
Mar-3-1883 - Dec-4-1902

Joyce Nixon Ring (w/o Joseph N. Ring)
Jun-28-1906 - Feb-1-1989

Joseph N. Ring
Feb-28-1903 - Aug-9-1989

Fred Holbrook, Sr.
US Army Korea
Apr-9-1928 - Mar-24-1991

Veria Anna Allen, Dau. of George & Kate Allen
Jul-23-1914 - Feb-28-1915

Mable dau. of H. J. & M. B. Self
Feb-9-1907 - Nov-22-1911

Henry Jackson Self
Sep-23-1868 - Feb-20-1929

Millie Carroll Self
Sep-13-1883 - Jul-13-1965

Mrs. R. T. Culbertson
Mar-15-1853 - Dec-5-1907

J. G. Tyler
Dec-27-1880 - Mar-27-1911

Rachel Jones (w/o Andrew J. Jones)

Andrew Jackson Jones, Born in Grayson Co. VA
May-5-1861 - Sep-13-1913
52y 4m 8d

Pauline, dau. of Walter & Kate Ring
Born & Died Jul-31-1924

Lola Mae Ring Bright
Feb-28-1915 - Oct-24-1986

Anna Kate Litton, wife of Robert Walter Ring
Born Feb-23-1893 - Died Jan-27-1926

R. W. Ring
Nov-1-1892 - Apr-21-1952

Reda N. Ring
May-18-1906 - May-7-1986

John Lee Ring, Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Ring
Born & Died Apr-29-1946

Maggie Meade Ring (w/o Samuel H. Ring)
Jan-11-1896 - Jan-31-1997

Samuel Hascue Ring
Feb-24-1888 - Nov-20-1962

Robert William Ring, Jr.
Mar-22-1953 - Mar-24-1959

Samuel Alac Tyler
Oct-19-1901 - Aug-13-1945
Erected by Mother Ibbie Tyler

Mahala C. Hall (w/o Nonnie Hall)
Jan-24-1903 - Jun-24-1984

Nonnie Hall
Sep-28-1911 - Mar-8-1989

Lawrence H. Ring
Jan-27-1913 - Jan-15-1937
24 yr. old

Barbara C. Ring (w/o James H. Ring)
12-4-1922 - Blank

James H. Ring
Jun-15-1920 - Jun-19-1997

Fannie Kate Carter
Dec-19-1911 - Aug-28-1959

Yoland Gail Warner

Mahala, wife of S.H. Tyler
Feb-2-1849 - Dec-14-1902
Age 53y 10m 12d

INFANT dau. of R. J. & Nancy Tyler

Bettie Salyer
1896 - 19__

Thomas Hurd
1919 - 1937

This is all I could read on these rocks:

_____________ Dau. of J ? Ring
Feb-24-1887 - Dec-12-1889

____?______, paid for by J A Ring
1825 - 1895
(I think this is Delila Austin wife of David W. Ring)

Nancy C., Wife of R(?) J. Tyler
May-4-1882 - ?-2-1905

T. B. Ring
3 or 5-25-1844 - Apr-17-1909

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