Tate Cemetery

Location of Cemetary: County road 679 off state route 613, Big Mocassin, Russell Co. Va. Copied November 6, 1995 - Monday, by Larry & Pat Taylor. I took the data they had copied and identified all but one of the ones they had down. I am not sure of #-14. They stated there are 10 or more unmarked graves, I also identified two of those. Comments in parenthesis added by Shirley Owens-Fletcher.

This file submitted by Shirley Owens-Fletcher

1 - William Elijah Tate....b. 4,3,1860, d. 11,4,1937
aged 77 years, 7 months, 10 days
(Son of James Monroe Tate # 20 below)

2 - Sarah Elizabeth Tate...b. 1,8,1860, d.10,20,1919
age 59 years, 4 months, 12 days wife of W.E.Tate
(Sarah Elizabeth Payne-Tate, Wife of William Elijah Tate above)

3 - John Tate...b.1,17,1907, d. 2,26,1908
(could be son of William and Sarah above, they had a John but I don't have birthdate)

4 - Infant Son....b.5,18,1886, d.5,18,1886
R. F. and M. G. Tate
(son of Robert F. Tate and Mary Catherine Burdine-Tate. Robert is son of James Monroe Tate #20 below)

5 - Dorcia Ann Tate...b.12,1,1891, d.2,7,1892
Daughter of W. E. and S. E. Tate
(Daughter of William and Sarah Tate #'s 1, 2, above)

6 -Thomas C. Tate...b, 6,20,1883, d.8,19,1885
Son of W. E and S. E. Tate
(son of William and Sarah Tate #'s 1,2 above)

7 - William Garland Tate...b. 4,19,1865, d.8,30,1886
Son of H. B. and N. J. Tate
(son of Henry B. and Nancy J. Munsey-Tate, Henry son of James Monroe Tate # 20 below. Nancy is daughter of Charles D. Munsey and Rebecca Nash Kelley-Munsey)

8 - Nancy A. Fuller...b.5,19,1842, d. 2,27,1892
Age 19, years, 9 mos, 8 days
(Nancy Ann Owens-Fuller, wife of George L. Fuller, daughter of John W. Owens and Elizabeth McFarlane-Owens, John W. Owens is a brother to Jacob Owens # 13 below. He is the son of John Owens and Nancy-(unknown), John was born, 1767, died, July 1850, His children were all born in Tennessee, I do not know where John came from, his wife Nancy was from South Carolinia, George L. Fuller is son of Jessee Fuller and Mary "Polly" Banner-Fuller)

Note of intrest:
The John Owens above is the John Owens who lived in the old log house that burned in 1940 located on Big Mocassin. John's Great-Grandson Edward Jackson Owens's wife Alice Arrington-Owens and family was living in the house that burned. Edward Jackson Owens had died in 1938.

9 - Infant son of ..........b. (unknown), d. (unknown)
J. and H. T. Owens
(Infant son of Jacob and Hannah T. Fugate-Owens, #'s 12, 13 below)

10 - Infant son of .....b, (unknown, d. (unknown)
J. and H.T. Owens
(Infant son of Jacob and Hannah Tate-Owens, #'s 12,13 below))

11 - Elizabeth E. Owens....b. (unknown), d. 7,6,1858
Age 4 years, 10 months, 13 days
(Daughter of Jacob and Hannan T. Fugate-Owens, #'s 12,13 below)
(She would have been born, August 23,1853)

12 - Hannah T. Owens.....b. 7,2,1813, d. 2,17,1876
(Hannah T. Fugate-Owens, wife of Jacob Owens, (Described #-13, below), and daughter of Robert Fugate and Ester Seymour-Fugate. Robert Fugate was son of Colbert Fugate and Hannah Tate. Hannah Tate was daughter of "Col." John Tate a prominent figure in early days of Russell Co. Va.)

13 - Jacob Owens....b. (unknown), d.2,29,1864
Age 58 years, 2 months, 10 days
(Husband of # 12 above, and son of John Owens described in # 8 above. His birth would have been December 19, 1805. I have him born in Tennessee, I don't know where in Tennessee.)

14 - E. McFarland....b. (unknown), d.4,13,1864
Age 9 months, 2 days
(This child could possibly be some relation to Elizabeth McFarlane who married John W. Owens since they have a child buried here # 8 above. Her birth date would have been July 11,1863)

Note of intrest:
John W. Owens (brother to Jacob Owens #-13 above) and three of his children all died of fever in 1862. Joseph was 23 and married to Darthula H. Tate daughter of Elisha Tate, James H was 18, and Susan Jane was 16.

15 - Nancy Kate Tate...b. 12,10,1896, d.6,6,1916
Daughter of J.E. and Eliza J. Tate
(daughter if Jacob Elbert Tate and Eliza Jane Burdine-Tate. Jacob Elbert Tate is son of James Monroe Tate # 20 below. Eliza Jane Burdine-Tate is the daughter of John T. Burdine and Catherine Devault-Burdine.)

16 - J.E. Tate ....b. 4,3,1858, d. 1,2,1900
(Jacob Elbert Tate husband of Eliza J. Tate below. Son of James Monroe Tate # 20 below)

17 - Eliza J. Tate.....b. 5,1,1859, d. 12,23,1943
(Eliza Jane Burdine-Tate,Wife of Jacob Elbert Tate above. Daughter of John T. Burdine and Catherine Devault-Burdine.)

18 - Elbert D.K. Owens.....b.(unknown), d. July 21,1865
Age 16 years 2 months, 19 days
(Son of Jacob Owens # 13 above, and Hannah T. Fugate-Owens # 12 above. Elbert D.K.'s birth would be May 2, 1849. Elbert died of Diptheria)

19 - Sarah J. B. Tate....b. 2,14,1831, d. 9,8,1916
Wife of J. M. Tate
(Sarah Jane Owens-Tate, wife of James Monroe Tate # 20 below. Daughter of Jacob Owens # 13 above, and Hannah T. Fugate-Owens # 12 above.)

20 - James M. Tate.....b. 2,14,1832, d. 3,7,1906
(Husband of Sarah J. B.Owens-Tate# 19 above. Son of Elisha Tate and Eliza Claibourne Davenport-Tate. James is a brother of my G-G-Grandmother Nancy Ann Tate who married Rufus Morgon Owens. Rufus was the son of Hiram Owens and Mary "Polly" Price-Owens, Hiram was a brother to Jacob Owens # 13 above, Both sons of John Owens)

21 - Jennie B. Tate....b. 6,1,1870, d. 5,30,1956
(Virginia Jane Gibson-Tate, wife of James W. Tate # 22 below. Daughter of John Taylor or Tylor Gibson and Mary Elizabeth Boyd-Gibson.)

22 - James W. Tate....b. 2,21,1867, d. 4,4,1909
(Husband of Jennie B. Tate # 21 above. Son of James Monroe Tate # 20 above. James and Jennie are the Parents of Nelson White Tate who married Rachel Ann Owens. Rachel Ann Owens was the daughter of Denton King Owens and Bettie Helbert-Owens, Bettie died and Denton married Delia Fogleman. Denton and Delia were parents of my Daddy Craig Scott Owens. Denton was son of Hiram Craig Owens who was son of Rufus Morgon Owens husband of Nancy Ann Tate sister of James Monroe Tate # 20 above.)

23 - Carrol D. Warner....b. 2,29,1944, d. 10,22,1945
(Child of Tom and Beuna Tate-Warner. Beuna was the daughter of James W. Tate #22)

24 - Thomas J. Tate...b. 9,18,1855, d. 9,18,1936
(Son of James Monroe Tate # 20 above. Thomas never married.)

25 - Paul C. Adams....b. 8,12,1901, d. 10,8,1960
West Virginia PFC 537th MP Escort G D Company WW2
(Paul Conan Adams was the son of Delia Fogleman mentioned in # 22 above and her first husband John Adams. They were divorced. Paul was married to Zouie Myrtle Massey, they were divorced after several years of marriage and the parents of 4 children. Paul was married a second time to Sallie Ann Turner from Louisiana. They lived in Glendale California and were both killed by a car while crossing a busy street in Glendale, October 6, 1960. Sally died instantly and Paul survived til the 9th. Sally was sent back to Louisiana and buried there and Paul was brought back to Virginia and rests here in the Tate Cemetary beside his Mother Delia, my Grandmother)

10 or more graves with field stones as markers no-names.

(I know who two of these graves are, they are my Grandparents and their graves are located just below Paul C. Adams, son of Delia below.)

My Grandparents:
1 - Denton King Owens...b. 8,17,1872, d.1,5,1946
Son of Hiram Craig Owens and Nannie Bailey-Owens
Hiram was son of Rufus Morgon Owens and Nancy Ann Tate-Owens. Nancy was a sister to James Monroe Tate # 20 above.

2 - Delia Bell Fogleman-Adams-Owens...b. 5,10,1879, d.11,25,1957
Wife of Denton King Owens above
Delia was the daughter of Charlie H. Fogleman and Sallie Jordon-Fogleman

This cemetary is on a hill on the left, before you cross the Big Mocassin Creek. It is fenced and is in need of attention. It is overgrown with poke weeds and saw briars. It overlooks the valley and the creek. (This comment by Larry & Pat Taylor, who documented this cemetary in 1995)

We are in the process of cleaning this cemetary off and my family will put up a marker for Denton and Delia.

By: Shirley Owens-Fletcher
634 Cherokee Dr.
Mount Carmel, Tn. 37645

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