The Taylor Cemetery is located on top of the ridge on a fire road just off Rt. 626. This road goes between Trammel and Dante, Virginia over Trammel Gap. Directions to the cemetery from Trammel are as follows: Take road 626 to the top of Trammel Gap. When you reach the top of the ridge there will be a brick home on your right. About 100 yards past this house is a dirt road to your right. Follow this road about 100 yards and the Taylor Cemetery will be on your right. A resident of Dante informed us that this cemetery was known as the Taylor Cemetery. The cemetery is fairly well kept. However, at the time of our visit it was in need of mowing. Some stones were on the ground and other graves were marked with cement blocks that were buried flat with the ground. We counted 17 unmarked cement stones in this cemetery. The cemetery has a covered sheltered with benches and chairs. Just across the road from the Taylor Cemetery is the Trammell Gap Community Cemetery.

This file submitted by Joy & Michael Malone

(The following two stones were side by side)
John J. Amburgy
Born April 6, 1843 - Died March 17, 1915
No Pains, No Grief, No Anxious Fear
Can Reach Our Loved Ones Sleeping Here

John J. Amburgy
April 6, 1843 - March 17, 1915

Guy D. Brooks
Born August 12, 1896 - Died November 17, 1896
Son of S. L. & Rosana Brooks
Gone To Be An Angel
Footstone GBD

Jonas Clifton Brooks
Born February 11, 1920 - Died March 15, 1920
Son of W. S. & Lumie Brooks
At Rest In Heaven
Footstone JCB

Mary E. Cassell
Born September 7, 1878 - Died January 22, 1916
Wife of W. M. Cassell
Age 37y
No Grief No Anxious Fear,
Can Reach Our Loved Ones
Sleeping Here

Carl C. Compton
Born May 3, 1938 - Died June 1, 1938
Son of Berry & Martha Compton
Gone To Be With Jesus

Mary Louise Davis
Born June 24, 1917 - Died November 19, 1917
Daughter of Grady & Blanche Davis
Age 4m, 25d

Ortha E. Deskins
Born April 22, 1913 - Died February 4, 1915
Daughter of J. M. & L. B. Deskins
Age 1y, 9m, 12d

Billy J. Dingus
Born December 20, 1951 - Died December 25, 1951
Was Far Too Sweet To Linger Long

Jasper Dingus
Born September 22, 1909 - Died August 20, 1913
Son of Pat & Nannie Dingus
Sleep On Sweet Babe
And Take Thy Rest
God Called Thee Home
He Thought It Best
Footstone JD

Luther Dingus
Born November 1, 1915 - Died July 16, 1941
Sleep On Son And Take Thy Rest
God Called Thee Home
He Thought It Best
(Grave is covered with a shingled roof)

Ezra C. Dishman
Born December 10, 1917 - Died February 25, 1919
Son of Tyler & Lizzie Dishman
From Mothers Arms To Jesus Arms

Dana Hodge
Born July 15, 1913 - Died November 16, 1915
Son of George & Verna Hodge
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven
The Little Ones Are His Jewels
(Top of stone) The Lord Is My Sheppard

Bertha Holbrook
Born April 15, 1913 - Died April 15, 1913
Gone So Soon Our Loved One
Gone To Be An Angel
Gone To A Better Land
Footstone BH

Elizabeth Holbrook
Born January 23, 1878 - Died January 5, 1922
Age 11Mo, 12 Da
Having Served Her Generation
By The Will Of God
She Fell Asleep
(Top of stone) The Lord Is My Sheppard
(This stone is lying on the ground)

Nancy Ruth Holbrook
Born 1916 - Died 1968

(Double stone)
Nancy Ruth Holbrook
Born 1916 - Died 1968
Edward M. Holbrook
Born 1911 - Died 1989
Mother & Father

Charles Emory Johnson
Born May 19, 1914 - Died September 6, 1914
From Motherís Arms To The Arms Of Jesus

Henry Johnson
Born July 1, 1846 - Died September 9, 1915
Age 69y 2m 8d
My Head And Stay Is Called Away
And I Am Left Below
My Husband Dear Who Was So Near
Has Fled Away And Gone

Jessee James Johnson
Born January 3, 1918 - Died January 6, 1918
Son of Charlie & Gertie Johnson
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven

Clarie Meade
Born September 6, 1911 - Died October 7, 1913
Daughter of Milburn & Nellie Mead

Harvey Jaspertt Meade
Born January 3, 1915 - Died March 15, 1915
Son of Ezra & Mary Meade
Sweetly Resting In Heaven
(Top of stone, a Lamb) In Memory
Footstone JM

William Robert Pike
Born December 8, 1913 - Died April 14, 1915
Son of George & Hannah Pike
Sweetly Resting
Resting In Heaven

Feeby E. Salyer
Born August 20, 1869 - Died December 15, 1916
Wife of David M. Salyer
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
For They Shall See God

Bone Taylor
Born January 16, 1888 - Died January 17, 1941
We Will Meet Again

Lizzie Taylor
Born July 22, 1882 - Died March 29, 1924
Wife of Bone Taylor
Age 41y, 8m, 7d

Samuel Taylor
Born April 29, 1898 - Died February 20, 1917
Son of John O. & Martha A. Taylor
Tread Softly For An Angel Band
Doth Guard The Silent Dust
And We Can Safely Leave Our Boy
Our Darling In Their Trust

Mary Wallen
Born January 14, 1850 - Died March 24, 1916
Blessed Are The Dead Who
Die In The Lord
(Top of stone) At Rest
(This stone is broken in half and leaning against the base)

Emmie C. Wilson
Born July 25, 1902 - Died March 29, 1916
Daughter of J. M. & Victoria Wilson
From Motherís Arms To The Arms Of Jesus
She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home
She Followed By The Wayside And The Angles
Took Her Home
(Top of stone) The Lord Is My Sheppard
(This stone has fallen flat on the ground)

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