Thompson Combs Family Cemetery

This cemetery overlooks the Old Combs School on RT. 631, which runs off Rt. 615 along Weaver's Creek near Big A Mtn.

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Thompson Combs    Virginia France
  Parents of         wife of
  S.F. Combs,     Thompson Combs
         Cullen Combs,
          John Combs,
       William F. Combs.

     TC  - Footstones -  VFC
(There is one headstone shaped at the top like a heart, but going straight down on the sides. No Dates. Writing appears above as it does on the stones. The "S" from Virginia Frances' name is missing because there was not enough room on the stone for it. Thompson Combs was the s/o William Combs and Anna Thompson. Virginia Frances was the d/o Thomas Frances & Jane Hammons.)

Ada J. Combs (d/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth Smith)
b. July 1876

Jacob Cook Combs (s/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth Smith)
January 1874

Will J. Gambill
August 02, 1880 - January 10, 1905
(s/o John Reasor Gambill & Louisa Slimp. Living with brother David B. Gamble in Dickenson Co., VA in 1900)

grave marked with field rocks, no writing

Grover C. Combs (s/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth Smith)
August 07, 1885 - September 30, 1887

Elizabeth Combs Taulbee
d. November 14, 1897

Bulah Mae Combs (d/o Simeon F. Combs & Elizabeth Smith)
March 22, 1898 - March 22, 1898

S. F. Combs (s/o Thompson Combs & Virginia Frances)
November 10, 1848 - July 21, 1913

Elizabeth Smith- wife of S.F. Combs (d/o William P. Smith & Matilda Kiser)
April 22, 1858 - June 02, 1933

Mary Ann Taulbee (Probably a d/o James M. Taulbee & Maude A. Combs)
April 27, 1917 - August 27, 1917

Charles S. Taulbee (probably a s/o James M. Taulbee & Maude A. Combs)
February 01, 1915 - October 17, 1918

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