Trammel Gap Community Cemetery

Trammel Gap Community Cemetery is located on top of the ridge on a fire road just off 626 the road that goes between Trammel and Dante, Virginia over Trammel Gap. (The Cemetery is on the County line of Russell County and Dickenson County.) The cemetery was surveyed on October 1, 2000. This cemetery is also known as Mountain Cemetery and Comptonís Cemetery. This cemetery is in poor shape; however, just recently a group of men from Dante removed the brush and cleared the cemetery. There are very few markers in the cemetery; however, you can see depressions of a number of unmarked graves. My cousin who grew up in Dante told me that when he was a child he remembers visiting the cemetery. He recalls that it was covered with wooden crosses placed at the graves (this would have been in the 1950ís). The Clinchfield Coal Company buried their employees and family members in this cemetery.

Just across the fire road from the Trammell Gap Community Cemetery is the Taylor Cemetery. This cemetery has a covered area with chairs and is in fair condition. The Taylor Cemetery contains the following surnames: AMBURGEY, BROOKS, COMPTON, DINGUS, HOLLBROOK, JOHNSON, MEAD, SALYER, AND TAYLOR.

This file submitted by Joy & Michael Malone

Betty Lou Holbrook
b. June 10, 1938 - d. January 23, 1941

Four unmarked stones with flowers

Odell Gullett
b. November 24, 1910 - d. April 18, 1929
Son of Mr. & Mrs. James Gullett

J. A. Mays
b. June 14, 1898 - d. August 12, 1919

Hommer Newland Keith
b. October 18, 1920 - d. August 18, 1921
Son of Clarence and Bertha Keith

Alice Millhorne
B. June 22, 1875 - d. October 23, 1918

Two unmarked Millhorne graves

Lola Gilliam
b. December 28, 1911 - d. September 18, 1920
Daughter of C. & L. Gilliam

Claude W. Broyhill
b. February 16, 1917 - d. February 19, 1920
Son of G. P. & R. D. Broyhill

Jeff Gilbert
b. 1865 - d. November 24, 1918

John Cooley, Jr.
b. July 5, 1919 - d. January 4, 1920
Son of John M. & Nell Cooley

Infant Cooley
Child of John M. & Nell Cooley

Infant Cooley
Child of John M. & Nell Cooley

Baby Son of Dave & Bertha Daugherty
July 3, 1922

Infant Smith
b. November 12, 1913 - d. November 12, 1913
Daughter of Mart & Ethel Smith

Garland Lee Daugherty
b. December 30, 1924 - d. March 25, 1925

Elmer Lewis Daugherty
b. November 21, 1927 - d. January 22, 1928

Unmarked grave of
Thomas Allen Pickney Dellinger
b. May 25, 1860 - d. November 16, 1926
(Place of Burial Listed on Death Certificate)

Unmarked grave of
Nancy Caroline (Rose) Dellinger
b. August 20, 1868 - d. January 24, 1932
Wife of Thomas Allen Pickney Dellinger
(Place of Burial Listed on Death Certificate)

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