William Thompson Fletcher Cemetery

Located beside the Owens Cemetery about five miles from Honaker. Take rt. 645 [New Garden Rd.] for about five miles and turn left on Rt 620 [Barrett Rd] go 500 ft. cemetery on the right. It joins the Owens cemetery on the left.

This file submitted by Lowell Boyd

Ballard Beltcher b 1938, d 2006

Barnette Jashua Price b 4/20/1894, d 2/27/1963

Martha Price Honaker, b 4/20/1901, d 6/9/1995

Otis J. Price, b 11/25/1880, d 3/3/1960

Denton W. Price, b 6/13/1891, d 4/9/1973

Sparrel Dye, b 1897, d 1974

Perry P. Dye, b 1902, d 1977

Virgil R. Sykes, b 1939, d 1939

William T. Fletcher, b 1820, d 1900
(s/o James Fletcher & Celia Thompson)

Mary B. Fletcher, b 1824, d 1900
(w/o William T. Fletcher, d/o John Ball & Mary Ball)

Beulah A. Dye, b 1/20/1934 [Living]

Miles Herbie Dye, b 1/13/1913, d 3/20/1997

Richard L. Price, b 10/17/1951, d 5/11/1991

Paul D. Price b 1919, d 2005

Audrey Price b 1926, d 2006

Katherine B. Fletcher, b 1861, d 1940
(w/o Thomas D. Fletcher, d/o David Munsey & Biddy Willis)

Thomas D. Fletcher, b 1858, d 1950
(s/o William T. Fletcher & Mary Ball)

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