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Submitted by Elora M. Goshe

Alderson, Benjamin 270 acres
Asberry, William 130 ac.
Beavers, Abraham 100 ac.
Belcher, Robert 225 ac.
Bowen, John 160 ac.
Bowen, Rees estate 230 ac
Breeding, John, Jr. 150 ac.
Burke, Henry, assignee
of Wells 190 ac.
Buster William 187 ac.
Cockrell, Simon 300 ac.
Coil, James estate 700 ac.
Conway, Thomas 400 ac.
Conway, William, tenant
of Rodgers 200 ac.
Cowan, Andrew, Col. 365 ac.
Cowan, John 350 ac.
Daniel, Wyatt, assignee
of James Young 100 ac.
Deskins, John 400 ac.
Dowell, Patrick, est. 50 ac.
Elkins, Drury 200 ac.
Elkins, James 400 ac.
Elkins, Richard 400 ac.
Ewing, Samuel 900 ac.
Francisco, Jacob, assignee
of John Bristow 375 ac.
Fuget, Josiah 385 ac.
Garrison, William 100 ac.
Gibson, John 122 ac.
Gilmore, William, assignee
of R. Price 76 ac.
Givin, David 100 ac.
Hankins, John, assignee
of Pitman 100 ac.
Hatfield, John 100 ac.
Hays, Charles 185 ac.
Henderson, Richard 50 ac.
Higanbothan, Robert 300 ac.
Horn, John, assignee
of Courtney 200 ac.
Jackson, Simeon, assingee
of Scaggs 215 ac.
Johnson, Daniel 100 ac.
Johnson, Thomas
(New Cap) 400 ac.
Keith, Thomas 100 ac.
Kindrick, Patrick 409 ac.
Ditto, assignee of
George Belcher 190 ac.
King, Martha 100 ac.
Lewis, John, att. for
Crume 150 ac.
Asberry, George 100 ac.
Barns, assignee of Ward 100 ac.
Ditto, assignee of John
Thompson 133 ac.
Bowen, John, estate 330 ac.
Breeding, John, Sr. 100 ac.
Bristow, John 390 ac.
Buster, John 187 ac.
Browning, Francis 130 ac.
Clevenger, John 350 ac.
Cockrell, Simon 800 ac.
Combs, William, assignee
of Gilmore 300 ac.
Countz, John, assignee
of Robert
McFarland 100 ac.
Daniel, James 100 ac.
Davis, Henry 200 ac.
Deskins, Daniel 200 ac.
Dolsberry, Lyles 100 ac.
Dysart, James, admr.
of Fowler 400 ac.
Elkins, Jesse, assignee
of Scaggs 100 ac.
Ewing, Samuel, assignee
of Vickars 100 ac.
Fuget, James 400 ac.
Fuget, Randolph, assignee
of G. Belcher 190 ac.
Gilmore, William 750 ac.
Gilmore, William, assignee
of B. Alderson 78 ac.
Hankins, John 170 ac.
Hatfield, George 100 ac.
Hatfield, George 100 ac.
Hatfield, Joseph 30 ac.
Hays, James, att. 150 ac.
Hendricks, Zachariah, assignee
of Smoot 200ac.
Horton, John, assignee
of Hendricks 345 ac.
Jackson, Lydia 100 ac.
Jessee, John, assignee
of Price 200 ac.
Gilmore, William, assignee
of Price 300 ac.
Johnson, 200 ac.
Kelley, Edward 60 ac.
Kindrick, Patrick, Jr.
assignee of Rodgers 155 ac.
Kindrick, William 100 ac.
Lewis, John 100 ac.
Litton, _____
Buster's estate 150 ac.
Martin, Alexander 100 ac.
Ditto, assignee of
Samuel Robinson 95 ac.
Merredith, Joseph 50 ac.
Marrs, Samuel, att.
for Fowler 150 ac.
Niel, Charles 100 ac.
Oney, William 250 ac.
Pemberton, James 50 ac.
Preeces, David 156 ac.
Preeces, William 214 ac.
Price, Richard, assignee
of S. Ewing 250 ac
. Robinson, Samuel 175 ac.
Rodgers, James 265 ac.
Rourk, James 100 ac.
Scaggs, Moses, assignee
of John 220 ac.
Shoemaker, James 368 ac.
Smith, Ericus 280 ac.
Smith, Col. Henry 2559 ac.
Scaggs, Zachariah 150 ac.
Thompson, John 200 ac.
Thompson, Richard 500 ac.
Vandike, John 200 ac.
Vanhook, Samuel 200 ac.
Vanhook, Samuel 140 ac.
Ward, David 300 ac.
Wilkenson, Francis 800 ac.
Willoughby, John 100 ac.
Withers, William 400 ac.
Young, John 50 ac.
McFarland, James 50 ac.
McMullen, Alexander's,
estate 200 ac.
Merredith, William 200 ac.
Musick, Elexius 100 ac.
Musick, Jonathan 100 ac.
Oney, Richard 250 ac.
Patterson, William 143 ac.
Pemberton, Richard 300 ac.
Preeces, Smith 50 ac.
Price, Richard 600 ac.
Price, Thomas 236 ac.
Raresnake, Jacob of assignee
of Smoot 200 ac.
Roman, William 150 ac.
Scaggs, Charles 290 ac.
Scott, James 170 ac.
Sergeant, James 94 ac.
Short, John, assignee
of Breeding 300 ac.
Scaggs, John 100 ac.
Smith, Henry, admr.
of Fowler 200 ac.
Thompson, William 150 ac.
Vandike, John, assignee
of Gravat 76 ac.
Vermillion, Jesse 150 ac.
White, Shadrach 400 ac.
Williams, Shadrach 100 ac.
Wilson, Harris 350 ac.
Young, Edward 200 ac.
Young, Samuel 50 ac.

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