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1800 Russell County Virginia Personal Property Tax List

Submitted by Michael A. Dye

Note: The 1800 personal property tax list for the Upper District of Russell County is missing. All households have one tithable unless otherwise noted.
Lower District James Dickenson's List

Abbet, James
Adams, William
Alexander, John
Allen, David
Allen, Isaac
Allen, John
Alley, David
Alley, Hosea - 0
Alley, John
Alley, Peter Sr.
Alley, Peter Jr.
Alley, Samuel
Alley, Thomas - 2
Anderson, Thomas
Armstrong, Isaac
Auxer, Abraham
Ayers, Nathaniel
Back, John
Banner, Cathran - 0
Beatey, James - 4
Beavens, Joseph
Beckley, Charles
Beel, Frederick
Bennett, Levi
Benson, Bable
Best, James
Bird, Henry
Bledsoe, Ezekiel
Bloomer, Daniel
Boldridge, William
Bolin, William - 0
Bratton, Robert
Brickey, John - 2
Briant, David - 2
Briant, James
Brown, James
Buchannon, Jacob
Bush, Austin
Bush, Drewry
Bush, James - 2
Cain, James
Calhoun, David
Calhoun, James
Carter, Charles
Carter, Dail
Carter, John Sr.
Carter, John Jr.
Carter, John,
..(Son of Norris)
Carter, Joseph Sr.
Carter, Joseph Jr.
Carter, Mary - 0
Carter, Morgan
Carter, John,
..(Son of Thomas)
Carter, Norris - 2
Carter, Peter
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Williamson
Casey, John
Cash, Howard
Casteel, Joseph - 2
Casteel, Robert
Casteel, William
Castle, Basole
Castle, Jacob Sr. - 3
Castle, Jacob Jr.
Chapman, Job
Childress, Abraham
Claxton, James
Cock, David
Cock, Henry
Cock, James
Cock, William
Cockrell, Simon
Codey, John
Codey, William - 2
Collyer, John
Combs, John - 2
Combs, William - 0
Conerway, John
Conn, Benjamin
Cooksey, John
Cooper, William
Cordill, William
Cornet, Samuel
Couch, William
Crank, James
Crank, John Sr.
Crank, John Jr.
Crawford, William
Culbertson, James
Culbertson, Joseph
Damron, John - 2
Davis, Henry
Davis, Jeremiah
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Richard - 0
Davis, Robert
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William Sr.
Davis, William Jr.
Davison, Cathran - 0
Davison, Daniel
Davison, James
Davison, John
Davison, Joseph - 2
Davison, Samuel
Davison, William
Despada, Charles
Dewees, William
Dickenson, Henry
Dickenson, James - 2
Dickenson, Thomas
Dollerhide, Cornelius - 0
Dollerhide, John - 3
Doneahoo, Henry
Dorton, Edward
Dorton, Moses
Dorton, William - 2
Duff, Robert
Dyar, William
Eastep, John - 0
Eastep, Samuel
Eastep, Shadrack
Easterling, Thomas
Ellington, John
Ellington, Nathan - 2
Estill, Benjamin
Faris, Champion
Felps, John
Felps, Samuel
Flannary, James
Flannary, John
Flannary, Silas
Fleetwood, Isaac
Foulks, John
Francis, Thomas - 3
Frazior, George
Frazior, John
Frazior, Joseph
Frazior, Solomon
Frazior, William
Friley, Cloey - 0
Friley, Frederick
Friley, James
Friley, Jesse
Friley, Willaim
Fugate, Colbird
Fugate, Francis
Fugate, George
Fugate, Henley
Fugate, Jonathan
Fugate, John Sr. - 3
Fugate, John Jr. - 0
Fugate, Zachariah - 4
George, Benjamin
George, William
Gibson, James - 0
Gibson, James (Cpt.) - 2
Godsey, Augustine - 2
Gose, Christopher
Gose, Stephen
Gray, John
Griffen, William
Griffith, Jonas
Grimmett, William
Grizzle, William
Guttrey, Hugh
Haines, Jacob
Hall, Isham
Hall, John
Hall, William
Hargis, John
Hargis, Samuel
Harrel, Jeremiah - 2
Harris, Benjamin - 0
Harris, John
Harris, Lewis
Harvey, Andrew
Hicks, Robert
Hobbs, Abner
Hobbs, James - 2
Hobbs, Nathan
Holebrook, John
Howerton, William
Huchenson, Peter
Hughes, Oliver - 2
Hullam, William
Husk, Henery
Huston, William
Hutchison, James
Isaacks, Godfrey
Isaacks, Samuel
Jackson, Garnet
Jackson, George
Jackson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Richard - 3
Johnson, Thomas - 0
Jones, Joseph
Jones, William
Kenner, Howsen
Kilgore, Ralph
Kilgore, Robert - 2
Kilgore, Stephen
Kilgore, Thomas
Kilgore, William
Kimple, Matthias
Kinder, Jacob
Lawson, Robert
Lawson, William Sr.
Lawson, William Jr.
Lee, Giles
Lee, James
Lee, William
Leith, James
Lemarr, James
Lewis, Samuel
Lindon, Benjmain
Long, Richard
Mcintosh, Peter - 2
Mahan, Nancy - 0
Mallet, Thomas
Manadue, William
Marshal, David
Marshal, John
Marshal, Thomas - 2
Martin, Benjamin
Martin, Isaac
Martin, John
Martin, William
Mathiss, Reuben
McClellan, John
McCubbins, William
McDaniel, Andrew Sr.
McDavid, Patrick
McFarlane, Robert - 3
McKinney, James - 2
MacKoy, George - 3
Mehone, John
Melton, David
Melton, William
Miers, Henry
Minton, Isaac
Mitchell, Robert
Molhollon, Hugh
Monehan, Edward
Monehan, Thomas
Montgomery, Alexander
Montgomery, John
Moore, Enoch
Moore, William
Nash, William
Nolen, William - 2
Nelson, Daniel
Necessary, William
Noble, William
Odannel, Isaac - 0
Ogdon, Stephen
Osborn, James
Osborn, James Sr.
Osborn, James Jr.
Osborn, John
Osborn, Jonathan
Osborn, Stephen
Osborn, William
Ovelton, James - 0
Owens, Reuben
Owens, William
Pearson, Thomas
Pendleton, Benjamin
Pendleton, Edmond
Pendleton, James
Pendleton, Reuben
Pendley, Joshua - 2
Penneton, Joshua - 2
Penneton, Moses
Penneton, Timothy
Penix, Joshua
Phillips, John
Pippen, Robert - 3
Pippen, William
Poe, Elizabeth - 0
Porter, John
Porter, Mary - 0
Porter, Patrick Sr. - 0
Porter, Patrick Jr.
Porter, Samuel - 2
Poulk, Jacob
Poulston, Andrew
Poulston, Richard
Prewet, Uriah
Price, Anjer
Price, Daniel - 0
Price, Francis
Price, Richard
Price, Richard Sr. - 0
Price, Robert
Ramey, Jacob
Ramey, James - 2
Ramey, Jessey
Rainey, Samuel
Ranes, Christopher
Rentfroe, Mark
Rentfroe, Samuel - 0
Richmond, Abraham
Richmond, David
Richmond, John
Riggs, William
Riley, Allen
Riley, James
Riley, John
Rite, Tolerver
Ritchie, Samuel - 2
Roberts, George
Roberts, James
Roberts, William
Robinson, Jacob
Robinson, Littlebury
Ross, Samuel
Roten, Jacob
Runnels, Henry
Salliers, Jeremiah
Salliers, John
Salliers, William
Salliers, Zachariah
Sampson, Joseph - 2
Sargent, James Sr. - 2
Sargent, James Jr.
Sargent, Johnson
Sears, Daniel
Sherrell, Adam
Siers, Joseph
Sillevan, Ezekiel
Simpson, Benjamin
Smith, James
Smith, John Sr. - 2
Smith, John Jr.
Smith, John Esq. - 2
Sollinger, George
Soward, Griffin
Soward, Thomas - 2
Spears, Thomas
Spradling, Andrew
Spradling, Joseph
Stacy, George
Stacy, Peter
Stacy, Simon
Stalliard, Rawley
Stalliard, Samuel - 3
Stapleton, John
Stapleton, Joseph
Stapleton, Joshua
Stapleton, Thomas Sr.
Stapleton, Thomas Jr.
Starnes, George
Starnes, John
Starnes, Peter
Step, Moses
Stewart, William
Strong, Samuel
Sutherland, Neal - 2
Taber, William
Tate, James
Tate, John - 2
Tate, John Jr.
Tate, Joseph Jr.
Tate, Robert Sr. - 2
Tate, Robert Jr.
Tate, Samuel
Tate, William Sr. - 0
Tate, William Jr.
Thomas, Obedience - 0
Thompson, David
Tiney, William
Thornsbury, George
Thornsbury, John
Turner, James
Ullam, Andrew
Vickars, Robert
Walker, Edward
Watson, James
Watson, William - 2
Watts, John
Wayland, Henry
Wayland, Nevil - 2
Wells, John
Wells, Richard
Wells, William
White, John
White, Nelson - 0
Whiteley, Alexander
Whiteley, John
Whiteley, Joseph Sr.
Whiteley, Joseph Jr.
Wigfield, Benjamin - 0
Wilkenson, Brannock
Williams, Isaac
Willoughby, John
Wilshire, Thomas
Wilson, Craven
Wilson, Jessey
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Robert
Wood, Drewry
Wood, Henry
Wood, John
Wood, Jonathan - 2

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