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Names found in the 1810 Russell County Personal Property Tax List.

These are in alphabetical order and not in the order enumerated. You

will have to consult original or microfilm copies of these lists for more

information. Spellings are as they appeared.

A-F G-M N-Z ?, Danuel Galliher, Peter Nash, James ?, George Garriott, John Nash, Thomas ?, Jacob Garriott, William Nash, William ?, Solomon George, Benjamin Nealy, David ?, Tom George, William Nease, Henry Abet, James Gibson, Burel (?) Necesary, William Adams, William Gibson, David Nelson, Daniel Addington, Charles Gibson, George Nelson, David Addison, Roddin Gibson, James Newberry, Robert Alexander, John Gibson, James Newman, Henry Allen, Ebenezer Gibson, James Nichols, James Allen, Isaac Gibson, John Nifong, Martin Allen, John Gibson, John Noland, James Alley, David Gibson, Martin Noland, William Alley, Hosea Gibson, Robert Nonacre, Nicholas Alley, James Gibson, Thomas O'Daniel, Fielding Alley, John Gibson, Thomas O'Daniel, Isaac Alley, Jonathan Gibson, Thomas Olinger, Christopher Alley, Peter Gibson, William Olinger, Jacob Alley, Peter Sr Gibson, Zachariah Osborn, David Alley, Samuel Gilbert, Barbary Osborn, James Alley, Thomas Gillespy, James Osborn, James Alley, Thomas Gilmore, William Osborn, James Allin, Enock Gilum, David Osborn, John Anderson, Charles Gilum, Elizabeth Osborn, Jonathan Anderson, John Gilum, Joshua Osborn, Solomon Anderson, Thomas Gilum, Martin Osborn, Stephen Arnet, Joseph Gilum, William Osborn, William Arton, Samuel Glen, William Parks, David Arvan, Nancy Godsey, Clinton Paschal, William Astrip, James Godsey, John Patrick, Elias Auxer, Abram Going, Martin Patrick, Jeremiah Babb, Benjamin Goodman, Henry Patrick, Jeremiah Jr. Back, John Gore, John Patrick, William Back, Lewis Gose , George Patton, William Badd, Peter Gose, Christopher Pearson, Thomas Baker, Edward Gose, Stephen Peck, George Baker, Loval Grain, Caleb Pedigo, William Ball, George Grammar, Joseph Pendleton, James Ball, James Gray, Jesse Pendleton, John Ball, John Gray, John Pendleton, Reubin Ball, Moses Green, James Pendleton, Sarah Ballinger, William Green, John Penix, Joshua Barker, Charles Grey, James Penley, Ephesditis Barker, John Grizle, George Penley, Joshua Barnett, James Grizle, John Pennington, Charles Barnett, Nathaniel Grub, George Pennington, John Bawn, William Guttery, Daniel Pennix, John Bay, John Guttery, Hugh Percen, Thomas Bays, Charles Guttry, Samuel Perry, William Bays, James Haberlane, George Peters, Jacob Bays, Jeremiah Hackney, John Philip, John Bays, John Hackney, John Jr Phip, James Bays, Peter Hadox, Henly Pipen, Robert Bays, Susannah Hail, James Pipen, Robert Bays, William Hail, Stephen Pipin, William Belcher, Jesse Hain, Isaac Porter, Duncan T. Benner, Catherin Hainey, James Porter, James Benner, John Hains, Christopher Porter, John Berry, john Hall, Alexander Porter, John Bevens, Joseph Hall, Isam Porter, Patrick Bevin, John Hall, Isam Porter, Samuel Bevins, James Hall, John Powal, Abram Bickley, Charles Hall, Reubin Power, Jonas Biset, David Hamilton, David Powers, George Bishop, David Hamilton, James Powers, George Bishop, George Hammilton, Nathan Powers, George Jr Black, David Hammon, Abrose Powers, John Bletcher, Ambrose Hammon, Ambrose Powers, John Bleven, Daniel Hammon, John Powers, Oliver Bleven, nathan Hammon, John Jr Powers, Peter Blevin, Levi Hammon, Joseph Presley, Hester? Bloomer, Daniel Haney, William Presley, James Boldridge, William Hargass, John Price , Richard Bolen, Jeremiah Harris, Edward Price, Angur Bolin, Benjamin Harris, Lewis Price, Crabtree Bollin, William Hart, Mark Price, Daniel Booth, Joseph Harvy, Andrew Price, Drury Booth, Stephen Hatfield, Ephraim Price, Joseph Boyd, Robert Hatfield, Euricus Price, Pricilla Bradsker, John Hatfield, Valentine Price, Rese Braodwater, Will Heburn, Andrew Price, Richard Breeding, John Hendricks, Aron Price, Thomas Breeding, Spencer Hendricks, James Price, William Brichey, James Hendricks, James Jr Price, William Brichey, John Hendricks, Thomas Price, William Brichey, William Hendricks, Thomas Prince, John Broadwater, John Hendrickson, John Prince, John Brooksher, Joseph Henry, John Prulat, Huriah Brown, George Henry, John Pucket, George Brown, James Henry, Philip Puckit, John Brown, William Herndon, Larkin Quillin, James Browning, Francis Herrel, William Quillin, John Browning, Francis Jr Herril, Jeremiah Quillin, Teague Browning, James Hicks, Aln (?) Quillin, Thomas Bruce, Thomas Hicks, Clabourn Quillin, William Brumley, John Hicks, John Raimey, Jacob Bunday, Thomas Hicks, John Jr Raimy, James Burch, John Hicks, Nathaniel Raimy, James Burdine, Ezekial Hickum, William Raimy, John Burk, Fleming Hill, Madison Raimy, Timothy Burk, John Hobb, Isaac Ramsey, Danuel Burk, Luke Hobb, Robert Ramsey, Joel Burtis, John Hobb, Solomon Ramsey, William Burton, James Hobb, Solomon Rasnack, Jacob Burton, John Hobbs, James Ray, Benjamin Burton, Thomas Hobbs, Nathan Ray, John Bush, Austin Hobebrook, John Ray, John Bush, Drury Hodges, William Ray, William Campbell, Henry Hoge, William Redwine, Fredrick Campbell, William (Cst) Holebrook, Robert Redwine, Joshua Candler, John Holiday, William Richmond, David Carrel, Charles Holland, John Richmond, James Carrel, James P ? Honaker, Jacob Riggs, William Carter, Dail Honaker, James Ring, Stephen Carter, David Honaker, Martin Ritchie, Ann Carter, Elizabeth Hooper, John Ritchie, Samuel Carter, Henry Hooper, William Ritchmond, Abram Carter, Henry Horn, Pleasante Ritchmond, Isaac Carter, Joseph Horton, Enoch Roach, William Carter, Margaret Horton, Jesse Roaton, Jacob Carter, Mary Horton, John Robert, William Carter, Norris Horton, john Jr Roberts, William Carter, Peter Horton, Mary Robinson, Berry Carter, Presley Horton, Travis Robinson, Charles Carter, Thomas Horton, William Robinson, John Carter, Williamson Howart (Howard), Johnson Robinson, William Cartey, David Howart, Larkin Robison, Alexander Casteal, Samuel Howerton, William Robison, George Casteal, William Howun, John Robison, George Jr Castel, Jacob Hullen, William Robison, Pricilla Castel, Jacob J ? Hunt, Priscilla Robison, Samuel Castel, Joseph Hunt, Thomas Robison, Samuel Jr Castel, Zedhiah Hunt, William Robison, Solomon Castle, Henry Hurst, Harmon Robison, William Cater ? , John Hurst, Henry Robison, William Chaffin, James Hurst, Joseph Robison, William Jr Chaifen, John Hurt, Garland Rogar, Accabud Chainey, Granbery Hurt, Moses Roman, Richard Chanler, John Huse, Daniel Roman, Thomas Charles, George Hutcheson, James Roman, William Chase, Ambrose Hutcheson, John Romine (?), William Childers, Isam Hutcheson, Peter Rosnack, Jacob Childris, Abraham Hutcheson, Peter Rosnack, John Childs, Henry Hynes, Anthony Runals, Henry Childs, Paul Ingland, Joseph Ryley, Allen Childs, William Ingle, Henry Ryley, Daniel Clark, Samuel Ingle, William Sally, George Clendening, William Isaac, Fielding Salyars, Isiah Clevenger, George Isaac, Samuel Salyars, Jonathan Clift, John Jackson, Eli Salyers, Jeremiah Cody, William Jackson, Gibson Salyers, John Cole, John Jackson, Levy Salyers, Samuel Collin, James Jackson, Richard Salyers, William Colly, George Jackson, Simion Salyers, Zacheriah Colly, John Jackston, George Samples, William Color, John James, William Sargant, Elijah Color, Thomas James, William Sargent, Ephraim Color, William Jarral, Ancel Sargent, James Combs, William Jeffers, Joseph Sargent, Stephen Comton, David Jesse, Archer Sargent, William Comton, Jeremiah Jesse, David Scott, James Comton, Thomas Jesse, John Scott, John Conley, David Jesse, John Jr Sewel, Benjamin Conway, John Jesse, Lee Sexton, Bartlett Cook, George Jesse, William Sexton, Charles Cook, Joel Johnson, Benjamin Sexton, Charles Cook, John Johnson, George Sexton, Elisha Cooksey, Isaac Johnson, John Shearman, Thomas Cooksey, John Johnson, John Shoomaker, Alexander Coots, Andrew Johnson, Susan Shoomaker, James Cornwall, John Johnson, Thomas Shoomaker, Joseph Corum, Jesse Johnson, William Short, Thomas Couch, Jeremiah Johnston, Richard Sick, Jacob Countess, Peter Johnston, William Sikes, James Counts, george Jones, Ambrose Sikes, John Counts, John Jones, Elisha Sikes, John Jr Cowing, Nancy Jones, Jehue Skeen, Jonathan Cox, David Jones, John Smith, Absolom Cox, Henry Jones, John Smith, Elisha Cox, William Jones, Nathaniel Smith, Harry Crabtree, Soloman Jones, William Smith, Henry Cragen, Elisha Jones, William Smith, James Crank, Jacob Jordan, William Smith, John Crider, James Keen, Israel Smith, John Crider, John Keen, John Smith, Mary Crider, William Keen, William Smith, Thomas Crump, Elizabeth Keen, Zachariah Smith, William Jr Crumwell, Charles (Cst) Kelly, Edward Smoot, Edward Crumwell, William Kelly, Michal Smyth, Edmund Culbertson, Tyrey Kelly, Samuel Smyth, George Culburson, Jeremiah Kelly, William Smyth, James Cumton, Abraham Kendrick, George Smyth, John Cunningham, John Kenner, Housen Smyth, John Dail, Nathan ? Kezee, Charles Smyth, John Dair (Darr), George Kidd, William Smyth, John Daugherty, James Kilgore, Charles Smyth, Samuel Davenport, John Kilgore, Hiram Smyth, William Davis, David Kilgore, Ralph Sneed, Benjamin Davis, Francis Kilgore, Robert Sneed, Bolen Davis, Jesse Kilgore, William Sneed, Micajah Davis, John Kinder, Jacob Sneed, William Davis, John King, Meridith South, Benjamin Davis, Philip Kinsor, Michal Southard, George Davison, Daniel Kinsor, Nicholas Southarlane, Henry Davison, David Kinsor, Walter Southarlane, James Davison, Elizabeth Kirk, Henry Spradling, James Davison, James Kirk, Samuel Spradling, Robert Davison, John Kisor, Joseph Jr. Stacy, George Davison, Joseph Kitchen, James Stacy, Mashack Davison, Robert Kitchen, James Stalyard, Rauley Dawson, Vincent Kitchen, William Stalyard, Samuel Day, Ambrose Kizer, Abednego Stalyard, Walter Day, Hunley Kizer, John Stanfield, James Day, John KIzer, Joseph Stanley, Joseph Deen, Elias Laders, Thomas Stanley, Richard Dickenson, Edmund Lain, Corbain Stapleton, John Dickenson, George Lain, William Stapleton, Joshua Dickenson, Griffith Lambert, Peter Starnes, George Dickenson, Henry Landers, John Starnes, Peter Dickenson, Henry Landers, Nathaniel Step, Moses Dickenson, James Landers, Thomas Step, Thomas Dickenson, Lewis Large, John Stephens, Joshua Dickinson, James Large, Thomas Stewart, Charles Dickson, James Large, William Stewart, Thomas Dingus, Joseph Lark, Christopher Stewart, William Dinsmore, Samuel Lark, Michal Stewart, William Dollahide, John Lawson, William Stinson, John Dorton, Joseph Lawson, William Stinson, Robert Dorton, William Lea, Cupe Stone, John Duff, Samuel Lee, George Stone, William Duff, Samuel Jr Lee, james Strauther, james Duncan, David Leforce, Monsieur Strong, Samuel Duncan, Jesse Leforce, Samuel Strong, Thomas Duncan, Joseph Leman, James Stroud, Mark Dunihue, Henry Leman, John Stublefield, Rob (?) Dunihue, Thomas Linch, John Sulcher, Larkin Durham, Isac Little, Sarah Summers, John Dutton, John Little, William Sutvin, Christopher Duty, Thomas Litton, Solomon Sweany, Nathan Dyar, James Locheart, William Sword, Henry Dyar, William Loid, John Sword, Michal Elkin, Elijah Long, Andrew Tate, Alexander Ellet, Jesse Long, Richard Tate, Isaac Ellet, Michael Louderbach, Daniel Tate, John Ellet, Michail Loveace, Zebulon Tate, Joseph Ellet, William Luis, Thomas Taylor, James Ellington, John Madam, Rice Taylor, Moses Ellington, Watham Madams, Charles Taylor, Nimrod Elliott, James Mahon, Pleasant Taylor, Samuel Elliott, John Marshall, James Taylor, Samuel Jr Ellis, James Marshall, John Taylor, William Elum, Jeremiah Marshall, Reubin Templeton, Mary Emmon, Lidia Martin, Andrew Thomson, Andrew Emmon, Samuel Martin, David Thomson, James Ervin, James Martin, George Thomson, John Ervin, John Jr May, David Thomson, John Jr Erwin, John May, James Thomson, Richard Estep, Joel McCarrel, Jacob Thomson, Richard Jr Estep, John McClelan, Andrew Thomson, William Esterling, Thomas McClelan, George Thomson, William Jr Evin, Littleberry McCliben (?), William Thornberry, Walter Ewing, Samuel McCloglan, William Tod, James Faris, Isac McCloglin, Davis Tod, Joseph Faris, William McCloud, Catherine Turner, Mary Farmer, David McCloud, Danuel Tyrey, Daniel Ferrel, Elizabeth McCloud, William Upton, Edward Ferrel, John McConnel, George Vermilion, Oliver Ferrel, John McCormack, Thomas Vermillion, James Ferrel, William McCoy, Brumfield Vermillion, Jesse Field, Richard Jr McCoy, George Vermillion, Thomas Field, William McCoy, James Vermillion, Wilson Fields, Esquire McCoy, John Vicar, James Fields, Joel McCoy, Thomas Vicar, Robert Fields, John McCoy, Thomas Wadington, Jacob Fields, John Jr McDavid, David Waggon, John Fields, Joseph McDavid, George Waldip, James Fields, Richard McDavid, John Walep, Thomas Fields, Richard Sr McDavid, Patrick Walker, Benjamin Fields, Samuel McFarlan, Joseph Wallace, Andrew Fields, William McFarlan, Robert Wallace, James Finnel, George McFarland, Robert Wallace, John Finnil, Johnson McFarlane, James Wallace, John Jr Fittsgarrel, James McGlouglin, Elias Wallace, William Flanary, Isaac McGlouglin, Jacob Waller, Jacob Flanary, James McGlouglin, John Waltrip, James Flanary, John McGraw, John Wampler, George Flanay, Jacob McKenny, James Wampler, John Flanay, William McKinney, John Watson, james Fletcher, John McKinney, Sidney Watson, John Fletcher, William McKinney, William Watson, Jonathan Flin, George McKinney, William Watson, Thomas Forgerson, Andrew McKinster, Elizabeth Watt, George Forgerson, John, Est McNight, Thomas Wayland, francis Fouch, William McRaynolds, John Wayland, Keziah Fraley, Reubin McRaynolds, Joseph Wayland, Nevil Fraly, Chloe McRaynolds, Robert Webb, Elijah Fraly, Henry Mead, henry Webb, Harry Fraly, William Mead, John Webb, Jacky Francis, Jesse Mead, Vivin Webb, John Francis, Thomas Miers, John Webb, Joseph Francis, Thomas Miller, Henry Webb, Mary Francis, William Mintor, Anthony Webb, Richard Francisco, George Mizer, Thomas Webb, Will Frazur, Aaron Mohan, James Webb, William Jr Frazur, John Monk, William Welch, William Frazur, Moses Montgomery, Alexander Welcher, John Fry, Peter Montgomery, Alexander Wells, Richard Fugate, Benjamin Montgomery, John Wells, William Fugate, Cobberd Montgomery, Sanda (?) Welsh, William Jr Fugate, Francis Mooney, Charles West, Jesse Fugate, George Moore, Enoch Whit, Edmond Fugate, John Moore, Isaac Whitcher, Mark Fugate, Martin Moore, Joel White, Abram Fugate, Martin Moore, Sampson White, Nelson Fugate, William Moore, William Whiteley, Alexander Fugate, Zacheriah Moreton, Jesse Whiteley, John Fulks, Obediah Morgan, James Whiteley, Peggy Fulks, Ralph Morrel, Nealey Whitlock, John Fullar, Abraham Mosley, Benjamin Wigfield, Benjamin Fullar, George Mosley, Jacob Wilborn, Nancy Fullar, Henry Moss, James Willcox, Payton Fullar, Jesse Mullen, John Williams, Henry Fullar, Stephen Mullens, Thomas Williams, John Fullar, Stephen Jr Mullet, Nathan Williams, Mary Fullar, Thomas Mullin, James Williams, Richard Fullin, James Mullins, William Williams, Samuel Mullit, Ellias Wilson, John Muncy, David Wilson, John jr. Murphy, Edley Wilson, Patsy Murphy, Gabril Wilson, Richard Musick, Abraham Wilson, Thomas Mutter, Abraham Wingo, William Mutter, Addam Witt, Anthony Mutter, George Witt, James Witt, John Wizer, George Wood, Drury Wood, Henry Wood, John Wood, John Jr Wood, Stephen Woods, Jonathan Wright, Joel Wright, William

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