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1850 Census of Russell County, VA
transcribed by Michael A. Dye

There are 262 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Caroline
Adams, Elisabeth A.
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, James M.
Adams, John
Adams, John Q.
Adams, Julia Ann
Adams, Julia Ann
Adams, Loudama
Adams, Lydia
Adams, Malissa
Adams, Mary
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Rebecca
Adams, Sally
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Thomas H.
Addington, Charles
Addington, Elisabeth
Addington, Emily
Addington, Henderson
Addington, Henry
Addington, Jasper M.
Addington, John
Addington, John W.
Addington, Joseph
Addington, Lucinda
Addington, Malinda
Addington, Martha
Addington, Mary J.
Addington, Thomas J.
Addison, Eliza
Addison, Emily
Addison, Henry
Addison, Hiram
Addison, Hiram
Addison, James M.
Addison, Jane
Addison, Leah
Addison, Linai
Addison, Louisa
Addison, Lucinda
Addison, Malinda
Addison, Nancy
Addison, Oscar G.
Addison, Rodden
Addison, Sarah Ann
Addison, Silas
Addison, Susan
Addison, Susan
Addison, Susannah
Addison, Thomas P.
Addison, William
Adkins, Adeline
Adkins, Alexander
Adkins, Elisabeth
Adkins, Fayette
Adkins, Frances
Adkins, Henry
Adkins, Henry
Adkins, Henry, Jr.
Adkins, James F.
Adkins, John W.
Adkins, Larkin
Adkins, Laura R.
Adkins, Lina
Adkins, Lucy
Adkins, Nancy
Adkins, Patsey E.
Adkins, Polly
Adkins, Sarah
Adkins, Sarah
Adkins, Seth
Adkins, Spencer
Adkins, Stacy
Adkins, Wade H.
Adkins, William H. H.
Adkins, Wilson
Aikin, Alexander
Akers, Claibourne T.
Akers, Elisabeth
Akers, James
Akers, James
Akers, James
Akers, James J.
Akers, John
Akers, John
Akers, Loucretia A.
Akers, Mary Jane
Akers, Polly
Akers, Susan
Akers, Susan
Akers, Susannah
Akers, Thomas
Akers, William
Albert, John
Albert, Polly
Albert, Sylvester
Alderson, Abel
Alderson, Charles C.
Alderson, Charles W.
Alderson, Christopher
Alderson, Davis C.
Alderson, Elisabeth
Alderson, Franklin M.
Alderson, George
Alderson, Henry G.
Alderson, James D.
Alderson, John D.
Alderson, Joseph D.
Alderson, Martha
Alderson, Mary E.
Alderson, Mary P.
Alderson, Nancy J.
Alderson, Thomas C.
Alderson, Thos C. M.
Alderson, William C.
Alderson, William G.
Alexander, Ann
Alexander, Daniel
Alexander, David
Alexander, Hannah
Alexander, Hannah
Alexander, James
Alexander, John
Alexander, John Jr.
Alexander, John Sr.
Alexander, Margaret
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, Polly
Alexander, Rachel
Alexander, Richard P.
Alexander, William
Alford, Barnet
Alford, Elisabeth
Alford, Mary J.
Alford, Matilda
Alford, Nancy
Amburgy, Alcy
Amburgy, Alcy
Amburgy, Eliza Jane
Amburgy, Elizabeth
Amburgy, John
Amburgy, John H.
Amburgy, Martin
Amburgy, Nancy
Amburgy, Polly
Amburgy, Wilbourne
Amburgy, William H.
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Andrew I.
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Cynthia
Anderson, David C.
Anderson, Didama
Anderson, Elisabeth
Anderson, Ellen
Anderson, George
Anderson, Isaac D.
Anderson, James M.
Anderson, John
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Louisa M.
Anderson, Mahala
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary Jane
Anderson, Matilda
Anderson, Matilda
Anderson, Milia
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Nichodemus
Anderson, Polly
Anderson, Polly
Anderson, Rebecca A.
Anderson, Sally
Anderson, Sally
Anderson, Samuel J.
Anderson, Thomas G.
Anderson, William G.
Apperson, Jane
Apperson, Kames
Apperson, Reuben
Armstrong, Anna
Artrip, Celia
Artrip, Elijah
Artrip, Elisabeth
Artrip, Ellander
Artrip, Harmen
Artrip, Harvey
Artrip, Isabelle
Artrip, James
Artrip, James
Artrip, James Jr.
Artrip, Jane
Artrip, Jasper
Artrip, Jasper
Artrip, John
Artrip, Joseph
Artrip, Lavenia
Artrip, Martha
Artrip, Martha
Artrip, Mary
Artrip, Mary
Artrip, Nancy
Artrip, Noah
Artrip, Polly
Artrip, Polly
Artrip, Polly
Artrip, Polly Ann
Artrip, Sally
Artrip, Sally
Artrip, Samuel
Artrip, William
Artrip, Winney
Artrip, Winney
Ashby, Charles
Ashby, Charles M.
Ashby, Elisabeth
Ashby, Elizabeth
Ashby, John
Ashby, Joseph
Ashby, Logan
Ashby, Martha
Ashby, Polly
Ashby, Sydney
Ashby, Thomas
Ashby, Valia
Ashby, William
Ashby, William
Askew, Abraham
Askew, Ansel
Askew, Clabourn P.
Askew, Elbret F.
Askew, Elisabeth
Askew, Emaline M.
Askew, George
Askew, Hardin
Askew, Henry
Askew, John B.
Askew, Louisa E.
Askew, Mary E.
Askew, Michael
Askew, Minty
Askew, Nancy
Askew, Permelia
Askew, Prudence A.
Askew, Susan
Askew, William W. W.
Aston, Augustus W.
Aston, Eleanor J.
Aston, Eliza
Aston, Isabel Elvira
Aston, James M.
Aston, Loueasy C.
Aston, Margaret C.
Aston, Margaret Jane
Aston, Maria E.
Aston, Martha T.
Aston, Mary
Aston, Mary Alice
Aston, Mary Ann
Aston, Robert B.
Aston, Samuel W.
Aston, Sarah A.
Aston, Thomas C.
Aston, Wm. B.
Austin, Elijah
Austin, Elisabeth
Austin, Flemming
Austin, James A.
Austin, John
Austin, Mary E.
Austin, Mary E. D.
Austin, Nancy
Austin, Nancy
Austin, Rebecca
Austin, Thomas
Austin, Thomas
Austin, William
Ayreington, Burwell
Ayres, Daniel J.
Ayres, George W. J.
Ayres, Susan
Ayrington, Brice
Ayrington, Emaline
Ayrington, John
Ayrington, Leah
Ayrington, Lewis
Ayrington, Manerva C.
Ayrington, Sally
Ayrington, Sarah A.
Ayrington, Susan J.
Ayrington, Tempy
Babb, Benjamin
Babb, Delila
Babb, John
Babb, Napoleon B.
Babb, Rinda
Babb, William D.
Back, Isaac
Back, John
Back, Polly
Bailey, Catharine
Bailey, Celina
Bailey, Elisabeth
Bailey, Elisabeth
Bailey, Elisabeth
Bailey, Elisabeth
Bailey, Eliza A.
Bailey, George W.
Bailey, Green A.
Bailey, Green F.
Bailey, Henry P.
Bailey, Infant not named
Bailey, James
Bailey, James L.
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, John H.
Bailey, John V.
Bailey, Margaret E.
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Nancy
Bailey, Neoma
Bailey, Patton
Bailey, Surrilda
Baker, Abigail
Baker, America
Baker, Cornelius
Baker, Cornelius H.
Baker, Cowan
Baker, Eliza
Baker, George A.
Baker, Hiley
Baker, James
Baker, James
Baker, John
Baker, John
Baker, John H.
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Louisa
Baker, Lovel
Baker, Mary E.
Baker, Melinda
Baker, Nancy
Baker, Nathaniel
Baker, Polly
Baker, Polly
Baker, Richard
Baker, Richard
Baker, Sally
Baker, Sally
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Socia
Baker, Tabitha
Baker, William C.
Balden, Elisabeth
Balden, Elisha
Balden, Jacob
Balden, James K.
Balden, Ortha
Balden, Phoebe
Balden, Phoebe
Balden, Polly
Balden, Polly
Balden, Sarah Jane
Balden, Stephen
Balden, Stephen
Balden, Stephen
Balden, Susannah
Ball, Alfred
Ball, Andrew
Ball, Andrew
Ball, Anna
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine
Ball, Catharine J.
Ball, Ceily
Ball, Ceily Emeline
Ball, Charles C.
Ball, Cornelius
Ball, Cosby C.
Ball, Daniel
Ball, Elisabeth
Ball, Elisabeth
Ball, Eliza
Ball, Eliza
Ball, Francis F.
Ball, George
Ball, George
Ball, George Sr.
Ball, George W.
Ball, Haskew
Ball, Isaiah
Ball, Jacob
Ball, James
Ball, James
Ball, James
Ball, James H.
Ball, James H.
Ball, Jane
Ball, Jane
Ball, Jasper A. N.
Ball, Jessee T.
Ball, John
Ball, John
Ball, John G.
Ball, John Sen.
Ball, John T.
Ball, John W.
Ball, John W.
Ball, Lilbourn
Ball, Lorenzo D.
Ball, Louisa
Ball, Louisa
Ball, Louisa
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret
Ball, Margaret J.
Ball, Martha
Ball, Martha
Ball, Martin V.
Ball, Mary
Ball, Moses
Ball, Moses
Ball, Nancy
Ball, Nancy
Ball, Noah
Ball, Patton G.
Ball, Patton G.
Ball, Polly
Ball, Polly Angeline
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rebecca
Ball, Rees B.
Ball, Rhoda J.
Ball, Robert
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sally
Ball, Sarah
Ball, Spencer
Ball, Surrelda J.
Ball, Susan C.
Ball, Susannah
Ball, Sydney J.
Ball, William A. L.
Ball, William M.
Ball, William S.
Ball, Wilson
Banion, Alexander
Banion, Anna
Banion, Harriet
Banion, Jane
Banion, Jefferson
Banion, Martha
Banion, Mary
Banion, Tabitha
Banion, Thomas
Banion, Trumicha
Banister, Polly
Banner, Berry R.
Banner, David
Banner, David
Banner, David K.
Banner, Elisabeth
Banner, Eliza
Banner, George
Banner, Houston
Banner, John
Banner, John
Banner, Leah
Banner, Margaret E.
Banner, Mary E.
Banner, Priscilla
Banner, Stephen
Banner, William H.
Barger, Charles C.
Barger, Frances
Barger, Francis
Barger, Gideon
Barger, Jerome
Barger, Mary
Barger, Sobrina
Barger, William
Barker, Charles
Barker, Erman
Barker, John Henry
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Mary C.
Barker, Patsey
Barker, Senea
Barker, Thomas W.
Barker, Wm A.
Barnes, Peter
Barnett, Mary J.
Barnett, Nancy
Barnett, Nancy Jane
Barnett, Rebecca A.
Barnett, Samuel
Barrett, Cynthia A.
Barrett, James H.
Barrett, John C.
Barrett, Martin P.
Barrett, Mary M.
Barrett, Moses R.
Barrett, Rebecca C.
Barrett, Thomas
Barrett, William
Bartley, Andrew
Bartley, Charles
Bartley, Eli
Bartley, Elihu
Bartley, Elijah
Bartley, Eliza
Bartley, George K.
Bartley, Isaac
Bartley, Isaac
Bartley, Isaac
Bartley, James
Bartley, James H.
Bartley, Jemima
Bartley, Jessee
Bartley, Jessee
Bartley, John
Bartley, John
Bartley, John W.
Bartley, Levi
Bartley, Lydia
Bartley, Martha J.
Bartley, Martha Jane
Bartley, Merideth
Bartley, Milla
Bartley, Nancy
Bartley, Nancy
Bartley, Nancy
Bartley, Nancy
Bartley, Nancy
Bartley, Pleasant
Bartley, Pleasant
Bartley, Polly
Bartley, Polly A.
Bartley, Revel
Bartley, Sarah
Bartley, Susannah
Bartley, Tabitha
Bartley, Tabitha
Bartley, Virginia
Bartley, William
Bartley, Winney
Barton, Comfort
Barton, Creede
Barton, Elijah
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, George W.
Barton, Harvey
Barton, Jacob
Barton, Jahu
Barton, Jefferson
Barton, John
Barton, Metilda
Barton, Nancy
Barton, Peggy Ann
Barton, Ruth
Barton, Sarah E.
Barton, Washington
Barton, William
Barty, Amanda
Barty, David
Barty, David
Barty, Delila
Barty, Elvira
Barty, Harvey A.
Barty, James
Barty, Mahala
Barty, Martha
Barty, Melvina
Barty, Nancy
Barty, Polly
Barty, Rachel
Barty, Robert
Barty, Susan L.
Barty, Tabitha
Barty, William
Baugh, Absolem
Baugh, Catharine
Baugh, Elisabeth
Baugh, Elizabeth J.
Baugh, John F.
Baugh, Louisa
Baugh, William
Baylor, Edwin R.
Baylor, Eliza W.
Baylor, Florence
Baylor, John G.
Baylor, Virginia
Bays, Adaline A.
Bays, Andrew J.
Bays, Angeline
Bays, Catharine
Bays, Catharine Jane
Bays, Charles H.
Bays, Cynthia
Bays, Elisabeth F.
Bays, George R.
Bays, Hezekiah
Bays, Infant not Named
Bays, James
Bays, James
Bays, James H.
Bays, James H.
Bays, James H.
Bays, James J.
Bays, Joel J.
Bays, John
Bays, John H.
Bays, John P.
Bays, John W.
Bays, Joseph
Bays, Julia Ann
Bays, Julia Ann
Bays, Julia Ann
Bays, Mary
Bays, Mary
Bays, Mary Jane
Bays, Nancy C.
Bays, Peter C.
Bays, Polly
Bays, Rachel
Bays, Ruth
Bays, Silas J.
Bays, William
Bays, William
Bays, William
Belcher, Charles W.
Belcher, Cynthia E.
Belcher, Eliza A.
Belcher, Erastus J. P.
Belcher, Frances
Belcher, George
Belcher, George C.
Belcher, George W. H.
Belcher, James M.
Belcher, John
Belcher, John T.
Belcher, John W.
Belcher, John W.
Belcher, Joseph
Belcher, Judith
Belcher, Martha
Belcher, Mary
Belcher, Mary
Belcher, Mary A.
Belcher, Nancy
Belcher, Nancy
Belcher, Nancy C.
Belcher, Polly
Belcher, Polly Ann
Belcher, Polly Jane
Belcher, Rebecca Jane
Belcher, Samuel H.
Belcher, Sarah J.
Belcher, William
Belcher, William S.
Beverly, Alexander
Beverly, Cynthia
Beverly, David
Beverly, Elijah
Beverly, Elisabeth
Beverly, Enice
Beverly, Eunice
Beverly, Freeman
Beverly, George
Beverly, Hiram
Beverly, James
Beverly, John F.
Beverly, Letitia
Beverly, Lydia
Beverly, Mahala
Beverly, Margaret A.
Beverly, Mary
Beverly, Matilda
Beverly, Nancy
Beverly, Nathan
Beverly, Phoebe Jane
Beverly, Polly
Beverly, Robert
Beverly, Robert J.
Beverly, Sally
Beverly, Schuyler
Beverly, Silvester
Beverly, Simon
Beverly, Virginia
Beverly, William
Beverly, William
Beverly, William
Bevins, Charles
Bevins, Elisabeth
Bevins, George W.
Bevins, James H.
Bevins, John H.
Bickley, Andrew H.
Bickley, Benjamin F.
Bickley, Caroline M.
Bickley, Charles J.
Bickley, Elisabeth B.
Bickley, Frances S.
Bickley, G. W. L.
Bickley, George A.
Bickley, Harriet B.
Bickley, Harriet L.
Bickley, James M.
Bickley, John
Bickley, John F.
Bickley, Joseph B.
Bickley, Malissa J.
Bickley, Marion T.
Bickley, Martha B.
Bickley, Mary E.
Bickley, Nancy G.
Bickley, Rosana
Bickley, Sebastian H.
Bickley, Sebastian H.
Bickley, Thomas C.
Bickley, William C.
Bierd, Elisha
Bierd, Eliza
Bierd, Judith
Bierd, Polly
Bierd, Rebecca
Bierd, William
Bions, James
Bions, Robert
Bions, Samuel
Bird, Debby
Bird, Elisabeth
Bird, Elisha
Bird, James
Bird, John
Bird, Margaret
Bird, Margaret
Bird, Polly
Bird, William
Bird, William
Bishop, George W.
Bishop, Harvey
Bishop, Henry N.
Bishop, John
Bishop, Malinda
Bishop, Mary J.
Bishop, Robert L.
Black, Charles
Black, Elisabeth
Black, George
Black, Hagan
Black, Helen
Black, James
Black, James
Black, Lawrence
Black, Mary
Black, Peter
Black, Rebecca
Black, Thomas
Black, Tivis
Black, Wesley
Black, William
Blackwell, Saml D.
Blair, Alexander
Blair, Andrew
Blair, Celia
Blair, David
Blair, Elihu
Blair, Frances
Blair, Frances M.
Blair, George W.
Blair, Isaac
Blair, Isaiah
Blair, Jacob
Blair, Jacob
Blair, Jacob F.
Blair, Jacob Jr.
Blair, Jaheil T.
Blair, James P.
Blair, Jane
Blair, John
Blair, John W.
Blair, Lucinda
Blair, Margaret
Blair, Mary Jane
Blair, Matilda C.
Blair, Melia
Blair, Merideth
Blair, Nancy
Blair, Nancy
Blair, Sarah E.
Blair, Sarilda
Blair, Sindesta
Blair, William
Blair, William T.
Blankenship, Armstead
Blankenship, Calvin
Blankenship, Calvin
Blankenship, Catharine
Blankenship, Darius
Blankenship, Malinda
Blankenship, Martin
Blankenship, Patsey
Blankenship, Sally
Blankenship, William
Blankenship, Zachariah
Blankenship, Zachariah
Blessing, Barbary M.
Blessing, Catharine
Blessing, Crocket R.
Blessing, Elisabeth T.
Blessing, Francis C.
Blessing, Geo W.
Blessing, John
Blessing, John
Blessing, Mararet Jane
Blessing, Noah W.
Blessing, Sarah C.
Blevins, Aggy
Blevins, Alexander
Blevins, Candess
Blevins, Daniel
Blevins, Elisabeth J.
Blevins, Fletcher
Blevins, Helen M.
Blevins, Jackson
Blevins, James
Blevins, James
Blevins, John
Blevins, John W.
Blevins, Linkhorn
Blevins, Linkhorn
Blevins, Lucy
Blevins, Malvina
Blevins, Margaret
Blevins, Mary
Blevins, Nathaniel
Blevins, Patsey
Blevins, Sarah
Blevins, Sarah
Blevins, Sarah
Blevins, Sarah E.
Blevins, Thomas
Blevins, Vesta
Blevins, William
Blizzard, Eliza
Blizzard, James
Blizzard, Jane
Blizzard, John
Blizzard, John W.
Blizzard, Lydia
Blizzard, Martha
Blizzard, Nancy
Blizzard, Sarah
Blizzard, Squire J.
Blizzard, Sydney
Blizzard, William
Bloomer, Mary
Boggs, John
Boggs, John
Boggs, Mary
Boggs, Polly
Boggs, Rebecca
Boggs, Silas
Boggs, Silas
Boggs, William
Bond, Anna
Bond, Charles
Bond, Charles F.
Bond, Elisabeth
Bond, Emily
Bond, Henry
Bond, Isaac M.
Bond, James
Bond, John
Bond, John
Bond, Lucinda
Bond, Martha
Bond, Mary J.
Bond, Rebecca
Bond, Rebecca J.
Bond, Sarah
Bond, William
Bond, William
Bond, William W.
Bond, Winney
Booher, Catharine V.
Booher, Jessee B.
Booher, Mary R
Booher, Mary S.
Booher, Matilda
Booher, Nancy M.
Booher, Saml G.
Booher, Thomas
Boothe, Aidy Ann
Boothe, David
Boothe, David
Boothe, Elisabeth
Boothe, Hezekiah
Boothe, Hiram
Boothe, Jameson
Boothe, Jameson
Boothe, Jane
Boothe, John
Boothe, John
Boothe, John W.
Boothe, Joseph
Boothe, Louisa Jane
Boothe, Margaret
Boothe, Mary
Boothe, Mary J.
Boothe, Mary Jane
Boothe, Nancy
Boothe, Nancy
Boothe, Rebecca H.
Boothe, Stephen
Boothe, Stephen
Boothe, William W.
Boswell, Elisabeth
Boswell, Eliza B.
Boswell, Eliza E.
Boswell, Hannah
Boswell, James W.
Boswell, John C.
Boswell, Joseph
Boswell, Malvina
Boswell, Martha J.
Boswell, Nancy
Boswell, Nancy E.
Boswell, Sarah E.
Boswell, William T.
Bowlin, Alexander
Bowlin, Amos
Bowlin, Baxter
Bowlin, Benjamin
Bowlin, Betsey
Bowlin, Caleb
Bowlin, Daniel
Bowlin, Edmund
Bowlin, Elisabeth
Bowlin, Elisabeth
Bowlin, Ellander
Bowlin, Ezekiel
Bowlin, Freelove
Bowlin, Henrietta
Bowlin, James
Bowlin, James
Bowlin, Jeremiah
Bowlin, Jeremiah Sr.
Bowlin, Jessee
Bowlin, Jessee
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, Jonathan
Bowlin, Lavina
Bowlin, Levi
Bowlin, Louisa
Bowlin, Lucinda
Bowlin, Lucy
Bowlin, Mahania
Bowlin, Nancy
Bowlin, Polly
Bowlin, Polly
Bowlin, Polly
Bowlin, Polly
Bowlin, Providence
Bowlin, Providence?
Bowlin, Reuben
Bowlin, Sally
Bowlin, Sarah
Bowlin, Surrena S.
Bowlin, Susannah
Bowlin, Sylvania
Bowlin, Washington
Bowlin, William
Bowman, Burnet
Bowman, Catharine
Bowman, Elisabeth
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Elizabeth
Bowman, Esaius
Bowman, John
Bowman, John S.
Bowman, Lucinda
Bowman, Malinda
Bowman, Margaret
Bowman, Margaret Jane
Bowman, Mary
Bowman, Mary
Bowman, Mary Ann
Bowman, Mary J.
Bowman, Melinda
Bowman, Peter
Bowman, Samuel
Bowman, William
Bowman, William H. H.
Boyd, Albert
Boyd, Andrew
Boyd, Caroline
Boyd, Ceily
Boyd, Charles D.
Boyd, David
Boyd, Elijah F.
Boyd, Elisabeth
Boyd, Elisha
Boyd, Elisha
Boyd, Eliza A.
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyd, George W. H.
Boyd, Henry S.
Boyd, Isaac
Boyd, Isaac
Boyd, Isaac
Boyd, Isaac
Boyd, Isaac
Boyd, Isaac S.
Boyd, Isham
Boyd, Jackson
Boyd, James A.
Boyd, Jane
Boyd, Jeremiah
Boyd, John
Boyd, John E.
Boyd, John H.
Boyd, Jonathan
Boyd, Jonathan
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Joseph
Boyd, Lavina
Boyd, Leah
Boyd, Lucinda
Boyd, Madison
Boyd, Malinda
Boyd, Malissa
Boyd, Martha
Boyd, Mary
Boyd, Mary A.
Boyd, Mary Jane
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, Nancy C.
Boyd, Nathan E.
Boyd, Phoebe
Boyd, Priscilla
Boyd, Rachel R.
Boyd, Rebecca E.
Boyd, Rob't
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert
Boyd, Robert A.
Boyd, Robt C.
Boyd, Rosanna
Boyd, Sally
Boyd, Sally
Boyd, Samuel
Boyd, Silas
Boyd, Thomas D.
Boyd, Thursay J.
Boyd, William
Boyd, William
Boyd, Wm. P.
Bradley, Burgess
Bradley, Clary E.
Bradley, Ephraim
Bradley, Fielding J.
Bradley, Hannah
Bradley, James K. P.
Bradley, John A.
Bradley, John H.
Bradley, Lewis
Bradley, Lewis
Bradley, Mary Jane
Bradley, Nancy A.
Bradley, Rachael
Bradley, Racheal
Bradley, William H.
Bradley, William M.
Bradshaw, Dicy
Bradshaw, Henry J.
Bradshaw, Jane
Bradshaw, John
Bradshaw, John
Bradshaw, Josephine
Bradshaw, Louisa
Bradshaw, Mary
Bradshaw, Not Named
Bradshaw, Sarah
Bradshaw, Sarah A.
Bradshaw, William
Bradshaw, William
Brannum, Dulcena
Brannum, Eliza
Brannum, John
Brannum, Martha Jane
Brannum, Martin
Brannum, Matilda
Brannum, Millia
Brannum, Nancy
Brannum, Patsey
Brannum, Rhoda L.
Brannum, Tanda
Brattin, Alex'r S.
Brattin, Charles W.
Brattin, James A.
Brattin, Margaret E.
Brattin, Mary W.
Brattin, Rebecca Jane
Brattin, Susanna
Brawley, James
Breeding, Alcey
Breeding, Alcy
Breeding, Elijah
Breeding, Elisabeth
Breeding, Elisabeth
Breeding, Elisha
Breeding, Frances M.
Breeding, George
Breeding, George W.
Breeding, Hannah
Breeding, Harrison
Breeding, Harvey
Breeding, Henderson
Breeding, James
Breeding, James
Breeding, James H.
Breeding, James M.
Breeding, Joseph
Breeding, Nancy
Breeding, Noah
Breeding, Polly
Breeding, Rachel
Breeding, Rebecca
Breeding, Samuel
Breeding, Spencer
Breeding, Susan
Breeding, Virginia
Breeding, William
Breedlove, Charles
Breedlove, Elisabeth
Breedlove, James
Breedlove, Owen
Breedlove, Ransey J.
Breedlove, William
Breelove, Anna
Brooks, Catharine
Brooks, Henry H.
Brooks, John
Brooks, John W.
Brooks, Jonas F.
Brooks, Mahala
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Merideth F.
Brooks, Patience
Brooks, Polly
Brooks, Rebecca
Brooks, Rhoda S.
Brooks, Richard B.
Brooks, Sinai
Brown, Abraham
Brown, Abraham S.
Brown, Felix W.
Brown, Lucy D.
Brown, Nancy M.
Brown, Sally
Brown, Sarah Jane
Brown, St. Mary
Brown, Susan E.
Browning, Aaron B.
Browning, Alford P.
Browning, Benaga
Browning, Catharine
Browning, Charles M.
Browning, Eliza
Browning, Eliza
Browning, Eliza Jane
Browning, Ellen M.
Browning, Firman H. M. P.
Browning, Flavious J. P.
Browning, Francis
Browning, Francis
Browning, Francis
Browning, Francis A.
Browning, Franklin M.
Browning, Isabelle
Browning, James
Browning, James G.
Browning, James H.
Browning, James S.
Browning, Jane
Browning, Jane M.
Browning, Jessee
Browning, Jessee
Browning, John
Browning, John
Browning, John
Browning, John C.
Browning, Josiah D.
Browning, Margaret
Browning, Margaret
Browning, Martha B.
Browning, Mary
Browning, Mary J.
Browning, Mary Jane
Browning, Nancy
Browning, Nancy
Browning, Nancy
Browning, Nancy A.
Browning, Obedience
Browning, Rachel
Browning, Rebecca
Browning, Rebecca
Browning, Sally
Browning, Samuel H.
Browning, Sarah
Browning, Sarah A.
Browning, Sarah Jane
Browning, Susan C.
Browning, Susannah
Browning, Vincent
Browning, William
Browning, William F.
Browning, William Jr.
Browning, William M. K.
Browning, Wilson
Brummit, Micajah
Bryant, Elisabeth
Bryant, Huldah
Bryant, James
Bryant, James
Bryant, Joseph
Bryant, Matilda
Bryant, Nancy
Bryant, Nancy
Bryant, Nancy
Bryant, Robert
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, Nancy E.
Buchanan, Sally
Buchanan, Silas P.
Buchannon, Delphia
Buchannon, Elisabeth
Buchannon, Francis M.
Buchannon, George
Buchannon, George W.
Buchannon, James
Buchannon, James L.
Buchannon, Jasper N.
Buchannon, John
Buchannon, John V.
Buchannon, Martha
Buchannon, Morgan
Buchannon, Mulus A.
Buchannon, Nancy E.
Buchannon, Polly
Buchannon, Polly
Buchannon, Tempy Ann
Buchannon, Universey
Buchannon, William D.
Buckles, Abraham
Buckles, Charles W.
Buckles, Eli
Buckles, Harvey G.
Buckles, John F.
Buckles, Laura
Buckles, Rachel
Buckles, Rebecca
Buckles, Sabrina
Buckles, William
Buckley, Ann
Bunday, Benjamin
Bunday, Benjamin F.
Bunday, Daniel
Bunday, Elisabeth
Bunday, Elisabeth
Bunday, Henry C.
Bunday, John G.
Bunday, Malinda
Bunday, Margaret J.
Bunday, Nancy
Bunday, Nancy
Bunday, Patsey Ellen
Bunday, Polly
Bunday, Priscilla
Bunday, Rebecca
Bunday, Rebecca
Bunday, Rebecca
Bunday, Sally
Bunday, Sampson
Bunday, Sarah E.
Bunday, Stephen J.
Bunday, Susan
Bunday, Thomas
Bunday, Thomas W.
Burchet, Alcy
Burchet, Alcy
Burchet, Cenia
Burchet, John C.
Burchet, Leonard
Burchet, Mary
Burchet, Merideth
Burchet, Solomon
Burdine, Edith
Burdine, Elisabeth
Burdine, Elisabeth
Burdine, Emeline
Burdine, Ezekiel
Burdine, Francis
Burdine, Henry D.
Burdine, John T.
Burdine, John W.
Burdine, Nathan E.
Burdine, Patsey
Burdine, Robert
Burdine, Samuel P.
Burdine, Thomas
Burk, Archer
Burk, David J.
Burk, Eliza
Burk, Elizabeth
Burk, Flemming
Burk, Isaiah
Burk, Isaiah
Burk, John
Burk, John G.
Burk, Malissa
Burk, Margaret
Burk, Margaret J.
Burk, Martha
Burk, Mary C.
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy
Burk, Nancy M.
Burk, Rebecca
Burk, Rebecca
Burk, Remley A.
Burk, Samuel
Burk, Sarah
Burk, Sarah A.
Burk, Sarah P.
Burk, Susan
Burk, Wesley W.
Burke, Anna
Burke, Charles
Burke, Cowan
Burke, Flemming
Burke, George
Burke, Granville H.
Burke, John
Burke, Lafayette
Burke, Margaret
Burke, Martha
Burke, Mary E.
Burke, Octava
Burke, Robert
Burnett, Anna
Burnett, Ballard P.
Burnett, Eliza E.
Burnett, Lucinda J.
Burnett, Nancy
Burnett, Obediah M.
Burnett, William F.
Burress, Elisabeth
Burress, Henry A.
Burress, Jane
Burress, Micajah
Burress, Rachel
Burress, Sidney
Burress, Tempus
Burton, John
Burton, Lavisa
Burton, Mary H.
Bush, Anderson P.
Bush, Austin Jr.
Bush, Austin Sr.
Bush, Elizabeth
Bush, Firman
Bush, George G.
Bush, Josiah D.
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Nancy
Bush, Peggy
Bush, Polly
Bush, Rebecca
Bush, Silvester
Bush, Stephen F.
Bush, Tivis B.
Bush, Valentine
Bush, William
Campbell, Abraham
Campbell, Abram J.
Campbell, Abram S.
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Andrew J.
Campbell, Anna
Campbell, Biddy J.
Campbell, Bidy A.
Campbell, Caroline
Campbell, Clarinda
Campbell, Cynthia
Campbell, David P.
Campbell, Elisabeth J.
Campbell, Elisabeth J.
Campbell, Eliza
Campbell, Elzy
Campbell, Emeline
Campbell, Fountain
Campbell, Fountain, Jr.
Campbell, Francis M.
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Infant not named
Campbell, Ira R.
Campbell, James C.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, Joel J.
Campbell, Joel R.
Campbell, John W. C.
Campbell, Mahala
Campbell, Mahala
Campbell, Malinda J.
Campbell, Margaret C.
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell, Milia
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy E.
Campbell, Nancy J.
Campbell, Priscilla R.
Campbell, Rachel
Campbell, Rachel P.
Campbell, Richard R.
Campbell, Sarah E.
Campbell, Sarah J.
Campbell, Susan A.
Campbell, Sydney
Campbell, William
Campbell, William H.
Campbell, William J.
Campbell, Wilson E.
Campbell, Winney
Candler, Adaline H.
Candler, Archer
Candler, Archer J.
Candler, Casway S.
Candler, Charles C.
Candler, Dicy
Candler, Dorothy
Candler, Dorothy J.
Candler, Elbert S.
Candler, Elisabeth
Candler, George W.
Candler, Harriet Q.
Candler, James J.
Candler, John H.
Candler, John T.
Candler, Mary E.
Candler, Nancy B.
Candler, Singleton
Candler, William J.
Candler, William R.
Cantrell, Abraham
Cantrell, Alexander
Cantrell, America
Cantrell, Armanda
Cantrell, Catherine
Cantrell, David
Cantrell, Hiram
Cantrell, Isaac
Cantrell, James
Cantrell, John
Cantrell, Joseph
Cantrell, Lucy
Cantrell, Nancy
Cantrell, Nathan
Cantrell, Shared
Cantrell, William
Carrell, Alsira
Carrell, Benjamin
Carrell, Benjamine
Carrell, Celia
Carrell, Charles
Carrell, Elisabeth C.
Carrell, Esther
Carrell, Harriet
Carrell, James P.
Carrell, James P.
Carrell, Jane
Carrell, Jane
Carrell, Jane
Carrell, Joseph
Carrell, Lorenzo D.
Carrell, Martha A.
Carrell, Martha C.
Carrell, Mary
Carrell, Mary A. E.
Carrell, Nancy
Carrell, Nancy A.
Carrell, Rebecca
Carrell, Robert
Carrell, Susan
Carrell, Susannah
Carrell, Thomas
Carrell, William
Carter, Campbell W.
Carter, Charles D.
Carter, Charles W.
Carter, Dale
Carter, Eliza C.
Carter, Eliza C.
Carter, Granville C.
Carter, Hannah
Carter, Henry
Carter, Henry S.
Carter, John T.
Carter, Margaret C.
Carter, Nancy
Carter, Sally P.
Carty, Abner
Carty, Caroline
Carty, Christopher A.
Carty, David
Carty, David
Carty, Francis
Carty, Henry C.
Carty, Jackson
Carty, James
Carty, James L.
Carty, James M.
Carty, Jane
Carty, John
Carty, John
Carty, John P.
Carty, Joseph
Carty, Lemuel
Carty, Lydia S.
Carty, Malinda E.
Carty, Nancy
Carty, Rachel
Carty, Rachel
Carty, Rebecca
Carty, Robert
Carty, Thomas J.
Carty, William
Carty, Zachariah
Caruthers, Mary
Caruthers, Mary F.
Carver, Elizabeth
Casey, Delila
Casey, Henry
Casey, Henry
Casey, Hiram
Casey, Margaret
Casey, Napoleon B.
Casey, Patton
Casey, Rausey J.
Casey, Sally
Cassell, Carter F.
Cassell, Catharine
Cassell, Lewis P.
Cassell, William
Castle, Alexander
Castle, Anna
Castle, Calvin
Castle, Catharine
Castle, Elbert S.
Castle, Elijah
Castle, Elisabeth
Castle, Eunice
Castle, Henry
Castle, Isaac
Castle, Jacob
Castle, Jacob
Castle, Jemima
Castle, Jerusha
Castle, John
Castle, Jonas
Castle, Joshua
Castle, Lucy
Castle, Margaret
Castle, Martha J.
Castle, Nancy
Castle, Oury
Castle, Ralph
Castle, Samuel B. H.
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Sarah
Castle, Seney
Castle, Silas
Castle, Sodelia
Castle, Thursey
Castle, William
Castle, Zachariah
Castle, Zachariah
Cates, Catharine
Cates, Elijah H.
Cates, Elisabeth
Cates, Harriet J.
Cates, James
Cates, Mary E.
Cates, Peter W.
Cates, Robert B.
Cates, Sarah Ann
Cates, William
Catron, David
Caudell, Joseph
Caudell, Martha
Chafin, Andrew K.
Chafin, Catharine
Chafin, David
Chafin, George W.
Chafin, James
Chafin, James
Chafin, James Jr.
Chafin, John
Chafin, John
Chafin, Oliver
Chafin, Peggy
Chafin, Rebecca
Chafin, Sally
Chafin, Sylvester
Chambers, Allifaro
Chambers, Davis
Chambers, Emeline
Chambers, Hugh
Chambers, Joannah
Chambers, John
Chambers, Lydia
Chambers, Nancy
Chambers, Rees B.
Chambers, Sarah Jane
Chaney, Elisabeth
Chaney, Jacob
Chaney, William P.
Chapman, Benjamine
Chapman, Benjamine F.
Chapman, Carmel
Chapman, Charles H.
Chapman, Elisabeth
Chapman, Eliza
Chapman, Elva
Chapman, George
Chapman, Harvey
Chapman, Henry C.
Chapman, Infant Not Named
Chapman, Isreal
Chapman, James
Chapman, James H.
Chapman, Jessee
Chapman, John
Chapman, John
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, Joseph
Chapman, Joseph, Jr.
Chapman, Josiah
Chapman, Lavenia
Chapman, Lucinda
Chapman, Manerva
Chapman, Margaret
Chapman, Margaret
Chapman, Martha
Chapman, Martha
Chapman, Mary
Chapman, Nancy A.
Chapman, Polly
Chapman, Rebecca
Chapman, Riety
Chapman, Theophalus
Chapman, William
Chase, Jeremiah T.
Childers, Abram
Childers, Elisabeth
Childers, Frances
Childers, John H.
Chisenhall, James
Christian, Lucinda
Chyle, Martha C.
Chyle, Saml H.
Chyle, Susan
Cifers, Andrew
Cifers, Calvin
Cifers, David P.
Cifers, Harvey
Cifers, James M.
Cifers, Margaret
Cifers, Mary E.
Cifers, Nancy P.
Cifers, Polly A.
Cifers, Richard P.
Cifers, Sarah
Cifers, Sarah P.
Clark, Andrew F.
Clark, Barbary E.
Clark, Catharine
Clark, Daniel O.
Clark, Elisabeth
Clark, Elisabeth
Clark, Franklin
Clark, Frederick
Clark, Frederick
Clark, George
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, Jane
Clark, John
Clark, John P.
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Lucy J.
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Mitchel C.
Clark, Moses J.
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Patrick K.
Clark, Phoebe
Clark, Polly
Clark, Polly
Clark, Polly
Clark, Rachal B.
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Rhoda
Clark, Robert
Clark, Silas
Clark, Thomas D.
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William E.
Clay, Albert G.
Clay, Elisabeth
Clay, Emily
Clay, George W.
Clay, George W. H.
Clay, Harmon
Clay, James M.
Clay, Lucy
Clay, Martin G.
Clay, Rufus M.
Clay, William H.
Claypole, Malvina
Claypole, Rebecca
Clift, Nancy
Clifton, Adalina A.
Clifton, Anthony
Clifton, Elias
Clifton, Elisabethe
Clifton, Ervin
Clifton, George R.
Clifton, Jackson
Clifton, John M.
Clifton, Martin J.
Clifton, Martin L.
Clifton, Susan J.
Clifton, Susannah
Cloud, Martha
Cockram, Adaline M.
Cockram, Benjamin F.
Cockram, Catharine
Cockram, James M.
Cockram, Leah
Cockram, Lucinda
Cockram, Marvel
Cockram, Marvel L.
Cockram, Mary Jane
Cockram, Melissa
Cockram, Nathan
Cockram, Octavo
Cockram, Samuel
Cockram, Sarah
Cockram, Sarah Jane
Cockram, Seaberd
Cockram, Tempy
Coleman, Abram
Coleman, Anna
Coleman, Calvin
Coleman, Elisabeth
Coleman, Hannah
Coleman, James
Coleman, James
Coleman, Jane
Coleman, John
Coleman, Joseph
Coleman, Joshua
Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Matilda
Coleman, Minta
Coleman, Moses
Coleman, Nancy
Coleman, Polly
Coleman, Rachel
Coleman, Richard
Coleman, Richard
Coleman, Sally
Coleman, Sarah
Coleman, Silas
Coleman, Stephen
Coleman, Stephen
Colley, Anna
Colley, Catharine
Colley, Decalb
Colley, Didema
Colley, Emma
Colley, James
Colley, Jane
Colley, Jasper
Colley, John
Colley, John
Colley, Josephine
Colley, Joshua
Colley, Lucretia
Colley, Lucretia
Colley, Margaret
Colley, Martha
Colley, Orpha
Colley, Polly Jane
Colley, Richard
Colley, Richard
Colley, Richard
Colley, Selva
Colley, Solomon
Collins, Aaron
Collins, Alexander
Collins, Alexander
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Berry
Collins, Betsy
Collins, Burgis
Collins, Caleb
Collins, David
Collins, Edward
Collins, Edward
Collins, Elisabeth
Collins, Elisabeth
Collins, Eliza
Collins, Emeline
Collins, Enoch
Collins, George W.
Collins, Griffin
Collins, Griffin
Collins, Griffin
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, John A.
Collins, Joshua
Collins, Lewis
Collins, Lutitia
Collins, Mahalia
Collins, Malvina
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary C.
Collins, Mary J.
Collins, Massie
Collins, Matilda
Collins, Matilda
Collins, Melinda
Collins, Mourning
Collins, Nancy
Collins, Oscar L.
Collins, Patsey
Collins, Polly
Collins, Real
Collins, Rhoda
Collins, Ruth
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sarah
Collins, William
Combs, Alexander
Combs, Alexander
Combs, Anna
Combs, Anna
Combs, Anna
Combs, Anna
Combs, Anna
Combs, Arminda
Combs, Benson
Combs, Colbert
Combs, Cullen
Combs, Cullin
Combs, Dicy
Combs, Eliza
Combs, Fielding
Combs, Fielding
Combs, Fielding Jr.
Combs, Frederick J.
Combs, Hannah
Combs, Jacob
Combs, Jane
Combs, John
Combs, John M.
Combs, John M.
Combs, Joseph
Combs, Julia A.
Combs, Larkin H.
Combs, Margaret
Combs, Margaret
Combs, Mary A.
Combs, Nancy
Combs, Nancy
Combs, Nancy Jane
Combs, Rachael
Combs, Robert
Combs, Sally
Combs, Sally
Combs, Sally
Combs, Sally
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Samuel
Combs, Sarah C.
Combs, Shadrick
Combs, Simon F.
Combs, Susan
Combs, Thompson
Combs, Thompson
Combs, Timothy
Combs, Virginia B.
Combs, Wilbourn
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William
Combs, William D.
Combs, William J.
Compton, Alva
Compton, Angeline
Compton, Anna
Compton, Axly
Compton, Celia
Compton, David
Compton, David
Compton, Elisabeth
Compton, Elisabeth
Compton, Elisabeth
Compton, Emeline
Compton, Emeline
Compton, Fullen
Compton, Henry
Compton, James
Compton, Jeremiah
Compton, John B.
Compton, John H.
Compton, John W.
Compton, Leah
Compton, Malvina
Compton, Manerva
Compton, Manerva
Compton, Martha
Compton, Martha
Compton, Martha J.
Compton, Mary
Compton, Mary A.
Compton, Mary Jane
Compton, Nancy
Compton, Nancy
Compton, Nancy
Compton, Nancy Ann
Compton, Oliver H.
Compton, Peyton
Compton, Pressia
Compton, Richard J.
Compton, Sally
Compton, Samuel
Compton, Shadrick
Compton, Sterling
Compton, Sterling
Compton, Susan F.
Compton, Talitha C.
Compton, Thomas
Compton, William
Compton, William
Compton, William
Compton, William
Compton, William A.
Compton, William Patton
Cook, Anderson
Cook, Archer
Cook, Cummings
Cook, Dicy
Cook, Edward D. K.
Cook, Elihu
Cook, Elijah
Cook, Elisabeth
Cook, Ewing
Cook, George
Cook, H. Jasper
Cook, Hannah
Cook, Henry
Cook, Henry
Cook, Henry
Cook, Isaac N.
Cook, Jacob
Cook, Jacob
Cook, James
Cook, James
Cook, Jane
Cook, Jane F.
Cook, John
Cook, John
Cook, John Wm.
Cook, Juia A.
Cook, Leah
Cook, Louisa H.
Cook, Martha
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Polly
Cook, Polly
Cook, Priscilla
Cook, Rachel
Cook, Randell
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Sarah A.
Cook, Thomas J.
Cook, William
Cook, William
Cooper, Charles Wm.
Cooper, Edward D. K.
Cooper, Jacob
Cooper, Lewis
Cooper, Margaret
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Martha
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Nathaniel T.
Cooper, Rosanna
Cooper, Sarah E.
Cooper, Thomas C.
Cooper, William
Cooper, William P.
Corvin, George G.
Corvin, John
Corvin, Josefine C.
Corvin, Malvina
Couch, Andrew
Couch, Archer
Couch, David C.
Couch, Elihu K.
Couch, Elisabeth
Couch, Eliza Ann
Couch, Fanny
Couch, George W.
Couch, Henry
Couch, Henry
Couch, Hezekiah P.
Couch, Jemima
Couch, Jeremiah
Couch, Jeremiah
Couch, Jeremiah Jr.
Couch, John
Couch, John C.
Couch, Margaret
Couch, Mary
Couch, Mary Jane
Couch, Nancy
Couch, Noah
Couch, Patsey H.
Couch, Polly
Couch, Rebecca
Couch, Susan
Couch, Susannah
Countis, Elisabeth
Countis, Eliza Ann
Countis, Ezra
Countis, Margaret
Countis, Mary Jane
Countis, Peter G.
Countis, Rachel
Countis, Thomas W.
Countis, William B.
Counts, Andrew
Counts, Anna
Counts, Canaan
Counts, Catharine
Counts, Charles N.
Counts, David
Counts, David C.
Counts, Elihu K.
Counts, Elijah
Counts, Elisabeth
Counts, Elisabeth
Counts, Elisabeth
Counts, Elisabeth
Counts, Eliza
Counts, Eliza S.
Counts, Elvira
Counts, Eve
Counts, Ezekiel
Counts, Ezekiel
Counts, Ezekiel
Counts, Ezekiel K.
Counts, Goolsby
Counts, Harriet
Counts, Henry
Counts, Isaac
Counts, Isaac F.
Counts, James
Counts, James
Counts, James
Counts, James J.
Counts, James K. P.
Counts, John
Counts, John
Counts, John
Counts, John (CW)
Counts, John Jr.
Counts, Joseph
Counts, Joseph
Counts, Joshua
Counts, Joshua
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Margaret
Counts, Martha
Counts, Mary
Counts, Nancy
Counts, Noah
Counts, Noah
Counts, Patsey B.
Counts, Phoebe
Counts, Phoebe
Counts, Phoebe
Counts, Polly
Counts, Rachel
Counts, Samuel S.
Counts, Sarah
Counts, Sarah
Counts, Silas
Counts, Solomon
Counts, Susan
Counts, Susan
Counts, Susan
Counts, Wade
Counts, William
Counts, William L.
Cowan, Andrew
Cowan, Bolivar
Cowan, Charles
Cowan, David
Cowan, David
Cowan, Elisabeth
Cowan, George
Cowan, George
Cowan, John T.
Cowan, John T.
Cowan, Martha
Cowan, Mary
Cowan, Mary
Cowan, Nancy
Cowan, Rebecca
Cowan, Robert E.
Cowan, Tabitha
Cowan, Thomas B.
Cowan, William G.
Cox, Alford
Cox, Eliza
Cox, Eliza A.
Cox, George
Cox, James
Cox, James J.
Cox, John
Cox, John W.
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Lewis
Cox, Lowis
Cox, Lowry
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary
Cox, Patsey
Cox, Polly
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Susan
Cox, Susan T.
Cox, Thomas
Cox, William
Cox, William A.
Cox, William H.
Cox, Wilson
Cox, Wilson
Crabtree, Celia
Crabtree, Elisabeth
Crabtree, Elleanor
Crabtree, Gabrial
Crabtree, Henderson
Crabtree, Hiram
Crabtree, Jacob
Crabtree, James
Crabtree, James
Crabtree, James
Crabtree, James B.
Crabtree, Jane
Crabtree, Jane
Crabtree, John
Crabtree, Leah
Crabtree, Louisa
Crabtree, Margaret
Crabtree, Martin
Crabtree, Mary Ann
Crabtree, Mitchel
Crabtree, Rebecca
Crabtree, Sally
Crabtree, Solomon
Crabtree, Vesta
Crabtree, Wesley
Crabtree, William
Crabtree, Winfield S.
Crawford, Ellen J.
Crawford, Jas M.
Crawford, Nancy Jane
Crawford, Polly
Crawford, Virginia A.
Creach, Elizabeth
Creach, Felix G.
Creach, Hezekiah
Creach, John
Creach, Joseph P.
Creach, Sarah
Creech, Emeline
Creech, John B.
Creech, Nancy
Creech, Samuel
Creigh, Charles S.
Cromwell, Elisabeth
Cromwell, Jane
Cromwell, John
Cromwell, Margaret
Cromwell, Thomas J.
Cromwell, William
Crook, Atlantic O.
Crook, David
Crook, Eliza C.
Crook, Mary Jane
Crook, Matthew E.
Crook, Nancy
Crook, Pacific O.
Crook, Rhoda A.
Crook, Sally A.
Crook, Sciota
Cross, Asael
Cross, Benson
Cross, Benson
Cross, Elisabeth
Cross, Elisabeth J.
Cross, Elisha
Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, Gennette
Cross, Jane
Cross, John
Cross, Lydia
Cross, Lydia E.
Cross, Margaret
Cross, Mordicai
Cross, Noah
Cross, Robert
Culbertson, Elisabeth
Culbertson, Henry
Culbertson, James
Culbertson, Martha
Culbertson, Martha
Culbertson, Mary A. E.
Culbertson, Thomas
Culbertson, Tyre
Culbertson, William R.
Cumbo, Francis
Cumbow, Alford
Cumbow, Anderson H.
Cumbow, Charles
Cumbow, Drucilla
Cumbow, Eliza
Cumbow, George
Cumbow, George W. A.
Cumbow, Isaiah
Cumbow, James
Cumbow, Jane
Cumbow, Joseph N.
Cumbow, Mary A.
Cumbow, Mary Ann
Cumbow, Melia
Cumbow, Nancy Jane
Cumbow, Polly
Cumbow, Samuel
Cumbow, Sarah
Cumbow, Sarah C.
Cumbow, Sarah E.
Cumbow, Thomas J.
Cumbow, Thomas L.
Cumbow, William
Cumbow, William
Cumbow, William F.
Cumbow, William H.
Cumpton, Ceily
Cumpton, David
Cumpton, Elisabeth
Cumpton, Frances
Cumpton, James H.
Cumpton, Nancy
Cumpton, Phoebe
Cumpton, Polly
Cumpton, Polly
Cumpton, William F.
Cumpton, Wm. J.
Cunningham, Christopher
Cunningham, Drewry
Cunningham, Elijah
Cunningham, Louisa
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Oliver
Cunningham, Thomas
Cunningham, William