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Russell County 1860 Census

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Names Index to the 1860 Census
Welcome to the first version of the 1860 Russell County Census Online. In later versions you can expect improvements such as a search engine, and a better indexing system. But for now enjoy this one and bear with it's problems.

The organization of the census is designed to make finding an exact relative as simple as possible. the largest page size is around 70K, which should load completely in 20 or 30 seconds. However, large tables can cause problems with certain browsers and computer combinations. Please e-mail me if you have any problems.

If anyone finds a mistake in the census, please let me know. I am prone to making typing mistakes, especially in the household numbers. So if you notice a number out of place, let me know. The error won't be fixed immediately but will be incorporated into the next version.

I have tried to exactly reproduce the census as it appeared on the microfilm. I have not edited it in any way, except the following:

1. I have added an "L" after the household number for the town of Lebanon. This allowed me to run queries in Microsoft Access without duplicates.

2. For the few entries that were completely obscured I have entered "xxxxxx". This only occurred 10 or 15 times and will be fixed in a later edition.

The format of the census and the index are mine and they are copyright, Gregory Lepore, 1997. I don't mind if you copy several households or even a few pages, but please do not copy the entire thing. If you feel generous, send me a few dollars for my effort. If I find out that anyone is abusing the census by downloading the entire thing, then they will not be allowed access to the site in the future.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Version 1.1, 3/24/97