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Transcribed by Max Ervin
These are some of the names and writings contained in an old Moll's Creek Church ledger. They are taken from photocopies of some of the ledger pages, but unfortunately the copy quality is very poor with many names being unreadable. Here are some fragmented transcriptions:

[Partial Membership roll - 1859. The notes following a name were probably added later than the date indicated for the page. For example, Nancy Carty is known to have died in 1878, so "Deceased" was apparently added to the roll where she was listed in 1859.]:
Joseph Johnson - Deceased
James Baker - Excluded
Samuel Baird - Dismissed
Lemuel Johnson - Deceased
William S. Johnson - Deceased
Nancy Carty - Deceased
Highly Baker - Excluded
Nancy Burk
Clarinda Minton
Rebecca Bundy - Dismissed
Sary Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Mary E. Johnson
Mary E. Baker - Deceased
Margaret Johnson
Elizabeth Isaacks (or Hicks?)
George W. Johnson
Joseph C. Johnson - Deceased

[July 1868]
James H. Johnson
Joseph C. Baker - Excluded for swearing & profanity
Nathaniel Baker - Joined another church
John Baker - Excluded for swearing & profanity
James Johnson
Susannah(?) Vicars
Ruth(?) Blizzard
J___ Monk

[March 24th 1866]
"...on motion of the Molls church Appointed Trustees viz Samuel Burk Joseph C. Johnson & Moses Dorton L. A. Johnson"

[Sept - 1866]
"Rules to govern the Molls Creek church It Shall be duty of Evry member of this church to giv in accordance to ther Standing for the Soport of ther preacher."

[Membership roll 1868 - 1871]:
Feb 22, 1868
Juliett Nickels - By letter
Rebecca Nickels - By letter
Oct 1868 - Rutha Barton - By Bap.
Nov 1868 - Arch Jessee - By Bap.
March 1869 - Hesakiah Parks - By letter
June 1869 - Stephen J. Bundy - By Bap.
June 1869 - Nancy Johnson - By Bap.
(Blank) - Marth Minton - By Bap.
Jan 1869 - Samuel Burk - By letter
Do. - Nancy Burk - By letter
Do. - Mary C. Burk - Excluded
Do. - James L. Burk - By letter
1970 - John Steel - By letter
Oct 22 1870 - Fleming Burk - By letter
(Blank) - Nancy Burk - By letter
January 1871 - _____ H. Lambert - By letter
Do. - Mary A. Lambert - By letter
May 1871 - Stephen Williams - By Bap.
June 1871 - John G. Bundy - By Bap.
June 1871 - Margret Minton - By Bap.
1871 - Thomas Steel - By Bap.

[Page preceding above page, but without dates]:
Fleming B. Jessee - Dismissed - By letter
Nathan T. Mead - By letter
Mary Mead - By letter
Abram Salyer
Nancy Salyer
Nancy Minton Sen.
Mary E. Minton
James M. Mead - By letter
Elvira Mead - By letter
Wm H. Lambert - By letter
Martha Burk
Mary C. Burk - Dis. By letter
Eliza Blizzard - By letter
Kelly Johnson - Excluded
Thomas J. Monk - Dis. By letter
James Jessee - By letter
Rebecca Jessee - By letter
Elizabeth Bundy
Nancy Minton Jun.
Mack Mead - By letter
Sally Isaacks
Fleming Burk - Dis. By letter
Nancy Burk - Dis. By letter
_____ Dorton - Excluded for profanity
_____ Hartsock

[More membership rolls]:
Margaret Johnson
Jack Jones
Wm Jessee
Frank(?) Meade - Excluded
Sarah F (or T) Buckels
Thomas Dingus(?)
Wm. A. Auston
John P. Auston
1892 - Joseph Auston- Excluded
Corvin (or Cowin) W. Hicks - Excluded
1892 - Robert Hicks - Excluded
1892 - James Walker
1892 - Granvile Jones
1892 - James Baker
1892 - ____ C. Fields
1892 - __rt S. King
Eliza Luis
Elisha Hicks

[Pastors called]:
November 24th 1894 the Molls Creek Church called Brother E. S. Isaacs to preach for 1 year.
November 10, 1904 the Molls Creek Church called Brother Frank Fuller to preach as Pastor 1 year.
Sept 3 Saturday 1905 the Molls Creek Church called Brother H. ?. McConel to preach as pastor 1 year.
November 18, 1906 the Molls Creek Church called Brother E. S. Isaacs to preach as pastor 1 year.

February 23rd 1895 ....called to order by the moderator. Ther being no unfinished business on hand a resolution was adopted to have a minet of each Presideing meeting read before the church adjourned. Rev. E. S. Isaacs moderator.

/signed/ J. C. Johnson

This file contributed by:Max Ervin

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