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Order for Partition of the Lands of Franklin Minton

Russell County, Virginia
Deed Book 27, Page 331
14 Mar 1891

Franklin Minton deceased
Partition of his land

At a Circuit Court continued and held for Russell County Court House thereof on the 14th day of March 1891.

John F. Minton      Complainants
    vs                             In Chancery
James Minton        Defendants
This cause on this day to be heard upon the bill and exhibits filed therewith and answer of the infants, William, Samuel, Leloe, Virginia, Ellen, Ibby Elizabeth, Clarinda and Lihas Trigg Osborn by E. S. Fenney, their guardian ad-litem and orders maturing the cause at rules and bill taken for conferred as to the Adult Defendants and was argued by counsel, on consideration whereof it is adjudged ordered and decreed that said lands should be partitioned among the co-petitioners, that dower should be assigned to widow in same. It is therefore ordered that W. N. Banner, Joseph Baker and N. C. Fugate be and they are hereby appointed commission to partition said lands and to assign dower to the widow, Clarinda Minton, one third in value thereof and to allot Margaret Minton, Mattie Belcher, Mary Meade, Clarinda D. Jessee each one eighth of said land and that they allot to the infant children of Alexander Osborn together one eighth of said land and that they allot to John F. Minton three eighths of said land being his own interest, Nancy Mintonís interest and Elvira Mintonís interest, which he holds by deed. In making said partition and assignment of dower they will have due regard to quantity and quality and make due report to the court this cause is continued.

The Honorable John A. Kelly Judge of Circuit Court of Russell County, Virginia

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