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Transcribed from Russell County, Virginia Deed Book 5, 1814-1817 pages 430, 431, 432, 433, and 434 by Paul Alexander on October 28, 1999. The map of Lebanon, Virginia included below has the writing upside down, just as it appears in the original document.

This Indenture made in the year of our Lord 1816 on the 10th day of May of bargain and sale by David Alexander and his wife Margaret, Andrew Cowan & his wife Polly of Russell County State of Virginia of the one part, and the County of Russell in the state aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of one dollar to them in hand paid, the receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged and other consideration to be annexed hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said County of Russell for the use of the same a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Russell County on the waters of Big Cedar Creek a branch of Clinch River, containing twenty acres, & forty feet in width of land which is to extend on the south side of the said twenty acres to the Creek along the dividing line between the said Alexander and Cowen as so not to interfere with the said Andrew Cowan spring, and the free use of the water of the Creek for both man and beast, and a road for halling all conveniences for domestick uses, also the said road to extend from the North side of said twenty acres of land along the said division line to the North lines of their land for a road for the purposes above mentioned the said twenty acres being a part of the tracts which both Cowan and Alexander now lives on, and is bounded as follows. To wit – Beginning at a stake a small distance West of Alexander’s spring house among rocks, and running thence N 82 E 94 poles crossing three branches to a stake N 8 W 34 poles to a stake near a white oak stump in a field S 82 W 94 poles crossing one branch to a stake in a field thence S 8 E 34 poles to the beginning, together with all appurtenances thereunto belonging. To have and to hold this tract of land and road with its appurtenances to the said County of Russell forever. And the said David Alexander and his wife Margaret, and Andrew Cowan and his wife Polly and their heirs will warrant and forever defend the said tract of land and road with all its appurtenances thereunto belonging to the said County of Russell against the claims of all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the said Alexander and his wife Margaret and Andrew Cowan and his wife Polly have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals, the day and year above written.

The word "persons"   David B. Alexander {seal}
underlined – Signed   Margaret Alexander {seal}
Sealed and Delivered   Andrew Cowan {seal}
in presence of   Polly Cowan {seal}
A McHenry    
William Williams    
John Skeen    
David B. Alexander    
Elijah Gillenwaters    

A map of the outlines of the land laid off for the place for seat of justice for Russell County the 9th day of May 1816

Elijah Gillenwaters

Russell County to wit:

We William Gilmore and George Kindrick justices of the peace in the said County of Russell in the State of Virginia, do hereby certify that Margaret Alexander wife of David B. Alexander and Polly Cowan wife of Andrew Cowan parties to the within deed for the Conveyance of real estate to the County of Russell & State aforesaid bearing date on the 10th day of May 1816, personnally appeared before us in county aforesaid; and, being examined by us, privily, and apart from their husbands, and having the deed aforesaid fully explained to them, they the said Margaret Alexander and Polly Cowan acknowledged the same to be their act and desire and declared that they had willingly signed sealed and delivered the same and that they wished not to retract it. Given under our hands and seals this 10th day of May 1816.

Wm Gillmore {seal}
George Kindrick {seal}

At a Court held for Russell County the 4th day of June 1816

This Indenture of bargain and sale between David Alexander & Margaret his wife & Andrew Cowan and Polly his wife of the one part & the County of Russell of the other part, was acknowledged in Court by the said Dd Alexander and proved to be the act and deed of the said Andrew Cowan by the oaths of Andrew McHenry, John Skeen & David B. Alexander witnesses thereto and is Ordered to be recorded together with a certificate of acknowledgement & privy examination of the said Margaret Alexander & Polly taken before two magistrates of this County and also a map of the outlines of the land mentioned in the said Indenture.

James P. Garrett D. C.

Russell County to wit

I do certify that I have this day surveyed under the direction of the Commissioners for this county, thirty eight lots with Streets and Alleys agreeable to the above plan out of the land conveyed to this county by David B. Alexander and Andrew Cowan, for the purpose of establishing a town, building a courthouse & ----Lot No 1 begins at a stake on the North side of the Main Street and on an Alley and runs along the Main Street N 82 E 4 poles to a stake, then leaves the Main Street N 8 W 12 poles to a stake on a back Alley or Street & with said Alley or Street S 82 W 4 poles to a stake on sd first Alley & with sd Alley S 8 E 12 poles to the beginning; horizontal and all the other lots in the same manner.

H. Smith S.R.C.

June 29th 1816

We, the undersigned Commissioners appointed by the Court of Russell County at the June term 1816, have, pursuant to order, layed off by horizontal admeasurement, a Town on twenty acres of land conveyed by David B. Alexander and Andrew Cowan to the County aforesaid, a plat of which is above exhibited by the Surveyor thereof, which the undersigned beg leave to explain. – The black lines are the boundaries of the Town, the dotted of the Lots, Streets and Alleys; the alleys extending from West to East on the North and South side of the Town are two poles wide. The Main Street six poles. The Cross street on the West of the Centre six poles, on the East four poles; each lot twelve poles at right angles by four parallel with the Main Street; the Alleys between every second Lot one pole wide. The undersigned have unanimously selected Lots Nos. 37 & 38 as the most eligible spot to erect the public buildings upon.

The undersigned deviated from the instructions respecting the East Cross Street, in as much had they made it six poles wide, it would have injured two lots on the East end of the Town, as will appear by the plat: but they conceive no inconvenience will result from the deviation, as the Street will be sufficiently wide to answer every public purpose.

All which is respectfully submitted

    Zachariah Fugate
    Benj n Johnson
    Daniel Horton
    David B. Alexander
    H Smith
Russell July Term 1816   Francis Browning
The foregoing plan   A Hendricks
and report were ex-   James McFarlane
hibited in Court and    
Ordered to be recorded    

James P. Garrett D.C.

This file contributed by: Paul Alexander

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