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Submitted by Renae Barrett Schneider
With additions by Michael A. Dye


      Thomas Barrett was born in England on 15 Mar 1775.  He married Mary 
Hale who was born in Virgina on 12 May 1780.  They settled in Tazwell Co., 
Va. Where they lived the rest of their lives.  Thomas died on 16 February 
1866 and Mary on 19 April 1858, both in Tazwell Co.  The children of Thomas 
and Mary Barrett were as follows:

1)  Nancy Barrett b: 21 Sep 1800 in Tazwell Co. married John Vincell.
2)  Robert Barrett b: 29 Jun 1803 in Tazwell Co. married Margaret Maxwell.
3)  Catherine Barrett b: 5 Nov 1805 in Tazwell Co.
4)  **John Barrett b: 23 Jul 1810 in Tazwell Co. married on 11 June 1835 
    Cynthia A. Hurt the daughter of Garland and Martesia Thurston Hurt of 
    Russell Co., Va.  John and Cynthia settled in Russell Co., Va. and  had 
    seven children.  John died in 1850 and Cynthia in 1896.
5)  Elizabeth Barrett b: 19 Jun 1813 in Tazwell Co., d: Sep 1813. 
6)  Sally Barrett b: 30 Dec 1817 in Tazwell Co. married Charles Mitchell.
7)  Susannah Barrett b: 15 Oct 1819 in Tazwell Co.
8)  William Barrett b: 31 Aug 1820 in Tazwell Co., d: 26 Dec 1879.
9)  Thomas Barrett, Jr. B: 30 Aug 1826 married Nancy Whitt.


John Barrett b: 23 Jul 1810 in Tazwell Co. married on 11 June 1835 Cynthia 
A. Hurt the daughter of Garland and Martesia Thurston Hurt of Russell Co., 
Va.  John and Cynthia settled in Russell Co., Va. and  had seven children.  
John died in 1850 and Cynthia in 1896.  The following are some of the 
descendants of John and Cynthia Barrett.

1)  James H. Barrett b: 27 Jun 1836. d: 17 Sep 1862. He married Rebecca 
    Honaker on June 7 1859.  James enlisted into service in the Confederate 
    army on 2 May 1861 in the New Garden District of Russell Co.  in Captain 
    Simeon Hunts  company, the New Garden Fearnots.   He was serving as 2nd 
    Lt. Co. I 37th Va. Inf. on 17 Sep 1862 when he was killed in action at 
    the battle of Sharpsburg.  James and Rebecca had two children.
2)  Thomas G. Barrett b: 14 Feb 1838.  He married Margaret E. Smith the 
    daughter of Thomas J. amd Jane Smith on 24 Feb 1866 in Russell Co., Va.  
    Thomas and Margaret had four children:  Martin Luther, Henry, Georgia 
    and Ella. 
3)  Mary Marteshia Barrett b: 9 Nov 1839 d: 21 May 1913 married Lorenzo Dow 
    Fletcher the son of James and Celia Thompson Fletcher on 19 Apr 1857 in 
    Russell Co., Va.  Lorenzo and Mary had six children:  Silas H, Nora 
    Alice, Rufus, Robert G., Gertrude and Kate.
4)  Robert Moses Barrett b: 29 Oct 1841 d: 7 Nov 1905 married Margaret 
    Honaker the daughter of Anna Honaker on 18 Sep 1863.  Margaret was b: 
    26 Aug 1848 and d: 21 Jan 1929. Robert enlisted into service in the 
    Confederate army on 2 May 1861 along with his brother James.  He was 
    promoted to 5th Sgt. Co. I 37th Va. Inf. on 21 Apr 1862 and was serving 
    in that capacity when wounded at the 2nd battle of Manassas in Aug 1862.  
    Robert and Margaret had seven children:  
    A)  Belle Barrett b: abt 1865 married James Taylor.  They had eight 
        children:  Maggie, Carl, Ollie Pearl, Bob, Clyde, Lou, Jack and 
    B)  James Barrett b: 26 Oct 1868 d: 26 Dec 1948 He Married Ella May 
        12 May 1890.  They had nine children:
        1)  Benjamin Barrett b: 18 Nov 1898 married Pearl Sauls.  Their son 
            Newlyn Baker Barrett born Feb 12 1934. married Elizabeth Helton 
            in Sept. 1958 They had two Children: Lillian Renae Barrett and 
            Susan Jane Barrett. Lillian (Renae) married Scott Schneider and 
            have three children Cynthia, Amanda and Scott. Susan married 
            Joseph Bunosky they have two children Melissa and Julie.
        2)  Minnie Barrett
        3)  William Barrett
        4)  Robert Barrett
        5)  Mary Barrett
        6)  John Barrett
        7)  Hazel Barrett
        8)  James Barrett
        9)  Bess Barrett
    C)  John Barrett b: 17 Apr 1872 d: 17 Jan 1938 married on 26 Feb 1903 
        Mirtie B. Duff b: 4 Oct 1884 d: 3 Jul 1975.  They had three 
        children:  Guy, Fed and Hugh Douglas.
    D)  Elbert Barrett b: 8 Feb 1878 d: 24 Oct 1945 married Mary Ellen 
        Harper b: 16 July 1888 d: 3 Jan 1958.  They had seven children: 
        Paul, Arch, Ruby, Dell, Virginia Mae and two that died in infancy.
    E)  Edward Barrett married Mattie Ball.  They had eight children: Harold 
        K., Rader, Earl, Stuart, Edward Jr., Flossy, Sadie and Woodrow.
    F)  Charles Barrett married Maude Ball.  They had three children:  
        Elmyr, Mary Sue and Ralph Major.
    G)  Mollie Barrett married a Howard. They had three children:  Clarence, 
        Earline and Paul.
5)  Martin Pierce Barrett b: 31 Dec 1843 d: 18 Sep 1904  married Sarah Zion 
    on 19 Jan 1871.  Martin and Sarah had eleven children:  Frances, 
    Charles, Jenny, Elizabeth, Ava, Martha, John Erwin, George, Della, Leona 
    and Harry.
6)  Rebecca Catherine Barrett b: 4 May 1846 d: 21 Jun 1870 married John 
    Patton Wilson  the son of Abner Wilson and Jane Ball 3 Sep 1863.  John 
    and Rebecca had three children:  Electra, Dora and Franklin Pierce.
7)  John Chrisman Barrett b: 21 Jan 1849 d: 6 Jan 1923 married Nancy Taylor 
    the daughter of Harvey and Margaret Etter Taylor on 5 Feb 1873.  Nancy 
    was b: 29 Jan 1855 and d: 29 Jul 1939.  John and Nancy had thirteen 
    A)   Rees Taylor Barrett b: 22 Nov 1873 d: 27 Dec 1901 married May 
         Lester.  They had five children:  Samuel, Mabel, Roxie, Jesse and 
    B)   Rush Edward Barrett b: 24 Aug 1875 d: 1 Dec 1944 married Angie 
         Herndon.  They had five children: Claude, Joe, Kathleen, Erie Alice 
         and Carnett.
    C)   Rufus Samuel Barrett b: 6 Mar 1877 d: 13 Jan 1965 married Flora 
         Thompson the daughter of Beverly J. and Alice Fletcher Thompson on 
         12 Apr 1909.  They had six children:  Hazel, Clara, Paul, Maleen, 
         Vaughn and Lois.
    D)   Lucy Jane Barrett b: 31 Mar 1879 d: 26 Jul 1960 married Samuel Earl 
         Hale the son of John T. and Martha J. Compton Hale in 1899 in 
         Sullivan Co., Tn.  Samuel was b: 1879 and d: 1958.  Samuel and Lucy 
         had ten children:  Rader Farley, Joe Harvey, Mary Katherine, 
         Charles Barrett, Claudine Beatrice, John Ben, Nannie Lee, Leo 
         Venard, Ruth Evangeline and Audrey Lucille. 
    E)   Frank Farley Barrett b: 30 Mar 1881 d: 11 Apr 1961 married 
         Theodosia Ernest Wells on 28 Nov 1929.  They had three children: 
         Harry Franklin, Barbara Jean and Mary Sue. 
    F)   Charles Grant Barrett b: 10 May 1882 d: 8 Dec 1905.  Never Married
    G)   Nora Ellen Barrett b: 15 May 1884 d: 10 Jun 1894.
    H)   Rosa Mae Barrett b: 8 Apr 1886 26 Dec 1962 married William Edward 
         Robinson the son of Charles Wesley and Sarah Jane Brown Robinson.  
         William was b: 24 Feb 1885 d: 2 Feb 1967.  They had nine children:  
         Harvey, Helen, Hughes, Cecil, Kathleen, William Jr., Blanche, Ralph 
         and Andrew.
    I)   Roy James Barrett b: 19 Feb 1888 d: 5 June 1956.  Never Married
    J)   Harvey J. Barrett b: 18 Mar 1890 d: 1902. 
    K)   Carl Robert Barrett b: 28 Nov 1892 d: 21 Dec 1938.  Never Married
    L)   Ben H. Barrett b: 18 Jul 1897 d: 10 Aug 1945.  Never Married
    M)   Cecil Ernest Barrett b: 11 Feb 1899 d: 13 Oct 1974 married Dora 
         Bell Wells.  Dora was b: 23 Jul 1904 d: 29 Jul 1984.  They had four 
         children:  Cecil Ernest Jr., Bruce Perry, Nancy Belle and John 

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